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~Swatches + First Impressions~ Maybelline Vivids Lipcolors.....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I finally spotted and got my hands on some of the new Maybelline Vivids. I spotted them a couple weeks back in Spartanburg but didn't get any. I was so mad when I got back home, however my hometown Walmart finally got them. They are in the regular display wall so I almost overlooked them!! It pays to check the regular display. lol!

 I only got two colors, Vivid Rose and Brazen Berry

(left) Vivid Rose and (right) Brazen Berry

 Wearing Brazen Berry....
Wearing Vivid Rose....

~My Thoughts~

I was super excited to find these since everyone on the blogs,You Tube and Instagram are raving over them. The price is pretty reasonable, My Walmart had them at $5.84, so I'm going back for some other colors. I was underwhelmed by Brazen Berry, which reminds me of  Revlon Berry Haute. Berry Haute is a bit lighter but they in the same lavender family. I thought Brazen Berry would be brighter.

Vivid Rose is SICK. The color is just gorgeous!! Such a rare, vibrant  find in drugstore makeup. Definitely, a "Vivid" color.

Have you picked up any of the Maybelline Vivids? If so, what colors? Let me know in the comments!!