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DIY Waterproof Mascara Remover!!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

In the summer, because of the 90 degree humid weather I face in the South, I switch to waterproof mascara. It seems that my mascara and eyeliner are the first make a run for it in this hot weather! My choice of waterproof mascara is tarte cosmetics lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara in black. It doesn’t one move off my lashes until I’m ready to take it off.

Now, let’s talk about taking OFF waterproof mascara. That is a job in itself!!! Some waterproof mascara will not move, even with the best of makeup removers and wipes.  However, I have found a great and inexpensive way to take off waterproof mascara.


1 1)      Olive Oil or Coconut Oil- I literally bring the whole bottle in the bathroom to use to remove to waterproof makeup or mascara from my eyes.  Just less than a teaspoon with get the job done with little irritation.
Use a piece of paper towel or a warm, wet face cloth to remove the oil.  I pour the oil of choice on a paper towel, place the paper towel over my eye for about 30 seconds and gently wipe it off. Make sure to be gentle with the eyes! I don’t use cotton pads or balls with oil remover because the cotton fibers tend to adhere to my lashes and get in my eyes. A warm, wet face cloth is also a great removal alternative with the oil. Just make sure that you give each eye at least 30 seconds a piece with the oil to break down and remove the mascara!

Tip: Store your oil out of the way of lights and warmth so it keeps it emulsion and consistency better.

2  2)      Vaseline- I know this man made salve is not every natural minded girl best friend, but it works miracles in removing waterproof mascara. Just a dab on each eye, followed by a paper towel or face cloth will remove the mascara just as quick as the oil.

I hope that both of these products save you time and money when removing your waterproof mascara. I know for sure they have helped me! Have a beautiful and gorgeous lash summer!