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2008:What a year!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hi All,

This post is dedicated to 2008. What a year!!! I can't say it was a bad year, it wasn't. It was year personal growth, fun and CHANGE!!! I changed ALOT. For the better, of course, I learned who Jamie is, wants to be, how to get it, and how to believe it will happen. If this post gets "too deep"...I gots beauty yummies coming up tomorrow...but if you want to keep reading...I LOVE YOU!!

-I want to first give my highest praises to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is through Him, you see me!! He gave me this talent, writing...this love, fashion and beauty...and this courage to post my beauty and fashion finds on practically no money. I gave "da deuce" to a emotional and physically abusive job and He still keeps on blessing me!! I can still find creative ways to give you "Rural Glamour" and I pray that he highlights this gift even more in 2009. I'm excited for what he has for me!!!!*cue the shouting music!!!*

***I got a call for an interview today for a job that is going to "test my testimony"! Pray for His Will...God only knows best!!****

-To my blogger friends( Kia, Kim,Lianne,Avin,Aisha,Daynetta,Bianca and so many others), the companies who took chance on a Diva and sent her goodies, the great comments left under posts, divas who bookmarked me under their blogs, even my love you so much and you mean the world to me!!!!

-My family...Thank Lord for Family!!!

-"Bubba" and "Brutha"....I love ya'll and I can't wait for school to start on January 5th.:)



In 2008 I learned alot in beauty:

-blending and shading(I'm still working on it)

-what to do with what makeup brush

-I have new found love for...NAIL POLISH!!!!

-An obsession with Beauty Tutorial You Tubers'( RenRen,Ateyaaa,etc..)

-Shopping My Stash and its art form...:)

-All the mascara I have tried...geez...

-My weekly mini-home facial( post anyone?...If ya interested)

-My hair regimen( I finally got one!!)

-I still love beauty magazines....

-finding time to "play" in my makeup( wasn't doing that before)

-new places for beauty hauls for me:the local BSS and Sally Beauty Supply

-Making vids for You Tube( still trying to find my niche...)

-Finding out that some of my old WU buddies are beauty addicts too( via Facebook)

-Girl Crush!!! Michelle Obama,Rachael it ladies


And the personal:

-My talent at "pressing delete"( as my Soror Karen would say). I feel lighter...Ha!!!

-Deuces to "Le Lion"...stop calling. I don't want hang no more tags.

-Motherhood,Single Motherhood and all of its splendor...Its get better...:)

-My new Fan( Hi D-Dub!!!!...I see ya!)

-I went from Hillary to Barack...and glad I did.:)

Have a great night and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


N.O.T.D: China Glaze in VIII

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The N.O.T.D of today is China Glaze VIII(As in the number 8, ya'll smart, shoot). I looks like a murky grey/purple/black in the light. I like it.
But putting this color on...made me think about the spring and summer.I've been obsessed with black, purple,greys,greens, metallics..but what's going to happen this spring/summer when all of these dark colors must packed away and every collex and their mama is doing "neutrals and pinks and neons". Summer just isn't as fun as the winter in nail my opinion.
What ya'll think?

RG Project Bonus!!: H.I.P. e/s in Rascal...

Hi Folks....

It's been one of those days... but I'm here and happy to be here!!

I picked up H.I.P. e/s in Rascal at CVS at 75 % off the regular price. I didn't buy it because I liked it but because it looked like a "project"!

Sorry, for the wonky blending...I'm still learning. Love me please.:)

I actually like it. It looks like pink and grey but its like an iridescent pink/purple and dark purple grey. Works perfectly with each other. If you see this at 75% off, Get it!


Review:Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Extreme Black...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Here's another great mascara that I can't get enough of!!! Rimmel Sexy Curves in Extreme Black impressed me for real! Here's why:

-It made my lashes slightly "curvier".
-It also made good on the promise of "fullness" and "volume"
-I like that "silicone/rubber" brush
-handle not to long or short.It felt good and was easy to grab those inner lashes with ease( because of the 1st round bulb-like shape on the brush)
-light mascara formula, great for building coats on the lashes and not getting clumpy in the process.




N.O.T.D.: N.Y.C. Molten Metal

Good Morning!!!
Yesterday I was confined the comforts of home due to Baby Kel having tonsillitis. So we went NOWHERE.I stayed in my pjs ALL DAY.I literally don't think I've EVER done that!! I'm so serious...
I did get around to manicure on Saturday night with NYC's Molten Metal. I don't know...It looks "murky" on me. Very unfinished-like.I kept thinking I need another coat, even after two coats. I thought about sending this my great aunt who wears metallics like this...
Looks alot better on Kia than me...:)

Review: Mi-Spa Soap and Dry Oil...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another great sample out of My Pretty Pink Box in November was a small goodie bag from Mi-Spa. I got a soap samples of Lemon Sugar and Brown Sugar and Spice.

Lemon Sugar is fresh like rubbing a lemon all over you!!lol! I like lemon scents( I wore Fresh's Lemon Sugar to I couldn't anymore!) so now I'm lemming an entire bar:)

Brown Sugar and Spice is spicy and sugary. I pair this with my Korres Vanilla Cinnamon lotion for a cold weather yummies under a turtleneck...

My Sake Dry Oil sample...reminds of the two bottles of Fresh Sake I went through about four years ago!!! Love Love Love!!!! Plus, I love Sake anyway...( The drink.... with ginger ale..try it:))


Review: Beauty From The Earth...Multipurpose Minerals in Grape and Blueberry...

In my November My Pretty Pink Box , I received some great samples of a multipurpose mineral from a company called Beauty From The Earth. I got Grape and Blueberry. I was playing around today while the boys napped and I listened to the new Common CD(!!).
I absolutely love them! I did Blueberry from the lashline to the midlid and Grape from the midlid to the crease...just playing around. The pigmentation is amazing in both....

Blueberry reminds me of MAC's pigment in Blue but brighter. Grape is going to perfect for a purple smoky eye I will be doing soon!!!

Beauty From The Earth has so many amazing colors( I need that Apple Green) and also has several tutorials on how to use these two colors and others!

Review:Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner....

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hi Folks!!

I hope that your Christmas Day was a blessed one!I had a great a couple presents and such...but the best part is watching my kids rip into presents and boxes and be happy all day long!

I got Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner at CVS for 50% off the price. I guess its being discontinued. I'm always skeptical about stepping out of the nail polish box with Sally Hansen.I have couple of lip glosses that I love from there new improved lip collections.

I actually really love this product! Here's why:

-the waxy like texture really did fill in the lines around the edges of my lips(Due to a habit that me and the President-Elect share...sometimes).
-I saw a difference my gloss.It looked smoother...

But there is one "con"....

-The liner is too small...It needs to be a thick stick for all over lip application. I wear it all over my lips!

I'm going to the other CVS in town to see if I can find another one and another one...stock up on them...:)


Mini Haul:Cynthia Rowley for Avon Lipglosses....

I admit I'm a stress shopper.If something is wrong with me I seek retail therapy. Christmas Eve, everybody was BOTHERING me...geez. Initially, I went to the Avon Store to get something for my mom but spotted these Cynthia Rowley for Avon Lip Glosses for 1.99 a piece!!!

From the top: Very Violet,Rose Petals,Plum Orchid and Peony Pink

Swatches in the same order as the top....My favorite, so far, is Very Violet...Gorgeous...I going to tuck Peony Pink away til' the spring.:)

Merry Christmas N.O.T.D: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Jumpin' Jade...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

Today's N.O.T.D is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Jumpin' Jade( Thanks Kim!!).Kim sent this to me....I haven't seen it down here yet and it arrived just a few days before Christmas so it was destined to be The Christmas Mani!

I love it. One coat will do the trick, but the brush is TRASH....And hope that when the PR heads at Sally Hansen google to see how the beauty chicas are loving their new polish or they are trolling the nail board over at Makeup Alley...they will see that they need do more than rethink that wacky brush that hold way too much product...but trash it all together.Great run on sentence!!! YAY!!


N.O.T.D.: Sinful Colors Pink Diamond...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve!!! I'm soooo drained....Family, I tell you. I did this NOTD last night. It's Sinful Colors Pink Diamond. Pink Diamond? Who comes up with the names at Sinful Colors? Anywho... It really not this blue either, it like a muted grey purple. And must have had the patience of God on me last night because it took three coats. I like it, thought...Okay, I need a nap but I got mad stuff to do.


Review: Ellin Lavar Nourish Oil and DetangleMist...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some of the products from Ellin Lavar Textures hair care line have been discounted to almost 75% off at my CVS. I have had some friends in other cities tell me that too. I grabbed her NourishOil and DetangleMist because they were only $2.oo. a piece!

DetangleMist:It's a leave in conditioner...nothing big and special about it. I applied it after washing out my Deep Conditioner and felt no difference.It smells like Joy dish detergent which turned my completely off. It boasts that is has "Grape Seed Oil" but that is the last ingredient listed, so it the least of the bunch included. I learned something in Chemistry 201 at the WU.:) But the plus contains Benzophenone-4, a sunscreen for your hair.Now, I learned that on Hairlicious!!!

NourishOil- I tried this as a pre-poo treatment. I wanted something that I could wear overnight then wash out on my wash day. Fail...Fail .Fail!!! The NourishOil made me hair hard and crunchy even after braved sleeping with a plastic cap on all night. Then ,I did two washes instead of one to get the moisture and softness restored. I was so freaking mad at NourishOil!!! After checking ELT website, she suggests using it also as a pre-conditioning treatment and even as a body oil... We'll see.
Any one used these or have any EL favorites?

Shopping My Stash: Bare Escentuals Mystical Eye Quickies....

Oooh...I'm so greasy...I know I could've blotted before I took the photo. I'm just giving you a Shopping My Stash on Christmas Eve Eve(as Jack Roper said this morning).
I've never used them together til today. I like it, there were so easy to apply for loose shadows. These are the only two B.E. shadows I own...well I have a couple samples from swaps I must dig up.


N.O.T.D.: Revlon Hot For Chocolate...

Monday, December 22, 2008

I am in love with Revlon's Hot For Chocolate!!!! Two coats and it is the business!!! Now let me finish snacking on these Hershey's Hot Cocoa Kisses!!!


Review: Maybelline XXL Curl Power....

I grabbed Maybelline XXL Curl Power up when the Maybelline mascaras were BOGO free at CVS( I got Maybelline Lash Stiletto...for my mom:)). Let's get down to biz-ness....

-I really love the curled brush. These kind of brushes work perfect on my round eye. I'm not trying angle it all right and stuff...Perfect brush...
-I like the primer and mascara duo that Maybelline makes. Some of my favorite mascaras are that "duo" XXL Intense and XXL Extensions.
-Their Very Black color is a true blue black. Brava!
-What curl? I still, after three coats, have wild lashes. They are still a mix of straight, curly, long...etc...
-The brush holds way too much product...
Conclusion: I'm not going to buy it again but I'm not going to let this tube go to!

My Christmas Wish List...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here it is...4 days before Christmas, My Christmas Wish List that includes some of things i didn't get for my Birthday...*sigh*

Rescue Lounge n/p in Teal and no More War

Clarisonic Skincare Brush( The BCA edition)

SheSpace Black Pigment Eye Primer

Another Set of Bodum Coffee Cups

Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee( so good!!)

A Deep Fryer

Rachael Ray Big Orange Book

The Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style

Christmas pajamas

Starbucks Gold Card

Sex And The City The Movie DVD and Volume II Soundtrack

A CHI or FHI Flatiron

Terra Firma Eye Stacker

Coastal Scents Neutral Palette

VS Dream Angels in Wish Fragrance

B&N Giftcard

Flirt! Glamourazzi Fragrance

DKNY Be Delicious Night

A new TV Stand

Gold Hoops

Silver Hoops

Dr. Oz You Beauty Book

Beauty Blender Sponge

Sephora Gift Card

Whole Foods G/C

Earth Fare G/C




Rural Glamour Contest Winner Is.....


Please contact me at with your address so that Curls can send your gift!!


And thanks to all of that participated...I feel great and blessed about my first contest and hope to have many more!!



N.O.T.D.:O.P.I Baby It's Coal Outside...

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's definitely not "coal" here in the "Cack".It's about 64 degrees with the wind blowing.O.P.I. Baby It's Coal Outside is a a hot black with sparkle...Love it...Get it!


Review: N.Y.C. MarbleEyes in Aquamarine and Tiger's Eye and Lola Mini Haul....

Hi!! I picked up N.Y.C. MarbleEyes in Aquamarine(right) and Tiger's Eye(left) about two weeks ago from Edkerd's...I mean Rite-Aid(I still call Macy's, Hecht's and Rich's).

Tiger's Eye is SUPPOSEDLY in the inner corner to the mid- lid and then Aquamarine from the mid-lid to the outer corner into the crease...sigh...

Yep...They are those "work it out" kind of shadows. I was on it trying to get that intensity. But alas, all eyeshadows are not equal. And you can't expect( talking to myself here...) that when you pay 3.99 for an eyeshadow you are going to get MAC quality and intensity...
Now back to my cuzins...:)
I like them, then I don't. Just because I had to put in the work to make them show up but, then they showed up well on film.

In other news...I went shopping for Christmas presents for the "Others"and went to Marshall's to dig in the Lola/Stila mess one last time. Came up with more Lola lip gloss...
From the left:Lola,Ballet Slippers,Ooh Baby, and Fantasica.All 2.00 a piece.

Swatches...I wearing Ooh Baby in the F.O.T.D above. Love them all!

RG Project Bonus...L'Oreal H.I.P. e/s in Platinum

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update!!! Here is it H.I.P. e/s in Platinum...12/19/2008....

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the duo up with the L'Oreal H.I.P. in Platinum. But here's my E.O.T.D. done with just the duo, mascara, eye base( I use H.I.P. Cream Paint Eye Shadow in Commanding, works like a "cheap" charm) and BLACK EYELINER( lol!) in the waterline and the upper waterline.

I put this one at like 9:00 am and felt overdressed!! It's wayyyy toooo much for the middle of day( for me, of course). I was just running errands and washing clothes. I met a new friend for lunch and he thought I was very "I am ...Sasha Fierce".:) I told him was way more "Sasha Fierce "than "I am". Trust.

Platinum is a "hot to death" party/club eyeshadow! I tell ya, if i had somewhere to go with it on. I could kill em with a blink. Not alot of work with it either. But....there is a bad side.....

It creases. I actually tried this last week and it creased to hell in 30 mins. I said "The Enemy will not defeat me...I'll tried it again with an eye shadow base". Worked like a charm the second time.:)


Review: Curls Joy To Your Curls Kit....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hi Everyone...I'm such post hog today:) I just got some much goodness and gratefulness going on inside I just want to share all the yummi-ness!!!
Recently, I had a chance to test the yummy-ness that some lucky winner will receive in their Curls Joy To Your Kit. That winner will also get something extra special in that kit:
Champagne Curls and Kaviar Kinks Hair Restoration and Growth Treatment - formulated with champagne grape and caviar extracts, this growth enhancing, hair strengthening/replenishing treatment is THE solution for women that chemically alter their hair.
How Blessed!!
Here's what I thought of the 3 items I got to try:
Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream - I'm always in search of a creamy shampoo that moisturizes and doesn't strip. This is it!! I did just one wash and my scalp felt fresh and my hair was clean and glossy. "That was the shampoo?" I asked myself!
Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner - Hands down...favorite of the kit. Its got super softening skills in a matter of minutes....
Curl Souffle - I've been using this as my daily moisturizer on my relaxed, straight hair. It's genius...very lightweight and feels great after applying. It must double as a! because my hands are feel so great after putting it on my hair!
Make sure you enter the contest!!! It ends Friday and we pick on Sunday, December 21!!!

Shopping My Stash... mark.Toute Sweet Whipped Eye Shadow in Fluff and Flou....

Ok...So I bought these, maybe two years ago, used them once, hated it, then tried to swap them off on MUA. No Avail..folks were not interested. I was cleaning out a drawer last weekend and there they were...sigh. I told myself "You are going work these out.":)
They are very souffle-ish. I actually love Fluff( left). Frou(right) looks like frosting. Everything "frosty" doesn't always translate to my skin well.

I put Fluff from the lashline to the crease and Frou from the crease to the lashline. I finally figured out that the best thing for applying cream shadows is a BRUSH. lol! I found a brush( in that same drawer) that was from a H.I.P. Paint tube that I had never used. So I used it. Worked like a charm!
( check out my freaky straight/curly lashes. No curler or curling mascara works... Help me!)

Now, what these pictures don't show it that its really streaky in color.Its formulation, after applied, has to dry up. So it looks streaky, which reminded me why I didn't like them in the first place...
Anybody own or owned these...let me know!

RG Project Bonus!...H.I.P. e/s in Riotous...

About a week ago, Walgreens had their BOGO Free on H.I.P. I picked out Riotous and Platinum( that's coming up later!).I did this look...ummm...Friday?lol! I can't remember.

Beautiful highly pigmented green side and the dark blackish green gives powerful color too. I love green eye shadows and blue nail polish...two of makeup favorites! Oh...and bronze-y lip gloss.
Check out my hat...$1.00 at the No Name Dollar "Sto". They also have those mini hand mixers(like for drinks and stuff) for....a dollar! lol!

N.O.T. D.: Sinful Colors in Daddy's Girl...

Today is the second anniversary of the day that my Daddy,Michael, went to Heaven to hang out with his brother and my Granny...I miss him soo much! It wasn't til' I was older that I realized I was a Daddy's Girl. I wanted so much for him to love me and be proud of me. When I was little I cry for hours because he would walk out the door to go somewhere and I couldn't go!! lol! I know that got on my mother's nerves!( hehe)

Today I'm wearing Sinful Colors in Daddy's Girl. Y'all...this is actually a deep jelly like dark purple with purple sparkle but I couldn't get this camera to convey the color right. This pic above is outside...

And this one is inside.... I love it though... My Daddy would be like..."Your nails are growing." :)