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~Natural Hair~ Wash N' Gos and Why I Don't Do Them.....

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Wash N' Go's and the 4c texture.

I don't do wash n' go's EVER but I was possessed last week to try one with a 2oz sample of a product ( that will remain anonymous, because its not the point of this post. *snaps*).

One reason I don't do them is because most of my hair has no defined curl pattern no matter what the product is. I've accepted and embraced that because I can still wear my hair in a lot of different styles...a gel-laded wet haired-air dryed one is not one of them.

When you have kinky, 4b, 4c hair and you want that "curly kit" look and you don't get it matter what the process, its a hard pill to swallow. I've seen comments on hair boards of my fellow 4c'rs threatening to relax their hair because no gel or product will give them the "curly" look.

4c Sistas, we don't HAVE CURLY HAIR. *shrugs*

I went through the same thing, wondering why WNGs didn't "look" a certain way.

Here's last week's pictures of my hair.....First, soaking wet, product raked thru.....
It's a little looser in the back, probably a 4b....
Five hours later, 70 % hair was indescribable. I put on a satin bonnet and went to bed.....

I salvaged it the next day with a sulfate wash, ACV rinse, leave in and seal and pulled up in a bun. Lesson learned.:)

Dawnyele on YT hit the nail on the head when it comes to WnGs and 4c hair...."It depends on what outcome you are expecting.... Please watch!

~Review~ Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation in Toffee Bronze....

Hey Everyone!!

Today, I am going to bless ya' with a foundation review. lol!

Foundation + 80 degree South Carolina= Jamie looking like a melted piece of Rolo Candy.:/

However, it can be done. You can wear a foundation in the summer. I like full coverage foundations. I want to be flawless all year around. That's just my taste. I got the chance to try out Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation for the first round sweat in the heat down in these parts known as Spring.

Here we go:

Laura has developed an innovative new oil-free foundation that gives skin the ultimate coverage, comfort and wear for a flawless complexion.
  • Oil-free, non-drying, lightweight formula glides on evenly on to skin and does not settle into fine lines.
  • Visibly minimizes the appearance of pores for smoother skin.
  • Buildable coverage, from moderate to full, evens skin tone.
  • Provides a soft matte finish.
  • Long wearing formula (lasts up to 8 hours) feels lightweight and comfortable on skin.
  • Silicone-free, fragrance-free, non-greasy.

(Pictures of me with the foundation and blush, no setting powder or translucent powder)

-The shade that I picked ( from a picture) was a spot on match. Thank God.
-The coverage is buildable...from medium to full, depending on what you use to apply it.
-Feels comfortable on the skin in the hottest of hot.

-The price point could be too high for some at $42.
-It needs to applied with a brush or sponge so that application isn't streaky.
-The bottle is glass. I'm known for shattering glass foundation bottles.


I really, really love this foundation despite some negatives. I would pay $42 for this foundation because the match is spot on and I get full coverage, medium coverage and somewhat light coverage in one bottle. I have several different foundations that have different coverage that would probably equal up to one bottle of Oil Free Supreme Foundation. Laura Mercier never fails me!

I use E.L.F. Pro Powder Brush and a spritz or two of M.A.C. Fix + to get a flawless medium application like in the photos. I use a regular dry sponge for full coverage.

So....what do you think, cuzins?!??!  Let me know in the comments. Do you have any Laura Mercier favorites?