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Friday Fabulousness....

Friday, May 29, 2009

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend...I will.:)
Just want to leave you with a bit of beauty yumminess I came across online...Nars Vintage nail colors. I'm seriously craving that purple called Tallulah. Any Dupes? Let me know!
Love ya!!

RG Project: NYX Trio in Team Spirit...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hi Everyone!! I've been so unfocused due to life's situations. But TODAY...I'm going to P.U.S.H through the madness!!!

Next on the RG Project list is NYX Trio in Team Spirit. This is the only NYX trio I own that the colors, all three, are heavily pigmented. The constant layering,piling on, sometime foiling is not necessary with Team Spirit. The colors are so 80's though!!! Reminded me of my mother when she was young...she wore intense colors on her eyes under her glasses...too:)

All three colors are great together. It was rainy today and I was in need of a pick up.
I've been broke out lately...sigh...

HLMN Mid-Week Roundup....

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BellaLuscious tells us how collagen can do wonders for your face.

Blaq Vixen Beauty is feeling a bit generous since her first blogoversary is coming up! Enter to win 1 of 15 Beautyfix kits!

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Diary of a Style Addict has added some gorgeous new pigment samples to her online store.

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Style Luxe has 5 sexy one-piece swimsuits.

Looking for something to soothe your dry skin? Vex in the City Reviews Origins Modern Friction.

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Don't Forget...Yard Sale #2

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Remember I got 4 gently used MAC items on here!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Affordable Fashion has a fashion relic we though was extinct. Cute dresses priced under $10.

Beauty Junkies Unite has the lowdown on the best concealers on the market.

Beauty Luxe has tips on how to wear brown mascara. Hint: It's not as hard as it seems.

Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50 found a convertible dress perfect for all Summer weddings.
Fabuless Beauty reviews several shades of Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor.

Check out the trends for Summer 2009 Image and Style News

MissLikey has a review of the Chanel 2010 Resort Collection. He's going back to Venice, y'all.

Who doesn't love shoes? Style Luxe has 20 fab Spring sandals.

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How I use Tarte Lock & Roll Eye Shadow Duos...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Before I got received my EyeQuatic Set with the three Lock & Roll...I had one..Slate...that I could never get to work right...

So, I was playing around with my new ones and thought, "Maybe if I apply with a brush and not the applicator itself...?"

Because Tarte tell you this: apply the cream side first with the brush and then roll( it has a roller ball) the other end( loose color) on top after 10 seconds or until dry for all day wear...

This is what I do:

-apply the cream shadow where you want it on the eye from the original applicator brush included. DO NOT LET IT DRY. Immediately take a brush afte putting where you want it, one with a rounded tip( I used a cheap synthetic brush) and blend the color, getting rid of the harsh lines it creates when dry. Because after the color dries, it won't move. You want to blend the lines and press color down on lid and even the color out.

-then roll the loose color onto the back of you hand or a tissue to get the color out, take a clean brush( not the one you used for the cream shadow application) and pat the color in...

-Voila!! that's it! Check out my examples...

This is Slate( on the lid) with two colors of pink from my Santee palettes...

This is Tanzanite(on the lid) with two colors of purple from Santee palettes....

This is Turquoise( on the lid) and Citrine( on the brown bone) with a brown from a Wet N'Wild palette...
I love them...they last ALL DAY and are gorgeous and a must have once you figure out how to use them...:)

Review: Tarte EyeQuatic Waterproof Summer Essentials Set...

My whole view on this summer changed when Tarte EyeQuatic Waterproof Summer Essentials Set arrived on my doorstep!!!

Let me tell you what you get in the set first:

"Along with a mod-chic headscarf, this set includes 3 mermaid-inspired lock & roll creaseless cream & powder shadow duos and a deluxe lights, camera, splashes! waterproof mascara."

lock & roll shade descriptions:


-The scarf is HUGE...big enough to use as a headscarf, a belt, and sarong, etc! I saw my mother eye-balling it as soon as a took it out of the package. She ain't getting it. Because I'm rocking it!( pics soon)

-The three lock & roll eye shadows are true to color and pigment. There is a special way of using them...and I will expound on the next post...You will want all colors when I show you how I've rocked them and use them. The turquoise is FIRE!

-Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara is my favorite waterproof mascara. SO, completely slept on. It's super black, separates lashes, adds a bit of volume and TONS of length.

-The color in the lock & roll e/s doesn't bulge...All day wear.( I had it on from 11:00 am-9:00pm creasing.)


If you don't buy any makeup this summer...get this kit...its has great essential, its fun, you will love it. Ya'll know I've never raved like this on any product...BUY IT!!


Review: April Rain Skin Science Day Rainew....

Monday, May 18, 2009

I was given the opportunity to try April Rain Skin Science Day Rainew. It's spring and the summer is just around the corner and its time to switch up! I gave myself 30 days to see how it works:


-I saw, after about two weeks, a tremendous amount of evenness in my skin tone. I had subtle under eye darkness and a darkness around my mouth and that cleared away with Day Rainew.

-My face also is more taunt but not in an uncomfortable way! Just more tighter and smoother.

-I like how Day Rainew soaks in quickly that I totally forget I just put it on. Then, I think that I haven't put on any moisturizer, but I did...true story:)

-Smells fresh. Reminds me of Cucumber Melon, the scent Bath and Body Works once had.


-The only thing I didn't like is the packaging. I didn't like screwing the top off of the cream and scooping it out. I rather pump it in the palm of my hand. But, the packaging is gorgeous, just not that handy when you are rushing out the door.

-It doesn't have a sunscreen included( but can be layered with ) which I'm just getting into using.


Great investment to your skin...check Day Rainew out!!


RG Project: NYX Eye Shadow in Bright Orange...

Next up of 'The Project' of NYX in my stash is their single eyeshadow in a Bright Orange. I had been searing for a matte bright orange shadow and found its match in Bright Orange! I'm impressed by it pigmentation. It's that orange!!
I did the orange on the lid to almost the crease then highlighted with Jessie's Girl Eye Dust in Sunset.

The final look!!I just added a bit of dark brown in the crease from one of my Santee palettes...


RG Real Life: Eyebrows...

Happy Monday!!

Saturday, I finally tackled my brows. Yeah, Yeah "Get them waxed". Give me $12. Every three weeks.

All it takes is a brow brush and my Tweezerman tweezers and some patience to get the job done.

I also hit my 'stache with one those BSS pastel mini razors. That thing worked too!!

Voila!!! Done. Now my RG Project F.O.T.D.s and Shopping Stash Post won't look as wonky.:)

Review: Black Radiance Starry Eyes Shadow Stick in Jet Black...

Friday, May 15, 2009

I only own one MAC Shadestick( in Fresh Cement via CCO), so when I saw Black Radiance Starry Eye Shadow Sticks, I snatched up Jet Black and Natural Brown.

No need to do a "Pros and Cons" on this one...I LOVE THEM!!!!!

I did a base for the recent Santee Cosmectics Palette with Jet Black. They go on smooth,pigmented, no splotches...real quality. You would think that it was a MAC Shadestick, no joke(and this coming from a person who only owns one lol!) I just wish they had more than five colors in the Starry Eye Shadow Sticks....You can't beat the 3.99 price either.


RG Project: Santee Signature Eyeshadow Compact...

I got this Santee Palette from Almost Pink in Union SC...$3...I also have another like this with different shades...
I'm practicing a "smokey" eye look for something... *wink!'* And I need to practice it anyway. I've had three people ask me to either do one on them or show them how...

I used the Pink,Dark Grey and Pearl White colors in the palette to create the look. I also used Black Radiance Starry Eyes Shadow Stick in Black as a base( review next...:)) to really pop the Dark Grey.

*Lippie of The Shopping My Stash OF The Day*(I'm going finally find the phrase that fits!)
Avon By Cynthia Rowley lip gloss in Very Violet..

An Exclusive Re-Launch!!! The Style Master!!!

My Fellow Winthrop Alumni and favorite male fashion guru, Styles, has relaunched his website, Swagger Style, an informative, fly, and up and coming fashion blog from a male point of view. I absolutely love it!! I asked Styles to give Rural Glamour his top 5 things every man and woman should have:

In a world that is obsessed with fashion and beauty, those things that are unique to men’s fashion and style are often lost in the abyss that is women’s fashion and beauty. It is difficult to understand just what makes a man fashionable. There are several things that are key and if I were to begin listing them, I would never end. But like everything in life, there is a foundation, a group of must-haves for every man. When asked to limit those must-haves to just five, I found the feat immediately impossible, and that is what intrigued me.

As a stylist, I am often challenged with creating personal/unique looks for my clients. While the looks/style are unique to each of my clients, each of them includes some basic items. Those items are what I call ‘staple pieces’ and are the fundamentals to building a well organized closet.

1)The Basic Black Suit:
Just as I would include a ‘simple black dress’ for a woman. I always include a well-tailored, non-trendy, basic black suit. I lean toward 3 piece suits, as in a worse case scenario a 3 piece suit mixed with a pair of khakis or denims can give a man 5 different outfits for a week. A black suit is never overdress or undress. The shirt and tie determines the tone of your suit. To get multiple looks out of the three piece suit you can wear all three pieces at once, for a timeless professional or formal look. Drop the coat and wear the vest and trousers for dressy or professional look. Drop the vest and wear the trousers and shirt for a casual look. Pick up the sport jacket and a crewneck shirt for yet another casual look. Exchange the trousers for a pair of blue jeans or khakis and use the jacket as a blazer. Exchange the blazer for the vest and have a nice leisure look. As you can see, the 3 piece black suit is definitely a versatile addition to every wardrobe.

2)A White Shirt: Men and women both need a white shirt in their wardrobe. It goes with virtually anything, and like the black suit can be dressed up or down for the occasion. You can match your white shirt with jeans and be ready for a night at the club, or you can match it with a dark suit and be ready for a corporate meeting or interview.

3)A pair of brown shoes and a pair of black shoes: Every man must have a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes. Everything that a man, or woman for that matter, wears will go with one of these two pairs of shoes.

4)A basic pair of sneakers: Everyday you are not going to want to wear shoes. Therefore having a basic pair of sneakers is a great alternative. As long as you steer away from the colorful trendy sneaks, your basic sneaker can virtually go with anything you wear.

5)A solid colored all weather coat with a lining: If it is raining, snowing, windy or you just need to spice up your outfit, your all weather coat is going to provide you with the protection that you need.

Again, there are several things that go into building a well constructed wardrobe, but these are some of the basics. Until we speak again, keep it stylish and remember to always make a statement, by mastering your style!


Review:Cover Girl Lip Stain in Bit O' Blossom...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got a second chance to try a different shade of Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain in Bit O' Blossom. Remember my first try at Cover Girl Lip Stain in Coy Coral?...

Without clear gloss...

With clear gloss...

They still are just not my cup of tea. Maybe if I wore lipstick and needed a 'base' color underneath to keep my color all day. Or if I were a bit lighter? Bit O' Blossom was a wee bit bright too on me. I think, however, its a great concept, affordable and available lip stains with powerful pigment.

It works! :Magazine Beauty Promotions,Freebies, Coupons, etc...

You know those 'beauty promotions' and 'advertisments' pages you see in magazines that promote buying a products and getting something free in the mail?

They work.

I bought John Frieda's Root Awakening Conditioner, sent in the receipt and about 8 weeks later...

Or...yesterday:) this arrived...

Okay?!! lol
I didn't even know I had a package til' I went outside and saw it on the porch. I've been dying to use one of the new biore products, too!! Reviews will be of abundance. I'm tucking that brush kit into my ready-packed tolietry bag...

RG Project: NYX Eye Shadow Trio in Perpetual...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I own bits and pieces of NYX makeup but not enough to rave about it. I find that their eyshadows are hit and miss...some super pigmented, some too sheer. And the sheer ones are always the ones you think are not sheer!!

Best place to see how girls are working NYX ....You Tube. The videos for NYX shadows are of abundance!!

So, I decided to pull what I have and work a 'project' on them. Plus, my favorite hometown boutique, Almost Pink, sells bits and pieces of NYX as well( that's plus, because now I don't have to go all the way to Ulta...)

The newest trio I own is Perpetual...

The green is sheer but okay for a lime,neon-ish green. I bet if I pack it on,I'll get some intensity. the pink-orange red color is very pigmented...a little goes along way. The dark brown purple color is....wack. Sheer to hell..not what you think. But, all together, its a nice look.:)

*Lippie-Found-in -my-stash-of-the-Day!*- L'Oreal H.I.P. lip gloss in Delighted

RG Project:Santee Liquid Eyeshadow...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Santee adventure!!

I got Santee Liquid Eye Shadow@ This N' That...$1.25.....It has no name...just '10'. Maybe that's the name! ha!

The Liquid Eye Shadow by itself...excuse my overly grown brows

It's a typical liquid eye shadow...splotchy, sheer, wet. but this one is packed with too much glitter. It sucks basically.

So, I applied some powder eye shadow over it...not even good enough for a base. It would let me blend like a wanted to.

* mini review* *thanks kim!* Loving Revlon Creme Gloss in Strike A Rose..


Yard Sale...#2!!

Another yard sale!!!

I'm ALWAYS cleaning my makeup stash...trying to make the best of what I got instead of buying more or getting rid of stuff when I buy something new. I gave my mom a big bag of fragrances and found some new lotions and body sprays and donated them to the Salvation Army.

Now I have great deal for my peeps who love Rural Glamour...again!!!



Review: Cover Girl Line Exact in Black...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Here's another Cover Girl product, Line Exact, that I had the opportunity to try:)


-Cover Girl Line Exact is small and very easy to handle. The small applicator with a spongy,felt tip eliminated the shakiness I get when doing liquid liner. It's easy to control.

-First couple times, the color came out perfectly and line I made on my upper lid was perfect. I was impressed.:).

-It doesn't bulge...all day line, even on top of eye shadow.


-I don't know, it doesn't WORK anymore! :( I've tried for the last two days to get the line I was getting before and doesn't give the same intensity. I even put stored it, liner end down, so that the liquid can run down to the felt tip. Didn't work. I'm mad.:(


-Cover Girl, you have to work on this applicator so that the customer is getting their money's worth. I wouldn't want to by a liquid liner at ANY price that stops working after 5-6 uses. It's got great potential:)...


Review: L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara in Black...

Hi All!!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend.I'm glad its over.:)

Review Time!

I picked up L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in Black up at the my hometown's new Super Wal-Mart. I think it was $6.48 and I normally have good luck with volume mascaras....


-The black is black..not gray black, not ashy black, but black. I like how my lashes looked inky...

-I got volume but not "12x" as much. Where do these companies get those numbers? My lashes are fairly thick but I saw a bit more thickness, I'll admit.

-I also saw some " length". My lashes looked longer.

-The curves in the brush are great. Most volume mascaras don't have the curves in the brush, they are just 'fat' brushes.

-Reminds me of Maybelline Colossal Mascara...and I like Colossal.

-Perfect combo with my almost unused Maybelline Stiletto Mascara... two coats of Extra Volume and two coats of Stiletto...deadly combo of lushness and length...


-Too much product on the brush every time I took it out of the tube.


-I like it...but I will probably be on to another mascara before I use this


Rural Glamour Artistry: Raven's Prom Look...

Friday, May 08, 2009

My little cousin Raven( age 16) went to her junior/senior prom two weeks ago and I volunteered to do her makeup. I normally don't "do" make-up anymore.I've did gigs in the past but have been soured by the experiences.... I'll just leave it at that. I had so much fun putting the little skills I have to use on the "baby"...:)

I showed up at her grandmother's house with my arsenal but she already had some stuff that she and her mom at gotten from MAC. Apparently, they went to the counter, got a look, then got pimped into 6 shadows( four of them were purple) and the wrong color concealer. I fixed that,promptly told her mom to take that concealer back and did the "baby's" face!!!
She had NEVER seen her lashes so long!!! I did a combo of MAC Plush Lash( that I had got from the CCO and she jacked from me!!!) and Maybelline Lash Stiletto...
She also wearing MAC Dazzleglass in Date Night.

Awww...the "mean baby" goes to the prom. My whole family was acting real emotional and!!

RG Project: Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Drama Eyes...

A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to an awesome view a webinar with celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff and Cover Girl. And now I have some goodies to share with you via the folks @ Cover Girl!

First Up....Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Drama Eyes. Ashunta used this on the webinar and I liked how the smokey eye she created with it...
The dark colors in the quad have great, strong pigment. I did very little layering or packing on, so that's always a plus. The raspberry color is my favorite. I always want to wear red shadow but can't pull it off but this color worked up great...

The next time I use it, I will use either the silver or the white pearl as a highlight and not both! lol!! My overly creative arse.:)

*Beauty Pimp Strikes Again* Got this Trucco Divinyls Lip Gloss in Berry Bazaar@ the local salvage store. $.50....going back to dig some more in that bin of makeup mess they have...keep ya'll posted.:)