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~Haul~ Salvation Army Thrift Store.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last week, one of my best friends and I were in Salvation Army Thrift Store and THIS HOOKAH (lol) found two...TWO brand new Victoria Secret bras in her size! Again, she fashion upstaged me ( this has been going on for years!). Her finds gave me new life in out local Sal Val Store. Once a place I rarely went into because of the slack now a new hangout, thanks to Stephanie and her bras.:)

I went in on Saturday looking for nothing and everything and found some vintage Shadowline slips that I've been wearing to bed. I love the concept of wearing slips to bed, they are very comfy and light. I hope collect more of these, even some half slips and camis to sleep in.

Along with collecting vintage jewelry and scarves a while back, I was really into vintage sleepwear. My Grandmother always slept in gowns and  pajama sets which she would purchase from Belk. She even had her "hospital pajamas" that were her top of the line pieces she only wore when she would be in the hospital which was often.:)

These slips were $.99 a piece!
Then I scored a Dooney & Burke bag for $2.99...but its a damn knockoff but I love the shape and design. I can't wait to rock it this fall.

Haul: Old Navy and Getting New Clothes!

Hey Everyone!!

I had to go to Spartanburg for reasons beyond my control and I was kinda of down about it. So, on the way back home I noticed that the new Old Navy ( they moved the location) was open and I remembered I had a $40.26 Merchandise Check in my wallet.

***cues the shouting music!!!***

What a blessing, right? Considering the fact I've not bought not one piece of "new" clothing this WHOLE summer. Yes...I've been thrifting up a storm and bought no 'new' clothes ( or shoes from Vivaladiva or handbags...I've been thrifting up a storm). I almost felt out of place in there. Weird. Here's what I got....

Long gray tank- $6.99 :I got this is "my" size in ON which is NOW a XL.:)))) Fits perfect and feels great.
Knit Henley Dress-$15: I really love the color of this dress because it looks red but its like a red raspberry color. I got this in a XXL so I could put a tank underneath even though the XL fit.
Khaki knitted tunic-$9.99: I was sorta unsure about this tunic but I thought it would great for when it get a bit cooler here with a tank and leggings. I got this in a XXL for the slouchy feel.
Blue Tank-$6.49: The size I needed wasn't there but I wanted this color so bad I got a XXL hoping that when I wash it, it will fit better. Anyone else do that? Buy something to big ( *cough* or too small) because you love the color or design...If anything I could just layer it under something...

Total with tax: $40.78

Out of pocket: $.52 :))))