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Spring Weave 2008?...

Monday, January 28, 2008

I love it!!!

I must be weave-licious like that for the Spring! Now I got to figure out how to do it myself...:) lol!


Combo #1,2,3,....

My cousins...I'm going through serious case of the "moodies". Hell, its PMS and I can't get my mind straight for nuttin'!!! And everyone is reeking the harvest of my personal hell. Poor Baby Loves, the kids, man are like, "Mommy!!! get it together" I need a good cry, laugh, tub soak, cookie, lip gloss, magazine, glass of Schmitte Sohne Riesling, a bulls eye pic of the plaintiff and some darts, and a nice brown skinned cutie with dimples in his cheeks to come give me some "sugar"( This last one won't happen...he got cut last week from the starting line up)!!! But my morning's saving grace is a yummy combo of Dr. Bronner's Lavender Soap and Archepelago Botanical Morning Mint Lotion. Now I need a evening combo, a lunch time combo, a broke as a joke combo....

Suggestions Please!!

Love Always,

Your 1st cousin( you know the one that is such a damn Diva all the time...)


What life will be like...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Now I must act like book groupie when I say....

Go get this book!!!

Colin Cowie Chic snuck up on me as dug through the non-existent beauty/fashion section at the SPBG Barnes and Noble. I'm sucker for those" how to fabulous, chic, cute, a lady, a bougie chica books" This one is perfection and worth the $30 I threw down for it( Forgive me Lord! I said I was going to change my spending habits... but I have stopped those Cinnamelts and Ice Coffees in the mornin'...) Miss Julia reported on this book back December and she is always "the truth".:)

Now I will warn you...If you live in the 'Burg, I got the ONLY copy at B&N so you betta call up there and see what's poppin off. lol!!

Love ya'll!!


Wrap it up...a recipe!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

So, my co-workers and I loooooovvveeeee when the Taste of Food Lion Tour comes to the store. They come with coupons, recipes and whole lot of good cooking. Last time they came, one of the company's executive chefs gave me a simple recipe...

a bag of pre-washed Caesar Salad mix in the bag and sliced pepperoni tossed together.

I can't tell how many time my children have requested, "Salad and Pepa-ronis, Mommy..."

This time, one of the company's nutritionist's made a simple and yummy wrap:

She used:

Whole-wheat tortilla wrap( big ones, like for burritos)

Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch Dressing

Sliced Turkey

Sliced Pepperoni

Spring Mix Lettuce

Chopped Red Onions

Sliced Roma Tomatoes
Sliced Provolone Cheese

All wrapped up and soooo good!!!

I'm love with making my own wraps now. :)


I love...

Monday, January 14, 2008

I received two small ones for a Christmas present and they so wonderful. First, they burn clean, no soot, then they smell really great really fast, and THEN you got a moisturizing oil because its a lotion candle. Now, I'm a chicken, so I'm afraid to put it on me because its hot( I just saw a vacant house in flames in my neighborhood last week...ugh!) but if anyone gets one and uses it for lotion purposes, let me know!!!


Looking Back....Resolutions of 2007

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm having the hardest time coming up with some new Fashion and Beauty Resolutions for 2008. Does that mean something? Anyway...I thought I would look back to see what I have accomplished.

Jamie's Fashion and Beauty Resolutions 2007....

1) Step up the work attire fashion game- Well, I ended up leaving the library and started to work for the Le Lion which requires a semi uniform. Hell, I like wearing a uniform because I don't a fashion headache in the mornings. Plus we can wear what ever accessories, so I have fun doing that and found an elated love for bangles and bracelets.

My secret to getting them on my wide hands...lotion or baby oil slip them right on. Apply it on you hands before putting them on.:)

2)Continue to maintain healthy hair-I don't know how "healthy" my hair really is under this weave( lol) but I've rocking the wild curly hair look since this summer. My co-worker always tells me,"It's so you and your personality..."

3)Step up the shoe game for the winter-Did that...bought a serious amount of flats this winter and fall...

4)Indulge in more pedicures-Uh...not successful. I have no patience in a nail salon or at home. So I keep them lotioned and the nails painted. This will be a renewal resolutions.

5) Buy new pillows and new satin pillowcases- done and done!

6)Seek out and use more natural and organic products-My store has a really great but small organic and natural section that I love to pass through.

7)Find the perfect: shimmery peach l/g, nude l/g, brow pencil or powder, blackest black mascara.- I found the brow pencil and black mascara( Milani and Loreal's HIP)

8)Wear more fun jewelry- three words: This N'That in the 'Burg on Pine Street!

9) Buy more pretty dresses-two words: Simply Fashions in the 'Burg on Pine Street!! The have the best arsenal of cheap big girl dresses and other fabu for a big booty diva. I can go in there with $50 and have a new wardrobe.

10)Buy a new robe and slippers- Slippers yes, Robe no.

11)Find a new great hair color-I'll admit, I'm chicken when it comes to hair color. I'm just comfortable in my own shade, so I'll leave it at that.

12)Start new collections- Well, my perfume collection has gotten quite large.

13) Learn How to:Contour the face, apply lashes, use liquid eyeliner, use concealer-Check on liquid eyeliner and concealer.

14)Collect more fashion books-I can't remember what books I got. Stop! I got that Rachel Zoe book which is a fun read.

I'll work on the resolutions for 2008 tonight...:)

Love ya'll


Heaven's Perfect Angel...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hey peeps,

Sorry I've been missing. You know the, chil'ren,... But I'll be back with much tomorrow. In the meantime. I want to give a tribute to my cousin who was found dead last week. Here's a link to the story.

She was a sweet, cute and fun chick. Heaven has it's Perfect Angel now.:)

We love you Marisha!!