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From Edkerd to Rite Aid: Sale Haulage!

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm protective about a drugstore.Like this whole Edkerds now Rite-Aid. We had Rite-Aids down here before and they didn't do no good. I remember one in Rock Hill that I used drive across town to get to. It's was all gated up with major cameras like somebody was going to jack it. But I went in one the other anyway...Edkerd, I mean Rite-Aid always has the up-to-date makeup goodies. I walked right into a clearance cart that had all this Booth's yumminess on it. I like Booth's Pomegranate Body Wash. So I scooped this products up all under 3.00. I already love and love the Fruit Enzyme Balance Toner. So hop by there and hunt down the clearance cart. I think that's popping off because of the change in companies and maybe they are not carrying certain products...

Does any remember Revco? lol!


The Good ,The Bad and The Mascara...

Hey cousins!! It's been the LONGEST WEEK OF MY work of course. I've been between three stores courtesy of"Le Lion". But getting paid in the process. I'm moving up like the Jeffersons' all the way to Salisbury NC! I popped in CVS to get the Bams their prerequisite Pull-ups and picked up Cover Girl Lash Exact. I had read a confusing( I didn't know if they were saying it was good or bad) review of it in Allure and decided to give it a try. Shoot...I needed mascara anyway.

The Good: It got that rubber brush that I love. And it a pretty shade of orange. Like a Creamsicle! Yum!

The Bad:It flakes, the brush is too big, the handle to long and the tube too big.

The Mascara: Stick with Lash Exact, Cover Girl.