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New at Bath & Body Works: Orange Sapphire...

Friday, March 19, 2010

I grabbed a 2 fl.oz. Orange Sapphire up for $1, now at Bath and Body Works. I love the B&BW is doing that, letting you test out new seasonal scents for a great price. Of course, I used Orange Sapphire, in the morning, and it is a amazing wake up call of a scent. The notes in Orange Sapphire are blood orange, mandarin, white jasmine, golden honey, citrus sangria. Its citrusy and bright, and a bit familiar. Either B&BW or Victoria’s Secret has done this scent before because I’ve owned it. But, in any account, I think I’ll be snatching Orange Sapphire Shower Gel up to put beside my over- abused Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Wash! I received also a coupon for a Free Body Care Item with any purchase of $10 or More that starts March 29th. Go in get your bargain wake up call on! Lol!


Review: Clarsskin Underarm Cleanser....

As spring rears its head in the good old South, I have started to prepare for the summer ahead. Everything from finding new recipes that don’t require turning on the stove to what will be my fashion story in that heat are on the list. One thing on the top of the priority list is my arms. They will be a story of their own, mainly because I wear tank tops all season long. I have started working them out with light weights. But, what about my underarms?

I know, no one wants to talk about their underarms, but this wonderful product, Clarsskin Underarm Cleanser will! Yes, Clarsskin Underarm Cleanseris designed to gently and efficiently remove all traces of antiperspirant deodorant residue”. That is it does! I’ve been using the Clarsskin Cleanser for a week and it is amazing! You get a super clean underarm area with just pea-size of the product rubbed in with your fingers, no sponge or facecloth required. I was just overwhelmed with clean underarms! I admit, for years have scrubbed the mess out if my underarms especially before shaving. No more, you can use this to shave, the results are one of smoothest shaves you’ll ever have. The other benefit is no yellowing of clothes because Clarsskin removes those ingredients that basic soap or body wash leave behind. It’s worth every penny. :)


***BIG thanks to Clarsskin for the press sample and all the info!***