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My Sephora Christmas Wishlist...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Can you believe that I, Jamie, have not been in a Sephora Store since February?
Can you believe I only found two things in that entire Christmas catalog I wanted?
I made a sad little gift registry for both if *anyone*( echoes......) wants to purchase them for me...why go ahead!!! Just kidding...:)

Curves and Bumps...

Excuse the extra country photo of the photo of me in the Wednesday Union Daily Times. As you can see I was modeling Xtra Luv, a new plus-size line featured at Almost Pink. I'll be in Wednesday and Friday's paper. My Momma read the whole paper and didn't even realize I was in there. Why am I not surprised? Anyways, I had fun doing it, this was like my third picture out of the bunch.... and the tag is showing from the shrug and I had on my "emergency" wig because I had taken my curly hair out the night before to put my curly hair back in the next day. I wanted "Smile with my eyes" but photographer said I would look better to smile with my teeth...and that's my "pose"...I came up with that. Listen to me wishing I was 5'9 and 20 years old and on ANTM!!!