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N.O.T.D.: Ruby Kisses Mocha...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Now...that's better! After a week of nail color mistakes I hit the mark with a Beauty Supply Store jewel, Ruby Kisses Mocha. Only $1, too. It reminds me of a nail color my Great Aunt Maxine always wears...

This is for you Aunt Mac!!


Review:Maybelline XXL Extensions in Very Black...

I picked this up at CVS with my 7.50 in Extra Bucks. Then I got Maybelline Colossal Mascara in Glam Black for 1/2 off. So I think I got both for about $4.00.( I need to look at the receipt). Kick rocks Recession!!
My HG Mascara is Maybelline XXL Intense Volume and Length Mascara.XXL Extensions reminds me alot of it. First, there's the primer brush, which my lashes like.They can't go a day without primer. Then there is the mascara..



Great length but no volume. I like thick and long not just long. That sounds SOOOO nasty...ohhhh! lol!

Great mascara. Buy it...'cause ya Cousin said so!:)