~Pinterest Beauty DIY~ How To Make Nail Polish.....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I received a wonderful request to do a popular Pinterest DIY pin, 

If you are a Pinterest junkie or at least browse Pinterest...daily, you may have seen the DIY Nail Polish pin (above). 

So....Here we go!!
Step 1
I gathered paper towel ( to protect the counter), a spoon, a eye shadow, clear nail polish, and a Styrofoam plate( for a make shift funnel)
 Step 2
I scraped and crushed the eye shadow in to the plate. I tried to get the shadow is fine as possible, so it will dissolve in the polish effectively.
 Step 3
I took the top off the polish, folded the plate carefully with the shadow in it and SLOWLY poured the shadow in. Because the polish is of a thick texture it will only go in so far. I used the polish brush to push the shadow down and add more. I would also suggest a toothpick or Q-tip to push the polish down.
 Step 4

When I had put as much shadow in as a wanted, I then put the top back on and shook the bottle to mix the color around.
 Well!! Will you look at this beauty???? I own nothing like this shade.

I applied my base coat, then three coats of the DIY polish and top it all off with a top coat.


-The less shadow you add, the more the polish will be sheer. The more shadow you add, the most opaque the polish will be. I added as much as I could for maximum opaque-ness.

-Let the polish set for a couple of hours to a whole day after shaking it to mix it so that the bubbles in the polish will settle. Otherwise, your polish will have bubbles on top of your nails.

-If you are making this polish for a special occasion, do it at least 24 hours in advance.


I had soooo much fun creating this color!! Its a great project if you are in a pinch for a color of polish that you a) can not find or b) can't afford. This also a great project for a girls' night in or a  slumber party.

Have any requests for me?  Beauty DIYs? If it's something within my ability, I will do it!! Comment below or email me at ruralglamour at yahoo dot com!!!

~Swatches + Review~ Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Face Illuminator....

Hey Everyone!!

Thanks to Crystalis007 on You Tube, I got hipped to Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Face Illuminator. She compared it her favorite NARS liquid highlighter, so you know I was VERY interested. I love a good, inexpensive alternative or the favorite beauty word of the day..."dupe".:)

I found Dream Sun on a display at a Rite Aid. I believe that it is a limited edition product. The display only had two of these product.
The product is more of a gel than a lotion. So when it goes on the skin, you have some time to adjust and blend, then its set in the skin.  Dream Sun, on my skin, is a warm, champagne gold. 

I applied Dream Sun with a mini stippling brush I ordered from Crown Brush a while back. I don't have much upper cheek bone space, so this brush is great for applying Dream Sun.


Dream Sun is a AWESOME product. Its really easy to look over, because its Maybelline and drugstore and it's a liquid highlighter. Most oily skin girls steer away from the liquid highlighters! lol! However, this product is more of a gel, it stays put on the skin and its goes perfectly more blushes, other bronzers and contour powders. If I find another display of these, I'm grabbing a back up!!!