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Friday Night...

Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Friday.

So What? I have nothing really planned. So before I left work I went by to pick up my reserved copy of It Chicks by the our beauty glammomma Tia Williams. I also picked up the prerequisite weekly buy of US Weekly, Life and Style and People. Now I must find out what I wanna nosh on for the night. Tomorrow I'll go hang out at Cafe' Ishi for couple hours for a Rural Glamour brainstorming session and yummy frosty beverage. Night-night yall!


Simple Girl and the Spring Fashion Wishlist 2007...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

So the "boy" that I'm sharing "some" time with is a fashion plate. Yep, he's that type that's got shoes for days, is always concerned about how he looks even when is going to the gym, collects cologne WITH the matching lotions, and owns Coach loafers. I don't even have Coach loafers( But I got Coach sneakers and sandals:)). We consistently talk about fashion but I think he's little intimidated by the Diva's flava and knowledge on all things beauty and fashion. I simply breathe it and he's intimidated!! How I know? He's says to me," My ex, she was not into fashion, if talked 'bout different labels and stuff she knew nothing about it...and that was a good thing." Don't worry las chicas, I didn't even take that comment to heart. Poor simple girl...she must didn't know...he just didn't want her to look better than he!! Now, his arse got some competition. So in honor of my fab arse-never-going-to-be-what-no-man-wants-me-be-always-being-me-divaness, I have compiled my Spring Fashion Wishlist. I'm so ready for the hunt of all things I want and scoring deals in the process. He's so not ready to go shopping with me!!!

Wide leg linen pants

White Old Navy tanks

Pastel Colored Old Navy tanks

Baby doll dresses

Flip flops

wedge sandals

Cargo shorts that fit perfectly( I have love/ hate with shorts)

Pastel colored slouchy handbags(right I searching like the Army for a yellow bag!)

Sexy earrings

long delicate necklaces

jersey lightweight tees for layering

empire-waist tops with cap-sleeves

circle skirts with vintage or delicate patterns

lucite jewelry

two pair of jeans( I guarantee this will take til' the end of the summer)

The list is filled with basics and my love for jewelry and handbags. In jewelry, I'm looking for pieces that look or are one of kind. I have scored fun pieces so far. I going for feminine,comfortable, vintage, and again, comfortable with out being frumpy. Tonight I'm doing a little semi spring cleaning, swapping out my fragrances, looking through some the summer stuff I bought last season. I'll have pics in the mornin':).


Pop Cherub F.O.T.D...

(Excuse my wet hair.:)) Today I worked with the Lancome Pop Cherub palette. I find that some of the colors are a little light on me. I love Dreamworld and Personal Style but Pixie and Twilight don't look to sheer to see on me. Here's what else is on the face and the scent of the day:

Lashes: Prestige Lash Matrix in Black-this actually is some pretty good stuff. Even though it was $4.99 for Prestige, I like it. It made my lashes really long and pretty.

Cheeks:WnW 3 Of A Kind in Coy/Rose- This stick is so great. When the summer/spring arrives I get obsessed with pink/rosy blushes. It's not greasy and it doesn't take layers upon layers for intensity.

Lips:WnW Glassy Gloss Lip Gel in Candy Glaze

Scent: Kiehls Musk and Stacked Style in Dolce Dew


Review and Haulage...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I got these beautiful Flirt! Squeeze Me Glosses from the "Product Fairy" and I adore them mucho galore!!! My favorite is actually the first one, Mighty Aphrodite, which really doesn't look that good on me...but I wuv anyway! I'm trying work it where I can wear it without looking like Foxy Brown. The colors, Nectar Fizz,Radical Raspberry, and Cherries Jubilee are a great little but not mini size and fun colors to tuck away in my jeans pocket. I can't put lip gloss in my handbag, they get missing in the pits of the "handbag monster" who also eats my loose change:)
Haulage ! Haulage! From Walgreens. I really need to stop buying makeup and buy some clothes for the summer which already here:) Just joking. Ew...I hate being hot. Haulage!:

WnW Mega Plump in Plum Desert

Wnw 3 Of A Kind Stick in Coy/Rose

Prestige Lash Matrix in Black

Loreal Professional Nail Polish in Chicklette( I bought because I love that name:))


Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead Part X

Mornin' Mornin'...I'm so exhausted I just want to lay my head down on this desk but not before I hit that Ruby Tuesday's Salad Bar. Target and Ruby Tuesday's Salad Bar ALWAYS make me feel better. I might jump by the Fresh Market for some to-go sushi and tiramisu and these bottled waters that have a spearmint flavor(?)... I love that water. Go figure. My Fat Pum'kin Pie has bronchitis and everybody in the house was up with him last night and this morning as he ran around high on Xopenex and Pulmicort talking about cars and some taking his "food". Poor Pum'kin Pie. He all right that he got some beauty sleep and a bowl of Frosted Flakes and bananas.:)

This is new pic of the natural. It's been tucked and "platted" away under that wig for about a month or two. I washed it, used my Kinky-Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard, and set it free to dry. I'll wear it like this for a minute, then I need figure out my summer moves.


Upstate Steelo...

Monday, March 26, 2007

I love reading the Upstate Link. I reminds me alot of creative Loafing or "The Loaf" in Charlotte. creative, informative, fun. Especially, the annual spring edition that boast the Upstate's most "fashionable". It's little funny but some of the folks actually got a little steelo. My favs are Jennifer Greasham of Greenville with those funky yellow pumps and Link readers Liz Taylor with sweet Chanel frames and necklace-esque tattoo and Laurie Weaver with fun camo espadrilles, and Chris Slatton with that great heart necklace. Check out more pics @

Have a point...

Don't' you wish that when someone is trying to have a legitimate argument with you about politics or government or current events knowing that the person HE is arguing with was a stellar if not genius student of Political Science in her undergraduate days and can at any given time go on the Daily Show and perform with wit and stance?

Have a point.Execute it. TRY to win the argument. or GO HOME.

So you can see how my day started off. Not too pretty, even though I was glistening in my Milani Terra Glimmer Shimmer Stripes and L'Oreal Colour Juice in Strength. Hell, I even pulled out my beloved Fresh Index in Pear Cassis for the warm day ahead.But, no, someone had to pull my joy on some ole' country clackle about "They shouldn't allow people's credit stuff to be posted on the inta'net". I must stop collecting pretty boys.

On my lunch break...I gather myself and my new $15 YSL Muse- inspired bag to Old Navy and Target. I bought this dress at Old Navy along with two others that were TOO big!!and they were XLs! But I don't feel any smaller. Anyway, I went to Target like people go to yoga, you know to release some tension. Target, sweeties, is my most "favoritist" place in the world. I instantly felt better when I saw the Sonia Kashuk brushes were on sale, Black Radiance had some new and pretty sweet products, and Spbg Target finally has Boots and Iman. I picked up:

Girlfriends Season One DVD

Food Everyday March 2007

Domino April 2007( Wasn't last month's Green issue da bomb?!)

Iman e/s in Pewter and Safari

CG Queen Collection e/s single in Fire It Up( the collection has some beautiful shades in the singles)

Sonia Kashuk Signature Large e/s brush

I felt so much better. :) On the way home from work, I stopped by Divas On Main for some Tyler Candles and ran by these beauty of pair of earrings( above). "Ole Boy" had the nerve to ask me, "You bought some big earrings today or did you buy a BIG handbag" I wanted ask him,"Did you buy some $100 Ralph Lauren button up or run up some more minutes on that SunCom Razor?" Get tha' hell out of my pockets... Okay back to my story, I got these and some new candles. I'm going soak in a bath and chill tonight. Case closed.:)


Shop the cuntry blog...part I

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm going to do something real new...

I'm moving and I need upload...especially all of my handbags.
So I want give my wonderful readers a chance to shop da cuntry blog!!! I'll post little by little. It will be mostly handbags. So here we go...
This a salmon pink designer-inspired quilted bag. It's not real at all. The measurements are 5in. tall, 10 in. wide and the straps are 10 inches. I'm not a math genius so please ask questions! There are no ink marks in or outside and I only carried it 3-4 times. There two very minor scuff marks on the backside. The leather-esque fabric is so soft though!
This bag is $25, that includes shipping via USPS with delivery confirmation. If want insurance, let me know, its extra.
No bids...first email first get. PAYPAL ONLY, please. That's means have a PayPal account. No money orders, checks, or EBT cards.:)
Please email me at and don't leave any messages in the comments please!!!
Love yall!!!

March, Summertime, What?

Weekends in the "cuntry" are basically full of nothing. Other than running back and forth to Spbg when my stomach growls for something other than a 2 piece thigh and leg dinner, I'm bored as hell. The kids were at home this weekend so we played outside, played outside and played outside. IT IS SO make no sense. I mean its just MARcH!! I picked these new Milani Shimmer Stripes up at cvs. Now, they have some on the regular display but these were I guess Limited Edition( b/c they were not on the regular display). They are Terra Glimmer, Honey Glimmer, and Berry Glimmer. That Berry Glimmer is crazy beautiful! Find it, get it, hoard it. It gives this pretty pink sexy glow, sweeties..oh! I also picked up two LE WnW trios in Twilight Glow and Midnight Magic. I think I'm taking Midnight Magic looks like something I already have from WnW.

This is a new bag purchase that I had to just gush about. Megan and I are always saying the bag selection at the Spbg TJ Maxx is wack. Normally it is. But I ran up on this beauty and wasn't going to leave it there. It's actually a bigger than it looks in the pic. Definitely a summertime brightener.

Roller Coasters make me shop...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I had the most emotional ass day...

I must stay single...that's all. I belong to me, myself, and I. I ended up going to my fav store/boutique Almost Pink and hanging out not without purchases, reading magazines, watching Madea's Family Reunion( the play ya'll), calling NY's finest, my aunt/best friend Bonnie for advice, sucking down a BurgerKing Hersey Sundae Pie slice and Mountain Dew(ugh..), and oh hitting up cvs for a semi-haul. Nothing big just:

3 Milani Brow Tech Pencils in Dark Brown

Wet N Wild Ultimate Expressions Eye Palette in Paradise cove( sorry my Capital C is not working...weird)

Physician's Formula Plump Potion in Clear- I had a coupon.

cvs Deep Cleaning Pore Strips

Maybelline* new* Define A Lash in Very Black

Oh...and I got a spa pedicure at the nails spot downtown. They are very serious and professional up in there. I swear that place doesn't belong in this bumpkin town.( Sorry, I'm letting "Y" rub off on!) My feet they been washed in the River Jordan with a French manicure of course.( cue the shouting music!!)

I also dropped off my Avon order at Linda's where ordered all of the Jillian Dempsey stuff.Heard on the MUA its all sold out. I doubt it around these parts. It looks great in the catalog. I can't wait.

What else...Did I go to work? No, I had a day off. For real. I don't play hookie. I like money wayyyy too much. Trying to get Dish Network and flat screen TVs for the boys' new room, Erica:) Other than that...Emotional ass day. Love ya!!


Mamma need stuff too...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If you are Mother( doesn't matter,kids,dogs,cats...) or just a woman who loves her self and shows it too herself, help me with this...

So today I decided, while walking through Belk Westgate, that I would finally kick the bucket and buy the Lancome Color Design Pop Cherub Palette in Sweetie Pie. I had seen this palette sooooo many times in magazines and even passed by three different Lancome counters AND have picture of it in my LookBook. It's pretty and verstile and not $3, that decided to buy it. I felt no remorse and it ain't gon' back on my life. Matter fact, i washed my brushes tonight so I can freshly use it tomorrow. But the cloud on "buyer's remorse" wants my soul... Why can't Momma look good too? Shoot...Momma gon' look good...just like my Mom...who would hide new stuff she had bought for herself in the trunk of her car( still does...I know you do Ma.)$50, cash, all on a eye shadow palette. Look for a F.O.T.D soon.:)


Product Rave and Review: Luxe Essentials and Keri

Since Miss Kim is on the mad search for the perfect lip gloss, I'm on the crazy search for the perfect body moisturizer. I'm so funny about soft, clear skin. You know how you always see the girl or even know the girl who wardrobe is sick, full of fab shoes and clothes, but she got ashy ankles poking out of those $850 LouBoos? Or she has the most gorgeous, standing appointment every Friday afternoon hair, but can't clear up her acne? OR she is wearing the sweetest Shoshanna sundress and her back is dotted in bacne? Let me stop!!! Well, I might not have the best wardrobe this side of the Highway 49 but my skin is going to seriously fly!!! I got some new reviews on some great products I've been getting to know...

Luxe Essentials Body Butter in Lavender- I adore shea butter, the purer the better. The butter just melts as heats to you skin leaving a great luster. Over a couple uses, I found that its even better warm, let it sit in warm water for like 2-3 minutes( just like I do my Nars Body Glow). It's even better. I have the Lavender which is purest Lavender scent since my Daybreak Farms Lavender. It has a slight after note, I can't call it, but it gives it a great kick. I'm thinking about the Lemongrass Gift Set as part of the Summer arsenal. Upgrade!

Keri Original and Keri Shea Butter Dry Skin Lotion- I couldn't help to flashback on the days on the activity buses as a marching band member, passing the gigantic bottle of Keri around, so the girls of the flute line would not be ashy, just in case we met some boys or sumthin' at the away game...:) Same good moisturizer and now in a Shea Butter Formula that works wonders on the Brown Pecan's "knock'dknees". The boy loves lotion even more he loves to be "lotioned"... he's definitely his father's son.


Grey & Brown...loves it!

I just had to post this after seeing it over @ YBF.I'm not a huge Sanaa Lathan acting fan but she's a pretty girl who just looks kinda like she doesn't have a stylist but knows who to call on for special occasions. I love this grey and brown combo, the how the cut of the neck on the dress is sexy and sweet and THAT know I gets real "right" about a bag!


Is this at the store?

Monday, March 19, 2007

or just on line?

I can do that...In a few days...when I get paid!!!


Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Hi sweeties!!!

I apologize for the sporadic posts and all.Last week got really crazy. First I met a" boy" that I like and ended up on the phone with him and stuff( you know how that goes...) and then started a new gig way out in the boonies of Spartanburg County only to moved from that building to another building and different assignment... Ugh...then I got a stomach flu...Big Baby Bubba Fat got a stomach flu...while @ the Plaintiff's...What the hell else?

But I got my sh*t together for this week. Being Libra, you got nothing without balance in life.

Thanks to everyone who left b-day wishes to the Glam Country Cuttin' Blog!! I "sholl" appreciate that. Update on the "date"-It was good...I won't say more but Kia I'm going the page you on the MySpace later:).

This week's Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack is Stevie Wonder's Hotter Than July. Oh my God, how I love this piece...Rocket Love...Master Blaster Jammin...All I Do...Jesus!!!(Cue the shoutin music!!) I remember staring at this album cover in my Uncle Bruce's collection, thinking..."oooh...he's sweating!"

Keep cool or warm( if you are past the Mason/Dixon line)


Happy Birthday 1st Rural Glamour!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Wow!! I made it! From a girl who could not keep up with journal assignments in college to a blogger for a straight year...I'm so happy!!! I love this thing called Rural Glamour and I thank all of my readers who have supported me and gave great comments and showed mad love. This next year there are some sweet things on the way including a new layout, some new features, and of course, country-ass flavor!! As a gift to myself I purchased one the new mark. flip-it for Spring palette. I got Milan and can't wait to do a F.O.T.D. with it.
This a pic of my new calling card that my wonderfully talented friend and soror Ashlei made for me. It has the blog and MySpace address on it. You can check out on the myspace and send me a note to become a friend if you like...:)
Have a great weekend...I have a date( giggles...:))

Winthrop 74, Notre Dame 64

We are almost there...and it can happen...:)!!!

Hot da death!....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It was completely a hell hole of 81 degrees here the upstate of the South Carolina. I just started a new job in a building that was like a f-ing sauna. I was sweating at my desk. What kind of sh*t is that? Sorry, but I had on my Paul and Joe for Target shirt that I had saved for the hot weather and there I was sweating in a office building. Ugh. I saw this Secret Clinical Deodorant back couple weeks ago in Edkerd. Think I'll grab some tomorrow. This is no matter for a organic and natural deodorants. I need funk beater!!!

Beauty Find of the Day!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I picked these up @ CVS today. They are the new eye shadow palettes from Wet N' Wild. Wet N' Wild has some other new stuff but caught my eye. The one of the left is Fantasy Island and the one the right is Sand Castle. Wet N Wild has definitely got upgrade status from me!!


We Gonna Make It!!!

As the brackets stand loud and clear, My Winthrop University Eagles will play Notre Dame in the Midwest First Round!!! We also are 11-seeded and that's crazy because we have never been anything higher than 14. I think it's OUR year to advance in this thing.:) I love my Eagles!! Here's a great article about the WU and Davidson College( north of Charlotte in Davidson, NC) that's also going to the Dance.

By MIKE CRANSTON, AP Sports WriterMarch 5, 2007

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- For an area best known for its big banks, NASCAR and sweet tea, another distinction has emerged here: mid-major hotbed.
Davidson (29-4) and Winthrop (28-4), on opposite ends of the sprawling Charlotte region, have each set school records for wins. Winthrop has won 18 straight games, while Davidson has won 25 of 26.

And fresh off conference tournament victories, both schools are determined to make noise in the NCAA tournament.

"Winning 29 games, and Winthrop winning 28 is extraordinary," Davidson coach Bob McKillop said Monday. "Coaches understand how difficult that is at any level. So right away we separate ourselves from so many other teams in the country."

At first glance, the two schools have little in common.

Davidson, a private school 20 miles north of Charlotte, has a rich basketball history including two trips to the Elite Eight in the late 1960s under Lefty Driesell. Since then, the school is 0-5 in the NCAA tournament.

But Davidson, behind superb freshman Stephen Curry, is headed back to the NCAAs for the second straight year after Saturday's 72-65 win over College of Charleston in the Southern Conference title game. It was the culmination of a remarkable season for the Wildcats, who were picked to finish fourth in the league's Southern Division in the preseason after losing seven seniors from last year's team.

Winthrop, a state school 25 miles south of Charlotte in Rock Hill, S.C., is a former all-women's school that didn't field a men's team since 1978-79. It was one of the worst programs in the nation until Gregg Marshall took over in 1998. He led the senior-laded Eagles to their seventh NCAA tournament appearance in his nine years Saturday with a 84-81 win over VMI.

On Monday, the Eagles -- led by Torrell Martin and big man Craig Bradshaw -- were No. 24 in
The Associated Press poll, the first ranking in school history.
Neither school has a bad loss. Winthrop lost at No. 3 Wisconsin in overtime and led No. 8 North Carolina by nine early in the second half before losing. The Eagles' other losses are to No. 7 Texas A&M and No. 17 Maryland. Winthrop also won at Mississippi State, Missouri State and Old Dominion.

Davidson won at Arizona State, while its losses are to No. 21 Duke, Michigan, Missouri and league rival and 22-game winner Appalachian State.

Now both schools are looking ahead to the NCAA tournament. As coach, Marshall is 0-6 in the NCAAs, but Winthrop was never seeded higher than 14. That could change this year, with Winthrop looking at 10-seed or better.

"We've broken through the glass ceiling that you can't get better than a 14 seed in the Big South," said Marshall, whose 15th-seeded Eagles lost on a buzzer-beater to Tennessee in the first round of last year's NCAA tournament.

"Why can't we be 5 or 6 seed? But honestly I think we'll be a 10 or 11. Yes, we haven't advanced in the NCAA tournament. Give us a decent seed, and we'll talk about it."
McKillop feels his Wildcats also should be rewarded with something better than the 13 or 14 seed usually reserved for the Southern Conference champion.

"How many teams have won 29 games? Put us on the same line with teams that have won 25 of their last 26 games," McKillop said. "Put us in the same range with teams that have only lost one game since Nov. 25.

"Remember we're the second-youngest team in the nation. Factor all of those things in there and I've got to think we've got a pretty attractive seed."

Despite their proximity, Winthrop and Davidson haven't played since 1992, when they were both in the Big South. But Marshall said they've come close to scheduling each other as they struggle to find opponents.

"Most people hang up the phone when we call," Marshall said. "We've gotten really close. Scheduling is very difficult, but I think it's a natural. I'd love to play them."


Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

This week's Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack in Maysa's Smooth Sailing. She's an amazing and crazy talented singer who also moonlights on Incognito albums. But her solo albums are sweet and jazzy and R&B flavored. My favorite songs are Where Do You Go, Smooth Sailing, and Soul Child. I have all her CDs downloaded to the Zen Nano. I'm so ready for sundresses and tank tops. Please check her out!
*I wish I could download a music player to the post but I'm a techie dumb ass. I still trying ...:)

Matchy-Matchy F.O.T.D

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I couldn't chose the pic that give the most "face"!lol ! I'm ridiculous, I know, but today I'm so matchy with makeup, jewelry, and scarf it is ridiculous. My mom said that I just "switches" that wig all over the place.:) It suppose to be in the 60s and I'm going take the boys out for fresh air.
Here's the "face":
Face: Wet N Wild Bronzzer in Bali Bronze
Eyes: Mally Brow pencil on brows
N.Y.C. Eye 2 Eye Duo in Pink Ink
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara in Blackest Black
Lips: Revlon Lip Glide Sheer in Sheerly Raspberry
Fragrance: Stacked Style in Rococo Rouge

Where's my trash bag?...Spring 2007 What To Wear!

Friday, March 09, 2007

According to the February Edition of People Style Watch these items are the Spring 2007 "To Keep" and not get rid of items in Accessories and Clothes:

Ballet Flats- yay!! I wasn't going get rid of them anyways...

Patent Leather- I saw a hot patent leather bag in the mall the other day, though...

White bags- yay!! I love a white bag and straw bag for the summer...

Gold Accessories-I'm Southern. I gots PLENTY of gold.:)

Peep-toes Platforms- Like those atrocious knockoff Lou-Boos every-body and their soror was rocking at the WU Homecoming? I'll pass.

Romantic Tops-2nd that...

Walking Shorts-I saw some cute satiny looking shorts @ O-Nizzle...might pick up a pair.

White Dresses

Skinny Jeans- next...

But...these are things you should lose( according to People,now.):

Leggings- why? I got two pair I've never worn...

Head Scarf-Whatever...a sista always going to have a head scarf...even if the one she sleeps in.


Wide Belts- I could never wear these anyway, my butt sits to high.:)

Skulls prints

What ya'll think? What should should you lose?


Quick Friday F.O.T.D...

Face: no foundation, I couldn't find any of three foundation brushes I have.WTF?
Eyes: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Eye Shadow in Plum Paradise and Suede Sensation
Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Blackest Black
Cheeks: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Blush in Soft Plum
Lips: MAC lipglass in Explicit ( I took it back to 1998 for my WU girls...this was the yard lipgloss, lol!)

A beautiful thing... Not fashion/beauty related

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well maybe it is beauty/fashion beacause its a beautiful thing. I've been resisting the cravings of ice cream for months only having it when I just can't take it any more. Well, this afternoon before I went to pick up the Bams and went to McDonalds and got a Strawberry Sundae. It was the best thing smokin'!!!OMG, it was creamy and sweet and cold...I felt like I was gaining two pounds as I scarfed it down. I must have another tomorrow. See this is why I don't eat ice cream.:)


Go Eagles!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Congrats to my Winthrop University Eagles for a undefeated season and that Big South Conference title,again:)!!! This the third straight year,seventh time in nine seasons, we are going to the Big Show! Now...we got to see who will play in the semi-finals on Selection Sunday. Probably somebody like Duke, which we have before and got our ass busted. But the point IS that we are gong to the Big Show!!! Go Eagles, fight!!!! Now, I'm going to sing the Alma Mater...

Beauty Find of the Day!!!

I've been working on my Spring/Summer scent picks and doing the research so that I won't over spend and then have stuff I don't use.Do real beauty addicts really talk like that? lol! Anyways, I scooted into Victoria's Secret to reminice on the Garden Scents. I wore out that Strawberries and Cream and Pear Glace brings back unmentionable memories:(. Each year that come up new scents and keep old ones and get rid of ones that they should not!! I ran up on some trial sizes of a new scent,Blossoming Romance that is wonderful. I hope to go back, they are have a 7 for $35 sale on the Garden Collection with a free tank and lip gloss included.

Buy of the day!

I found this travel jewelry box @ Marshall's for 5.00.
I love it!!

Vintage Finds for the Spring!! part II

I decided to sweep by the Sal Army today while in Spartanburg. *side note: today must have been "weirdo"day, I swear, strange men and women were staring and trying to talk and ask for money in there. Anyway I found some good things, not necessary all vintage but good stuff for the spring. This a short umpire waist Laura Ashley nightgown i'll wear with a tank as a top.
Natori robe. I just couldn't leave it because I love robes.:)
Black cropped jacket for work. My mother will be proud. Work clothes.
Vintage bag, brand new and have like three sections, looked as if no one has ever carried it.
Suede skirt.It's a size 20 but I'll going to have it altered to wear for the spring.
total: 10.50( plus I got a Express hoodie and another sweater too.)

Beauty Find of the Day!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Every since B&BW's last semi-annual sale,I've been dipping my fingers in a mini size of the Savannah Bee Beeswax Hand Cream. It's almost gone so I now need a full size jar! I love that it smells yummy and moisturizes my dry hands while I work at the computer! I would love this in a body lotion!


Home "So Sweet" Home...

I know I have mention that the boys and I were moving in past posts. But today I'm going receive my blessing and officially announce that we are moving out of grandma's/momma's house. Thank you,Lord! We should be moving in by May. I'm more excited for the boys who now have the "run" of their own house, without knocking over any antique lamps! I didn't purchase a place but renting a house right here in the U( that's not a shack). I've been collecting things for the last two years for when ever I move.My stuff has been in storage for almost three years plus some of it wasn't in the best shape anyway when I packed it up! I normally pick up things from the clearance section of Marshalls,TJMaxx,and Ross. Like these Rubbermaid spatula and spoon,prep bowls, and organic garden set got yesterday all for ten dollars. I'm going to a organic "patio" garden by planting the veggies in pots and plastic containers. I hope to run up on some Le Crueset pots in clearance one day!!


Fashion Soundtrack of the Week!

I'm starting this new post for each week called Fashion Soundtrack of the Week or Beauty Soundtrack of the Week.At the first of the week, I'll give what I'm listening to that reflects my mood in clothes,eyeshadow, or life. This week it's Incognito No Time Like The Future. It's not a futuristic album its a smooth, sexy, beautiful album from a British soul/jazz/acid band. My favorite song is Centre of the Sun. I think I'll do a smoky gold eye today:). It features one of my favorite singers in the WORLD, Maysa Leak!

Happy BELATED Birthday Jenn!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Birthday "Jenn Wes"

Be Happy...

One of my favorite songs in "Be Happy" by MJB. Those two words are my greatest wish. I decided to make some "happiness" and get out of town!

I choose this Saturdayto get out the U. And not to Spartanburg but to Lugoff SC to see my homie/soror "T.Hall". Lugoff's about 15 mins from Columbia so we end up going into the "Metro" for dinner and shopping on Saturday after I arrived. We met our other sorority sister Jenn who was in town @ Travinia Italian Kitchen. It was some the best Italian I've had in a long time. I had the Pasta Mia Nona( Bowtie pasta,shaved grilled chicken,mushrooms and sundried tomatoes tossed with a roasted garlic cream sauce). Luckily for me, there is one in Greenville that I'm already plotting on going to!!!

Next,we went to a part of Columbia I literally never been on. I mean I thought I knew the city but I was surprised when we rolled on a new HUGE shopping development called Town Center. It already has a NY&CO,Ann Taylor Loft, Belk,Starbucks, a movie theater, and Books A Million but it also had tons of speciality shops lined in a street walk kind of atmosphere. One we dipped into was Hand Picked in which I picked up two very sweet pair of earrings and hope to go back soon for more intense browsing. I picked up THREE people THREE new books for my fashion/beauty library:The Handbook of Style( I think Ms. Julia would love this one), finally,How to Be A Budget Fashionista, and How To Walk In High Heels at Books A Million.

I had such a great day!!!I so needed it and to spend time with friends. :)

Be Happy!!!


What a Day...

Friday, March 02, 2007

This post is going to sound like an episode of "What Not To Wear"...

So last night my mom and I had a conversation about my impending career upgrade. She told me that I needed new clothes, professional, business, business casual clothes. I know that. I love to shop but when it comes to clothes shopping I'm have anxiety attacks especially if its work/dress up/date/"church" clothes. My opinion is if I can't get my money's worth,its not worth buying. So I think that buying a pair of dress slacks that I might wear two or three times is a waste of money or a white button up blouse or a black pumps is a waste of money. Now tank tops, lounge pants,wrap tops, casual shoes,flip flops, things I'll wear 10+ times ...not a waste of money. I got that mommy syndrome I never wanted: My kids must look better than me syndrome. I rather buy them Polo than buy a pair of Nine West Shoes for me. I feel guilty as hell when I do spend and end up returning it. The only thing I don't normally return, you guessed it, makeup!

So Mother-dearest decided to gift me a little spending change with a little more later to get my stuff together. She told me that was slowly becoming a" well face-made-up bum". Today, I went looking for a outfit,business casual for an interview on Monday. First stop Old Nizzle( Old Navy). You can always count on Old Navy for the basic work gear, right? Wrong and Wrong. I walked in to sweet baby doll dress in cute prints, tanks, jeans,flip flops, cargo pants. I was so overwhelmed by casual stuff that I wanted, I grabbed a couple pair of black pants and went panting of shortness of breath in the dressing room. I found these pants, but they are too long but I got them anyway. I didn't find a top in Old Navy that wasn't too low cut and too casual. So I headed to Belk where I found a pair bad, black pair of pumps by Rampage( they were 29.99, I had a 17.86 gift card). I can see getting a little wear out of those!! Then I had to find a top. I was mentally exhausted by now, ready to eat lunch and go home. I trotted over to TJMaxx and in 15 minuted found a white umpire waist top with puffy cap sleeve by Jonathan Martin. I'll pair a black tank from James Perse that I already have underneath. Whew, all day I felt like Stacy and Clinton were somewhere watching me with a hidden camera! I'm happy with the outfit. I have perfect necklace to give it business casual with a little Jamie in there. Now hope my mother likes it. Did I just say that?