Let work on that....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'll admit I have some very quirky ways. In fashion,I will intentionally mess an outfit up so that I won't be to matchy. Today I wore Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Jungle Green because I needed it with a nude gloss and plenty of CG Lash Exact. I think being a little off track gives me individuality. I love it. Here are some of my quicky ways:

Ridiculous TV-I can not miss Dog the Bounty Hunter and King of Cars on A&E. They are so crazy.Who knew the paradise of Hawaii had so much crime or a 34 year old man owns the largest volume dealership in Nevada? Plus I like(I hate to admit it) College Hill and Season of the Tiger on BET. I think its because I didn't go to a HBCU and they seem so much different than my liberal arts college. Not that I didn't have fun in college!

Black Nail polish-I bought some because Nicole Richie wears it all time and didn't seem to look very goth on her. So I purchased Rimmel Nail Enamel in Black Satin. Cute name! And looks so good with my knockoff David Yurman rings, I feel like a socialite!

Wearing Men's Cologne- Unforgettable by Sean Combs has a dry down that smells just like Chanel 5. And Molton Brown Black Pepper Wash is one of favorite morning shower pick me ups.

Messy Bed Head- Currently I'm rocking the Beyonce-AustinPowers movie big curl head courtesy of the Asian hair weave spot in town. I love that I get up in the morning take off my silk cap shake my head and I have a messy,sexy,bed head that a pair of hoops or big ethnic earrings look so divine with.I just wish i can grow it naturally.:)