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My Favorite Beauty Products Under $5! ~The Makeup Edition~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I use all kind of makeup, from high end to low end,but I'm huge fan of the pocket friendly products. You know, the ones don't spend your monthly cell phone bill on for only two products. You can be beautiful and use great products and still have money left over!!

Here are FIVE of my Favorite Beauty Products, the Makeup Edition.:)

Wet N Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color 

 Not everyone considers polish makeup, but several polishes are part of major makeup brands so I'm including one. Wet N' Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color has stolen my heart! From its opaque color to its Mani Curve Pro Brush, you are getting a great polish for under $3.
 LA Color Grafix Eyeliner and Jumbo Eye Pencil

I recently found LA Colors Grafix Eyeliners and Jumbo Eye Pencils in my local Dollar General. Both liners are $2. The Grafix Eyeliner is a felt tip waterproof liquid liner and the Jumbo Eye Pencil are very reminiscent of NYX Jumbo Pencils. Both provide great color and longevity for the price.
 NK Lipstick

Nicka K or NK Brand has stepped these lipsticks up in the past couple of years. They used to be basic reds and bronzes, now you can find several high end dupes in this collection for only $1 ( in most beauty supply stores) MAC Lavender Whip, Riri Woo, Grey Friday "dupes"....all were found in NK Lipsticks!!
 EOS Balm

I thought I would never find a basic lip balm that wasn't a greasy goopy mess until I found EOS balms! I remember when there was only one flavor of these now you have several consistencies and scents for under $4! I can't go a day without basing my lips in one of these. Its almost an essential skin care for me.
E.L.F. Brushes ($1-$3)

When I became interested in growing and improving my makeup application skills, I had no money for $20, $30 brushes. So when I saw several You Tube makeup gurus reaching for E.L.F. brushes, I bought me a couple. Not everyone will agree with me but I find that E.L.F. Studio and some of their $1 brushes are amazing for eye and face application. Their small blender brush ( last on the right) is perfect for my small eye crease and their flat top powder brush provide flawless application of  liquid foundation.

What are some of your under $5 makeup favorites?? Let me know in the comments!!!