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The List Fall 2006 part I

Monday, September 18, 2006

Saturday was absolutely boring. I worked but all I will say that it wasn't my usual Saturday of magazine reading and internet surfing .I worked with my director who is the most amzaing woman but complete workhorse. So she doesn't play with chilling at the circulatin desk. I knew this before I went in so I packed my beauty/fashion journal( where I make all of my notes for the blog,ideas, new products,etc.) and Daily Candy A to Z An Insider's Life To The Sweet Life. I could try to get away with reading a book and making notes. I started a list of things to get for fall/winter 2006. It's still in it's preemie stages:

Black jersey knit pants
red and black flats from Payless
a winter/fall coat fit for a Southern winter( so i won't seven coats for all the weather changes)
soft comfy hats
a new foundation and concealor
Black leather gloves
black button down shirt by George @WalMart
cream white sweater coat by George@WalMart
Cream white boots from Payless(seen in InStyle The Look 2006 mag)
black and gray leggings
printed or textured tights
zip up hoodies (to wear under my short blazers)
turtlenecks or crewneck l/s( to wear under my spagetti strapped jersey dresses)
Frye Boots
four new winter scents
ankle boots
Shop Suey Muse Bag
Lumene Night Cream

Still working on it. Got alot of other things I've spotted but didn't make note of.

I'll be back!


In Great Taste...

Friday night I was on a hunt for dinner. There are very few options here in hometown. So I ended up going to the grocery store. While in the checkout line, I grabed the October 2006 Cosmopolitian. Now, I know that Cosmo isn't most classy mag but you have to admit that their beauty,fashion editorials and lifestyle pages are on the money. In it there was a coupon for a free mini gloss from the new VS Sexy makeup collection scheduled to premiere September 19. Also a book review on In Great Taste:Fresh Simple Recipes For Eating and Living Well by Evelyn Lauder. It's a cookbook with recipes that"can contribute to the radiance of your complexion". This definetly a buy NOW. I've already called B&N and they are holding it for me. If you need to pass the time with a fun read, Cosmo's it. It definetly kept my mind off my children in Charlotte with their dad this weekend.