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Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Monday, April 30, 2007

Hey cousins!!!

This weekend was moving out weekend. Everything is out of my storage building and everything out of Momma's EXCEPT the Bams' stuff courtesy of my mother's manipulating me into letting them stay at her house while I get Our house together. Umm....their stuff is leaving this weekend, no exceptions. Still having major panic problems that turn into anger problems about moving. I've been wanting to take yoga at Yoga-licious Downtown Spartanburg but funds are low and low. I think I'll buy some sessions for mother's day. I was told the other day, I had a serious anger problem that "might" wreck havoc in a relationship one day. You can guess who told me that.

So...I've been unpacking things that having literally been packed up since 2004. Some good, Some okay, Some bad!!! I've having a Yard Sale Saturday. I donate all the time but making little change off of some of my goodies might help. I'll post some on Ebay.

Well, a list of Weekend Rants and Raves...Moving out Style... Enjoy!!!

*Favorite Lotion right now-Karen's Body Beautiful in White Tea!!! Tia raves about it and ran and ordered it. Loves it!!

*Congrats Miss got a slammin bag on the way *wink-wink*

*NYX is coming out with a new line called Black Label...check it out...

*So Goldie's(Monique's Charm School) country-ass made a mockery of the Carolinas...who says there's no couture in North Carolina...I can't believe she said that...Obviously she's never met the bad bitches I know in Charlotte and Raleigh.

*I'm knee deep into The Women Who Raised Me by Victoria Rowell. She's so blessed beyond measure.

*New Addiction-Bruster's Birthday Cake Ice Cream and Pet Birthday Cake Ice Cream . All from a person who hates...her birthday.

*I found my mark.Instant Vacation Bronzing Gel while unpacking. I just fell love with another bronzer!

*Okay...I forgot to mention that I finally got to Company Cosmetics Store Outlet in Gaffney last week...I got MAC Sweetie Cakes quad( remember that?) and MAC Seductions:6 Lip /Warm. I didn't mention it because the purchase left me broke...I was seriously ashamed but still love it all:). Going back soon!!!

*Why can I still wear all of the summer clothes from last summer? Is that a good thing?

*I'm needing a weekend away soon. To see my chicas...holla!

*Little story...while in Gaffney I stop in the Polo Outlet and was on the phone Fashion Boy and happen to mention a very sharp pair of seersucker pants I seen in front of me. Talk about a fashion addict. He literally needs a detail description of them, then the next day drives to go and buy them.

*Been working on my lookbook lately...

* Completely stressed...I need a serious boo-hoo session soon. Clear out some of the craziness!!


Sale! Sale!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey yall sorry for no post but I full of anxiety( anxiety attacks) about moving, my job and my ridiculous love life. At least my kids are good.:) I have some EBAY listings up if any one is interested:


Ring the Alarm! Rural Glamour Fashion Po-Po II

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm sorry I needed to do this! I really, really hate Fashion po- po-ing folk but Miss Thang who everyone and their bougie mama( not that I'm not bougie...because some say I am, whatev...) loves her over designed, no point of view pieces needed a ticket. What's going on Rach, where's the point of view, NOW?

Big love for the first day back to class for VT...

Happy Belated Earth Day!!! Raves and Wishes

Monday, April 23, 2007

Of course Earth Day was yesterday and I didn't miss it, I just missed the post!! But most of the day I spent outside with the boys til the plaintiff drove up in his raggedy Ack( short for Acura) with the PBS tags on the front. Whatev...I continue to take in the shade of my mother side door step reading the Green Issues of Vanity Fair and Elle, sipping on ice organic raspberry tea and snacking on a orange. It was so gorgeous outside! I though how "Green Glamour" has changed my life, switching the majority of my skin products to organic or natural. Here's what I'm using now...

Daybreak Lavender Farms Rhassoul Complexion System

Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Pink Toothpaste

Aesop Rind Aromatique Body Balm

Pure Vitamin E

Pur Minerals Day Renewal Moisturizing Complex

Blended Beauty Complexion Day and Night Cream

Pangea Organics Italian Red Mandarin Rose Facial Cream

Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo

Kinky-Curly Curling Custard and Knot Today

Lumene Dream Mist

Pangea Organics Italian Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime Facial Toner

Toms' of Maine Mouthwash

I plan on very soon to partake in a B.E. Bare Essentials Consultation to add mineral makeup to the mix...

But my Green Glam Wishlist is even worse...

More Pangea Organics stuff

Stella McCartney Discovery Kit @ Sephora

Organic Essentials Cotton Balls

Kathleen Lewis Mineral Salts

Ecover Herbal Dishwashing Liquid

I love this place!! Divas On Main....

Friday, April 20, 2007

You know I always talk about my Tyler Candles obsession. I pick them up out of a wide selection at Divas On Main. I also by lots of jewelry and different body products from there. They have GREAT selection of hard find beauty products. Today, I scheduled a Eyebrow Shaping with skin care specialist Issy, who also happens to be from my hometown of Union and was on the marching band with in high school. She worked serious magic on my brows, that had not been good and properly attended to since I left the Rock in 2004. I had been doing my own "thang" with them. But Issy reassured my "if not perfection in brows today but in the long run". I felt like my face opened up!:) I'm definitely scheduling a facial with her soon! Plus Dini, a Bare Escentuals expert and jewelry designer sells and makes some of the most funky handmade jewelry in town. I happily drop $25 on earrings in there!!!! If you are in the area on ever in the area, check them out or check out the site@

Ring the Alarm! Rural Glamour Fashion Po-Po

So you know I'm about to get in Bey's A$$ about this. Okay, she look as if she wants bring her little look down. That's cool. But this outfit is crazy. First she got on a hoodie( look like a Juicy hoodie I sleep in ) a some ol' slouchy tee( that's ain't even fitted a bit but probably cost $100 or more) some jeans and some Christian Louboutins.
She just should have put on some Nike Ones and called it a day. Save those shoes for something else.
And that floppy hat. I love a floppy hat but but Bummy Chic aint you, boo.
It's actually my broke A$$.:)
Cousin J.

Review:The Ivory Magnolia...

I've developed a serious infatuation with Etsy. I mean handmade earrings and soaps for under $5? Paypal it!! But you know, I'm "granola" like that. I recently discovered The Ivory Magnolia, ironically located out of "Metro Ci-tay", Columbia SC. So they already had the upper hand for me.:) I got the Satin Body Cream, a satiny mixed body cream that leaves no oily residue with has great feel on your skin. I got it in Cotton Candy,Lemon and the namesake fragrance,Ivory Magnolia. I layered my Aquolina Pink Sugar with Cotton Candy and used the Lemon after a did a body scrub with Asquith and Somerset Apricot and Honey Body Scrub. I'm ordering next in Exotic Jasmine Vanilla and Blue Coconut Cream and Unscented. Check them out at or www.ivorymagnolia/

WWD'd out!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I decided for would have a Iced Chai Latte for lunch. Don't ask me why...I know that ain't a meal but I wanted to go Jason's Deli but in true Spartanburg fashion, it was packed like all the restaurants are in Spbg@ lunch. I mean, does anyone bring their lunch to work up here? Obviously not. Even Wendy's drive through is a serious wait. I finished ranting.:) Well, I went to B&N for the Sunday New York Times with Beauty Mag with Paula Patton on the front. After I got it, I pick up all of these WWD mags. I have learned that I only buy magazines out of B&N that I can't find in Union. No Elle, Essence, Life and Style...all those are at Wal-Hell and CVS. So hopefully tonight, after I have settled the Bams in, I can to reading!!!

PS...I've already "flipped" through the WWD Beauty...pick it up...It has a SERIOUS Spring beauty lay out! Crazy Ya'll!


My cheap a$$...:) part II

Here's another cheap moment in fragrance...I already had JLO Live "designer inspired" scent. I got it from this hoochie mama store called It's Fashion. I was wearing it with BBW Country Apple Lotion. But I spotted the "real" lotion at Marshalls Today for 9.99.:) My cheap-o ass! Shoot...I got to get Charter Digital Cable with DVR hooked up at the new house.:)


What I'm using now...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Here's a list of what I'm using now!!!

VS Very Sexy For Her Sheer Sexy Mist- OMG...where have I been with this one!

Tarte Little Blot Book-I only used the papers and the mirror.The powder is too light on me.

WnW Bronzzer in Acapulco Glow-It looks light but it gives the perfect "glow"

CG Smoothwear Lip Tints in Mocha Mist- If you can find this,because its being discontinued, grab it and hoard it!

Maybelline Define A Lash in Very Black-I like it... but the formula to me is very "wet".

L'Oreal Professional Nail Polish in Chicklette-Staying power like you would not believe!

Iman e/s in Pewter- I love to wear this as one shadow and go.

Prestige Lash Matrix in Black-Goes on great, does what it says, but flakes by the end of the day:(


I love this show!

I'm totally loving Dress My Nest on Style Network! Even though I'm not into interior design that much, I just love how Thom Filicia interprets an outfit into a room to give that lucky person's space their own distinctive flair. Last night, they did a room for Genice, this beautiful, graceful, funky sister who style was very international. Unfortunately, I didn't see the end result because I fell asleep. lol! But I'm going to catch the episode at 10:30 pm tonight!!!



Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I actually had a good weekend. For once I didn't planned my life down to the minute and just did things like pack all my purses and all the things I collected for my new place and hauled it over in the Corolla to the new place. It felt so good I tell you. Just bumping around cleaning things like you want them, putting things where you want them, changing light bulbs...:) "Fashion Boy" AKA "Pretty Boyeee"( he got a NEW name) came over to the new house and chilled and helped me out and went through my handbags. Yes, he looked at all three of the trash bags and extra large clear box of my bags. He looked at me in admiration as if we finally connected fashion psyches.I saw love in his eyes! Ha! I didn't worry insanely about my kids...I just put the new hangers in their closet and hung a Curious George monkey clock on their wall.

In celebration of a prayer answered on "better weekends"...I present Weekend Observations including some from "Pretty Boyeee"...

Why do I keep seeing chicks in Spartanburg carrying Tokidoki by LeSportsac handbags? Where are these broads getting them?

I have found a new favorite grocey store...Publix...they have the hottest magazine rack on the planet! I got a new Essence,Vogue, W,Elle,Jet all in one day!

Kiki Lee Simmons got a new reality show...I can't wait..She's my favorite H.B.I.C.!

Why does L'Oreal do the Sublime Bronze color story EVERY year with same Colour Juices and Bronzing Products...kill it L'Oreal!

Got my Sephora Mother's Day catalog Saturday...Best selection of gift sets yet! Will list a wish list!

Ok...of all holidays I hate...I don't hate Mother's Day...I actually can tolerate it.

I want a canary yellow handbag( under $25) so bad, it's killing me that I have not found one I liked.

Being "G'd" up to go Applebee's is a necessary thang...( courtesy of Pretty Boyee)

Remember Ladies: VS Strawberries and Champagne Lotion and Chloe Narcisse Eau de Toilette is a scented mancatching combo. Trust. Another deadly combo...Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Lotion and Jessica McClintock Eau de Toilette.

I 'm totally addicted to this chick's Flickr...she's so fly...

I didn't buy I stitch of makeup this weekend.

I'm so excited about the All About The Pretty Book Club!

Who's excited about the Libertine for Target collection?Spbg Target needs SOME kind of spark.

I wish I could wear sneakers like nitrolicious:( Her sneaker game is sick.

Anybody heard this Lipgloss song by Lil'Mama? Foolishness I tell you!

I wish I could go to the Pantene Total You Tour 2007 stop in Charlotte. I just love Kimberly Aiken Cockerham( 1994 Miss America and 1994 Miss South Carolina( only Black girl to ever win Miss SC pageant).

Lowe's is very addicting...Pretty Boyee and I looked at irons and washing machines and dryers for like an hour.

Headaches and New Bronzer...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I awoke this morning @ 6:00 to my mother frying sausage and listening to the news and a bad headache. I didn't sleep well at all despite a great candlelight bath and couple scoops of Haagen- Daas Vanilla ice cream. I've mentioned that I was moving and can not wait! Right now they are painting the walls and landscaping the yard. It will be good to get back into the "home house" or "family house" as they would call it down South.
Anyway to release some pressure and stress before starting the day, I took a shower and used the discontinued-but-was-able-find-in-Union-of-course Avon Pink Suede Perfumed Skin Softener layered with mark.Hollywood Pink Flamingo Eau de Toilette. I love those Skin Softeners in the little jars. Avon's is in the middle of a overhaul and repackage. I hope that doesn't change. Reminds of my mother, who has tons of them in Imari and other scents including Pink Suede. Believe it or not, I'll miss her when we move out, even though I'm just moving 5 minutes away.
On the facial front I finally used my WnW Ultimate Expressions e/s palette in Paradise Cove. I tell you,WnW is on the ball these days! Those eye shadows are like powdered pigmented satin, picks up well on a brush and has sick staying power.
I dropped into Walgreens after work to see what's new. After not seeing much new, I pick up a couple of things including the boys' Easter Pics and:
CG Queen Collection e/s single in Black Tie
Creative Solar Oil- it was marked down to 5.00
Milani Nail Lacquer in Glizty Pink
WnW Bronzzer in Acapulco Glow- The latest rage on the MUA.
WnW Mega Plump Lip Gloss in Cairo-Mel- courtesy of reading Miss Kim's blog this morning and making a mental note to pick it up!

My cheap a$$...:)

So...lately I've been obsessed with Vera Wang it just came out yesterday or something. I remember back last year when I first smelled it, I thought it was too light, definitely fitting the age range they were trying to target. But on a recent trip to Ulta, started to like it. But I wasn't going clunk down $60 on a bottle knowing that I'm moving out and into my new house the beginning of May. So...I was in Cato's and saw one of those designer imposter fragrance that suppose to "compare to Vera Wang Princess".They also had "comparison" to SJP Lovely and JLO Miami Glow. But the thing about it was that it smelled EXACTLY like Princess. I got a serious acute sense of smell so I know. I got it and then I went searching on Ebay for the real Princess body lotion and found a buyer that had two 5 oz tubes for 7.99. Now I'm just layering away all for under $25 in Vera Wang cheap ass!

Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This week's Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week is Terry Dexter. This is a old cd but when I need to hear Strayed Away or Alone, I pop it in. Plus she is on the cover of April/May edition of Heart and Soul Magazine. At first I thought it was Mya but it was Ms. Dexter. I was too excited! She's got new tracks on her My Space, too. Check her out!

Tuesday'sFashion/Beauty Observations...

Hey Hey Hey! Sorry no post on yesterday. I had no focus on Monday. None. I felt like my day was pretty aimless. I need pill for unfocusedness. Yeah, I know made up a$$ word.:)

I also apologize for this blurry pic of a recent Target haul. Nothing special. I just picked up some more cG Queen Collection e/s in Down to Earth and Copper Penny. I also grabbed some of the new Boots Botanics line goodies. In the pic, there's Soothing Eye Makeup Remover and Purifying Face Scrub. I don't do alot switching when it come to my face. I basically stick to the "formula". But I'm always on the search for a good eye makeup remover since do major layers of mascara. The scrub, well, I love my Lumene scrub but thought I would switch up. I'll give reviews later!

I got this t-shirt at the Super Wal-Hell down at Hillcrest. I love it! It's so funny. I got on today with a grey ON tank and my beloved green ON cargo pants/capris/shorts.

So I get an email from Sephora about their Mother's Day offerings. I going to do a makeup overhaul of my mom's stuff. She got lip sticks and eye shadows that are way too old and she puts her foundation on with a Q-tip! She getting new brushes whether she likes it or not! Well I also see the even popular Blockbuster palette that MUA raved and ranted and completely obsessed about til it was sold out. I'm not impressed. Anyone got one? Tell me why or why not you like it.

This week I'm going to do the first annual Rural Glamour Contest!. A beauty trivia! I'll have ten questions and I'll pick the first person who emails me all ten right and they will get a brand new beauty prize. I'll post a pic of all of the loot and question on tomorrow!!!!!I'm I'm moving and I have major amounts of unused fantastic stuff that I don't feel like Ebaying or swapping. See...lack of focus.:)


Tarte Skin-vigorating F.O.T.D.!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Mornin' Mornin'... The good Product Fairies over at Tarte sent me some new goodies for their Spring Skin-vigorating Look and new Sunburst Beaded Bronzing Lotion. I have ALOT Tarte stuff already. I'm a huge, huge fan of the Cheek Stains and Lights Camera Lashes Mascara. I mixed some what I already had and some of the new stuff for a Spring look on a surprisingly cold day here in the Upstate.:)

Face: Tarte Sunburst Beaded Bronzing Lotion- I was scared at first, the beads looked as if they would exfoliate my face and didn't want that. But as I applied it, they disappeared! I loved that it moisturized and gave me a burst of color.

Tarte Clean State Face Primer- You know, this came in the nick of time! I just realized that my Smashbox Primer was on its last leg( it looked as if it was drying up(?)).

Cheeks:Tarte Bronze Goddess Cheek Stain

Tarte Powder Bronzer in Hotel Heiress- I applied this in my T-zone. Ain't I bold! But this bronzer is so looked over. Its one of those bronzers with more bronze less shimmer.

Eyes: Tarte e/s duo in Kamalame Cay- I love green eyeshadow!

Lights Camera Lashes Mascara in Black

Milani Easy Brow in Dark Brown

Lips: cG Smoothers in Mocha Mist!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

While perusing MySpace I stumbled across a very sweet and fab site called and now your very own Rural Glamour folk has been added to the "savvysites" list on the site. Thanks Liz!!!

Jillian Dempsey for Avon F.O.T.D.

I promised it so here it haul and F.O.T.D from the first of great gems of the Jillian Dempsey for Avon goodies. Why the first...she's got Mother's Day Collection coming out soon that's already on my wishlist. I really loved everything. I used the Sandy Corals quad on my eyes. The best shade of the bunch: Vanilla Shake. It looks really white but its a great brow highlighter. Chocolate Suede is nice basic, too. On my lashes used the Avon Super Full in Black. It has that rubber brush thing everyone and their cosmetics company's doing. My and hoard the Sandy Corals blush.Beautiful!!! Lips, Glazewear Extreme in Sangria is one of prettiest glosses poppin' for summer. The only little thing... that brush is bad quality and the hairs were falling out as took it out of the plastic! Strictly a collector's item.:)

Here's the haulage...Nite-Nite!

Fashion Soundtrack of the Week!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This week's Fashion Soundtrack is Brandy Afrodisiac. I found this while rambling through my cds Saturday and it instantly made me feel so much better. My favorite songs are Focus and I Tried. I Tried, was MY theme song back in 2005, girls.:)


Up the road...

Today I had an appointment in Greenville and after it was over, I took the exit down to the One and the Only, Whole Foods! I know,some of you lucky ass broads have Whole Foods like in your front yard but um, dude, I've got only Bi-Lo and we are in a rural town. Imagine the organic you see my point. Anyway, I strolled around, tasted grapes and cherries, wine, and cheese. I bought gigantic cupcakes for the boys and yummy veggie sushi and freshly made hommus for me. I also picked up our Ulta and Hand Picked across the street on Woodruff Road.

So, I go Ulta. Maybe its just that Ulta on Woodruff Rd but for the second time I was not very impressed. Now they did have the whole Rimmel line, with stuff I've never seen before. I picked up Rimmel Kiss Off in First Time. And they one the best selections of Essie I've ever seen. I was tempted to follow the crowd and get Mademoiselle or Pink Slippers but instead I got Boat House. I'm wearing this color Sunday for Easter with my white linen sundress my mother bought me the other day. Its her way of getting me to church. I also saw With Love by Hillary Duff Roll On Perfume for $25. I was tempted but I have couple of deluxe spray samples of this that would probably add up to this, so I passed. I flipped around the fragrances and found nothing I was excited about. I sniffed the new Incanto Shine which smelled just like Incanto Dream. I hope they are not turning into Escada. Any fragrance ho knows that all those Island Kiss and Passion Paradise and Ibiza Hippie and stuff all smell the same.

Glad to be back home, where my April Jane mag was awaiting me. Too bad I read it in the office I was sitting in this morning.:(


Clutch Magazine!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey everybody please go and check out the relaunch of Clutch Magazine Online...a very sweet fashion/lifestyle/beauty zine with great articles, tips and more. Plus I'm on the team of writers as a featured writer and part of the fashion team!:)

Better Weekends...

On my next birthday instead of hating on my birthday, I'm going to make a wish:

Better weekends.

I swear I have the most stupid,boring,emotional,tired some weekends. What happen to its Friday and I can't wait to just chill and hangout and go on dates and shop with friends and roll in the grass with the kids and eat good grub and visit relatives and short church services? They don't exist. I can never get a satisfactory Friday,Saturday, and Sunday to save my life. Something(s) is always going to happen that's ridiculous, moody, bad, sad... You can see it's not my Monday.

Hope I didn't ruin any one's day. I hate when people ruin my day.

I did have TRY to have a good weekend. Here's a little scoop:

-I went to Marshalls Saturday night and found a Betsey Johnson watch for $7 and Betseyville by BJ handbag for $9.99.(above) They had tons of that Asquith and Somerset stuff.

-I got my Jillian Dempsey for Avon stuff order. It all looks so great. Can't wait for F.O.T. D. with it all.

-No mail came Saturday. I mean I keep seeing the new Allure and Jane and I haven't gotten mine. But I did get the new Vibe Vixen with Ms. Jackson on front @ Bi-Lo and the Tia's new book It Girls is really good. I haven't finished it but I like it so far.

- I went to Cafe Ishi and heard this great singer/flutist and her band play. It was only like six people in there but that chick performed like it was the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre out in Concord. It made my night a little better since Fashion Boy was having "issues". That's what I get for dating a Fashion Boy:(.

- I used up the last of Oyin Honey Hemp conditioner and now I don't want to order anymore because,IT TAKES TOO LONG TO GET IT. Damn!!

- I got on I-585/Pine Street heading out to 85 to go to Greenville only to change my mind at the exit. I'm never going to get to the MAc Counter that way.

-I got the keys to my new place AKA "my Granny's House". It still looks just like I remember it. I can't wait to get moved in.:)

- My 14 year old cousin Raven( who thought was 15...) told me she liked my hair. I felt like a popular girl had just asked me to join her and her friends at their lunch table. She's so funny and cute!

- The children got some MORE new shoes on Sunday. Then Kelton proceeded to tell me that, "I like shoes, mama, I really like shoes". And no, he hasn't met Fashion Boy!