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Back to "Shopping My Stash".....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas is a coming upon and guess what? I'm broke as usual. However, I'm wiser. I will not be doing extravagant presents for no one. Not even the kids. Why not the kids? They have a Grandma, a Daddy and several other relatives that buy them whatever they want.  I will get them a couple things though, so that means its time really crack down on the spending, as if I'm doing alot spending. smh....The money conversation could go in circles for hours....

I'm back to "Stash Shopping" or "Shopping My Stash" to curve my appetite for new stuff for me. If you have been following my blog for a couple of years, I do it all the time. Its when I go and ramble through my own makeup, jewelry, clothes,etc to find something unused and make it usable. Especially when I have a makeup craving, I head to my makeup stash for a quick  "shopping trip".

Friday, I collected a basket of stuff I forgot I had. It was bananas.:(

Remember mark. by Avon Femme 4 quad? I "stash shopped" almost two years ago!

This is how I worked it back in 2008. LOL at that overrelaxed hair...

Reworked and Re-Shopped!! I did a base of NYX Black Bean and colors just popped!! Plus, my technique is better than it was two years ago ( with constant PRACTICE).

Stash Shopping is the budget saver....Stay tuned for more!