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A Fresh Coat of Polish: Rimmel Salon Pro 337 Purple Rain.....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I picked up Rimmel Salon Pro 337 Purple Rain from Walmart one day, only to get it home and realize I have three other lavender shades that look just like it.  SMH!

I still went ahead and applied it with Orly Bonder and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Fast Dry Top Coat. That was Wednesday and today, Sunday, it finally started it chip. FIVE DAYS, NO CHIPS ON MY NAILS!!!!!??? I couldn't believe it!! LOL!

But, seriously, I don't know if it was the Orly Bonder technique I do or the formula itself, but for five days, I only had a slight tip wear. I never thought I was see the day I would have tip wear on my natural nails. I'm used to manicure destroying chips within two days tops.

I need to get more of these colors! Have you tried Rimmel Salon Pro polish?? What are your favorite colors?