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~Haul~ Ulta Goodies...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Ulta has just opened a new store only 30 minutes away from me. Before, the closest store was about an hour away in a very heavy traffic area. I'm not the girl I used to be, a hour away to shop used to be nothing to me but I don't do that now, unless I'm in the car RIDING with!

My first trip into the new store, I didn't want to leave. lol! This time I didn't want to leave again either!
I did pick up a couple of goodies, keeping all under $30 and feeling good.:)

 Grabbed some cuticle remover for my weekly at home pedis and favorite reconstructing conditioner, Joico K-Pak. I've never seen the small size of this product.
 I used to love Ulta store makeup line and I haven't had much of it in a long time. Seems like the price went up on it a bit. They had a sale on the some of the lip products...$4 a piece of these glosses.

I've had one Essence Cosmetics product and it was a polish and really like it, so I got three more polishes and lipstick and I'm going back soon to pick up some the glosses...and polish.

I'm still excited to have a store soooo close to me I could SCREAM!!! LOL! Now if we can get a Sephora between Charlotte and Atlanta in my area, my life will be complete.:)