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~Fresh Coat~ L'Oreal Blue Mosaic....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

 Blue Mosaic is part of the Revlon Expessionists Collection that I almost didn't get because I already have two AMAZING blue glitter polishes and I didn't want to be redundant.
 Blue Mosaic is a bit more sheer in the base than Facets of Fuschia or Starry Pink in this collex. This is about...four coats...really, I lost count. However, its pretty, and glitters last awhile on my nails and I need that since I have such a busy week ahead...
 Here are three of the Revlon Expressionist by Gucci Westman polishes.....There is one more called Smoky Canvas that I skipped because I didn't need another taupe/beige shade...I didn't get any of cosmetics, like the glosses or the lippies....Did you? There still a couple display left out there, so let me know what you got!

My blue glitters that I love compared to Blue Mosaic: China Glaze Atlantis, Revlon Blue Mosaic and OPI Absolutely Alice ( best $8 I spent on polish).