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The MakeupBag Girl....

Monday, February 25, 2008

I pick this cute Sonia Kashuk makeup bag at Target for $4.95 other day. I needed finally get a my makeup bag in my handbag to together. Matter of fact, get a makeup bag in the my handbag period. I just have stuff swimming around in there!
I packed it up with these essentials:

Tarte Little Blot Book
Maybelline Nail Polish in Acoustic Azure( What I'm wearing right now)
Essence of Beauty Hand Cream
Hand Sanitizer
mark. Hook Up Mints/Pro Gloss in Swank
Neutrogena Honey rescue Balm
BBW lip and face balm
mark. Self Sanctuary Spa Water
Sephora Lash Plumper
EOB Brushes
Tarte brush
VS Bare Bronzer in Heat Mirage
BalmVoyage Box
Spare Earrings
Perfume Samples in Pink Sugar, Child, Fresh Pink Jasmine, Kiehls Musk

Any thing else I need to add? Let me know!

Also, I spotted this bottle of Perrier for Paul & Joe at the Le Lion. What a cool collecter's item for fashion lovers. There's also some cans, but we don't have them. My co-worker is obsessed with those collector's editon Mountain Dew Bottles. I'll be on the look out for the cans...


I Made Gravy!!!

My mother starting teaching me how to cook when I was about 13. She said to me, "Ain't no man going to marry you if you can't cook." I'm still not married but I can cook thanks to my momma. She taught me the puriest of Southern cooking, biscuits from scratch, boiling rice, cleaning collards, frying chicken and making gravy. I didn't know gravy even came in a packet til I was in! Saturday, I made me and the kids chicken, rice and gravy and cabbage. And made that gravy, smooth and creamy, from the chicken pan right for the first time. I've messed a couple of times in the past. So getting right finally was so fabulous!!
Now... don't ask for a recipe because I kinda don't remember the measurements of everything with the gravy...:)