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Miss Letoya...

Friday, July 28, 2006

source: Young,Black, and Fabulous

I got that new Letoya and I mus say it is so good!I can hear her now in background in past DC albums by listening to her album. I think its a put in your car, ride out kind of record. My favs are Hey Fella,Gangsta Grills, and You Got What I Need. And of course Torn. Plus her little cute,all around, sexy luxe style just made me a bigger fan. Please go get this!!!

ps...she need to take off some the bracelets in the photo:) just fashion policing!


Robbing Edkerd

Every Thursday,My children and I head to Spartanburg for my youngest twin Kelton speech therapy. Although he is very intelligent he barely talks. But I try to make it a fun trip by going out to lunch afterward and of course going shopping. Both them love riding in a shopping cart! Yesterday, There was no session but we went anyway to have lunch with "Grandma". I stopped by the Pine Street Edkerd hoping to get the HIP haul that I said I was getting but they didn't have it But they had a new Loreal color story called Scarlett, A 21 piece collection based around her glamour. I picked up these new Colour Juices called Box Office Lips, that are in dispensers like Stila Lip Glaze with soft brush tip. I got Rose Seduction,a mauve-y grey pink, and Film Noir Rouge, which exactly what it is a rouge color and might can double as a glossy cheek color. Both CJs are highly pigmented to be CJs. I like them both. I also picked up from the collection, Touch On Color in Go-Go Gold. I love when L'Oreal does these Touch On Colors but it seems they only do them for Limited Edition. I have one from the Color Remixed story they did early this spring. The website for the Scarlett collection is www.lorealparis/scarlett.

Edkerd also had the Maybelline's Urban Orchid collection that I love. Now I thought I had all of the Dream Mousse e/s from this one, but this Edkerd had Turquoise Breeze and Plum Paradise which I grabbed plus I had on top of all of this $12.00 in Loreal and Maybelline coupons( It pays to pick coupons up off the displays and save them). So I got all of this for $27.91! Yay!

Sorry for the wack photo.I so need a new digital cam.