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Goings on...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I was going to post a great beauty review, but I've gotten hungry and angry sitting in front of the computer calling every bookstore in a 60 mile radius looking for that Vogue Italia July 2008"The Black Edition". Sold the F*ck out everywhere or because I'm in hillbilly hell...don't even carry it. I even called my Aunt Bonnie in NY and told her to search it...its life or death!!! Any way some quick thoughts on life goings on...

-Why is that own about four different kinds of blotter sheets packs but never have any my purse when I'm seriously greasy( which about noonday).

-Shut the f*ck every body about Michelle Obama and her accepting an invitation to membership into Alpha Kappa Alpha! I'm about to get real "Big Sister Cascade" A.K.A "Big Sister 'Bout it 'Bout it" on folks about it! I've been reading some message boards and Divine Nine peeps and G.D.I's just fighting over the "invitation" is getting insane. "She ain't on the line"( as my Blue People( that what I call Zetas and Sigmas) homie Shana would say)!!!! But when she DOES cross I'll send her a cake and some pink and green balloons to her dorm room. And please Michelle, no double paraphernalia.:)

-I'm about the revamp my WHOLE look. Tired of the big curly weave, the big ole' hips, too casual look etc. It about the be a new Jamie on the roll. My goal for the new look is September 23, 2008, my birthday.

-So, I cut some thangs out my life. Ya'll be alright. I doubt you miss me. I give and gave too much only to feel empty around you. As if I'm only good enough for fashionable capabilities .

Hell, I got grow now, I've been the same to long for you. We all know a certain person that switch up friends like they change shoes. Maybe we should take a cue from that. They happy and we still the same...

-I've learned so much from taking pics of outfits. That's the need for the revamp.

-Rihanna's pic on the cover of InStyle shows more personality than I even saw in her.

-In case yall were wondering...the black girl on the cover of the August 2008 Domino is Mara Brock Akil of the Girlfriends fame. Is she first minority to make the cover Domino?

I'm hungry...I'm out. Beauty and Goodwill Goodies next post...