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A CHiC opportunity!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm pleased and excited to announce that I will be a guest writer for COCOACHiC, an amazing online source for black women!Their purpose is "beaute noir and niche catering to the unique flavor and flair of style conscious confident women who love cosmetic products and have a desire to always project their best" My favorites on COCOACHiC's website includes:

Beauty Product and reviews with advice
Special Features such as TeenCHiC,Cocoa Homme and SororityCHiC.

Also COCOACHiC has a fabulous CHiC Boutique where I have always gone my usual wishlist shopping! Check out:
Cocoalicious Lip Sugar
Creme de la Soul Lip Nourish
Iman Beauty Success Kit
Real Cosmetics
CocoaChic Makeup Brushes
Jane Carter Solution Products
Chic Chocolate Tank studded with Crystals
Silk Scarves
Cocoa Chic Namesake Body Products.

Sounds yummy doesn't it? Visit at and sign up for a free newsletter. I definitely let you all know when my first assignment goes up!


Vintage Pretty...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I love all things vintage. From movies to clothes to jewelry to books, I have been known to act like I'm from another decade. My line sister Shannan used to say I belonged in the 70s. So one day while browsing through Besame Cosmetics by Gabriela Hernandez website, I instantly fell in love with Art Deco/30s/50s inspired packaging. I'm such a sucker for packaging! What I fell for first was the Alluring Eye Shadow. First, I like that there are only six shades. I don't need four types of blue!!Secondly, I can sample them before making a major purchase of one. When my eye shadows arrived, the sleek gold case lived up to its word. No bigger than a silver dollar, the case comes complete with mirror just big enough for the eye. I applied Socialite Brown from the lash line to the crease, then put Shimmer Beige on my brow bone.The Socialite Brown gave a satiny shimmer that wasn't flat and the Shimmer Beige was a perfect highlighter giving just a little glimmer. The other shadows include Black Pearl,Plum Dandy,Pistachio,and Peacock Blue. I can't wait to have "mucho" more from Besame!


An Aroma Awakening!!

I've always loved the smell of essential oils and fresh herbs. The organic scents encourage me to continue to live a healthy and clean life. So when I discovered DayBreak Lavender Farm, I felt good that I was adding a new, fresh organic and natural line of body and skin products to my arsenal:
Fresh Cut Lavender Blooming Aroma Soap- There's nothing like a fresh face cloth and sudsy bar of soap!! This Hand crafted soap boast ingredients such unrefined shea butter, Grade A olive oil, and essential oils of French, Bulgarian, and high altitude lavenders. Its so creamy and leaves no residue on the skin. Plus the bar itself is a creamy white with pretty swirls of purple. I cut mine in half to get more uses out of it.

Fresh Lavender Body Silk- After bathing I treated my body to this great light moisturizer. The lavender scent stayed consistent with the soap unlike some matching body washes and lotions where one smells different than the other. It only takes a little for a lot of softness!!

Fresh Lavender Vodka Splash- Yes I said Vodka! Jody Byrne, the founder of this phenomenal company explained to me that,"On the Splash, you might say "Vodka??" And you wouldn't be alone! Well the reason is that Lavender is not an overwhelming scent and when I used perfumer's alcohol, all you could smell was the alcohol and the poor lavender got totally lost. I thought, what is odorless and will evaporate nicely on the skin??? And Vodka came to mind and it's a wonderful ingredient -- totally chemical free and organic from potatoes -- to use in a splash." What a great concept!!! I sprayed it on my sheets, pillows, and the couch in the living room! I literally worn this splash day and night since Thursday. I even sprayed it on my black pashmina before I wrapped it around my neck on rainy Friday.

The DayBreak Lavender Farm also specializes in great organic and natural skin care. I'll have a review of that later on this week!

Please visit the site at


A Last Minute Haul...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Earlier this week I told you all that CVS was have their best sale yet on cosmetics, so last night after my kids voyaged off to Char-Hell, I cruised over to CVS to hit the sale. I think I scored my best haul yet:

Loreal HIP Flawless Liquid Makeup in Cappucino-Here's the hustle: CVS had a deal where if you buy one Loreal HIP Foundation you will get 9.99( the retail price) back in Extra Bucks.Well,remember that HIP Foundation coupon I won on Ebay for a free foundation? Used it and two days later my Extra Bucks will print out at the register. So I got 9.99 from CVS without buying the product.Grand Hustle pimp!!

Milani Shimmer Stripes in Miami Glow-the poor girl's Bobbi Brown shimmer brick!!

Milani Shadow Dips eye powder in Super Star

Loreal HIP Pure Pigment Stick in Exhilarating

Loreal HIP Brilliant Shine lip gloss in Coy

Loreal Glam Shine in Goddess, Muse, and Prima Donna-These had been marked down at my CVS for 1.75. Why? I don't know.

Loreal Hopeful Gleam Hightlighter in Shining Spirit-This is from the Color of Hope story.

Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in LE le Chic Peach and LE Pinch of Plum.

Then I already had 10.57 in ExtraBucks, 4.00 in Milani coupons, plus all the BOGO Free and BOGO 1/2 off.I made out of there with all of that for.....7.47!

Believe it!

25 things about me:The Friday Afternoon Edition!

Friday, October 27, 2006

I found this great blog called Hip Candy.She had a post called 50 things about me. Now I did 25 things about me before,here's 25 more:

26)I must have Starbucks every time I go to Spartanburg.The new one on Pine Street has the best customer service on the planet and they are super fast.

27)I have a pimped out MySpace page.In three days,I've become a MySpace addict.

28)I rather not have a boyfriend now, not even as a friend.As Destiny's Child said" I'm Through With Love"

29) I have 15 Luther Vandross Songs on my Zen Nano.Rare ones like Promise Me,Forever,For Always, For Love, Glow of Love.The ones they never put on compilation CDs.

3o) This time when I went natural it was more emotional than trendy. I needed to cut away the past and be me. I wake every morning to the best hair of my life.

31) I can wear up to three bronzers at a time on my face and pull it off as natural.

32) I'm glad my eyebrows are back!!

33)I'm horrible at following a dress code at work. Today I was told no more t-shirts with writing(I wear a lot of vintage Ts).I hate compromising my image.

34)I'm addicted Loreal HIP!!I want every lip gloss and eyeshadow they have.

35) I get over 12 magazines in the mail(Lucky,Domino,Food Everyday,Food and Wine,Gourmet, Bon Appetit,Bazaar, Allure, Life and Style,Jane, and Elle, Everyday with Rachael Ray)

36) My mom gets one:Paula Deen Everyday.

37) I'm thinking of starting a foodie blog.

38) I hate holiday additions of fashion and beauty magazines.It just reminds that I have no Christmas social life.

39) I will never go out of town with more than three of my girlfriends. Over three people causes mega chaos.

40) I try not to do things I can't afford anymore like driving back and forth to visit people, be in weddings, by gifts off of gift registries.Yeah, and you wonder if I still have friends, I do.

41) I love bride shows like Who's Wedding Is It Anyway, Bridezillas, and Platinum Weddings.I plan never having a wedding though.

42) My makeup addiction is serious.

42)My celebrity gossip addiction is even more serious.

43)I buy one wedding magazine-InStyle Weddings.

44) I eat a salad for lunch everyday. It keeps me from being sluggish in the afternoon.

45) I think French and Thousand Island Dressing is "Country" Sometimes,Ranch is "country" to me.

46)I don't drink soda. I don't like that fizzy feeling in my mouth.

47) I replace my toothbrush way too often, like every two weeks.

48) I'm obsessed with fresh breath.I have all kinds toothpastes,mouthwashes,Altoids, gum, tounge scrapers...

49)I just figured out how to lengthen your lashes by wiggling the brush up the lash as you apply. I'm sooo late on that!

50)I've set a record.I've been carrying the same handbag for the last two weeks.What is the world coming to?

Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead Part V

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Since the "big chop" my collection of hair products has raised seriously.:) I'm still determining what's good and what works and what doesn't. Here's some of what I like so far:

Ampro Pro Styl Protein Stying Gel- "black gel" people but it defines my 4a curls without flaking. I put this on in the morning and hold works throughout the day.

Spray Bottle of Water-I pick up one of those styling bottles that holds liquids and put water in it and little olive oil, so its good extra moisture.

Garnier Fructis Curl and Shine Leave In Conditioner-Recommended by AfroBella, it smell fruity and sweet but helps with the texture. I put this on soon after I wet my hair.

Oyin Whipped Pudding-At night before I wrap my hair in a scarf,I massage this great buttery cream into my scalp and hair.The whipped pudding is one of Oyin best products and definitely my favorite from their line.

These are some of my styling options so far.I still undecided about where to go when washing and conditioning. I'm trying to find the right formula. I like the concept of No Poo, outlined on Motown Girl's site. Or the next option is to use a Low Poo bar like Oyin's Grand Poo Bar that I ordered with my other Oyin stuff. Plus trying feel out what deep conditioner I really like. I love deep conditioning!


Picture:Oh My Nappy Hair Salon

Super Rave:Sharon Bolton Scents...

On Monday, I received a beautifully packaged goodie box of Sharon Bolton Scents. Based out Santa Barbara,CA this phenomenal woman makes the most beautiful perfumes oils and body products:

Truth- I first received a sample of this from Product Girl, that prompted my nose for more. It's a mix of citrus, lemon-lime, exotic florals, and my favorite note, a soft musk. I bathed in the Truth Body Wash, smoothed on the yummy Truth Body Lotion and applied Truth Perfume Oil to my pulse points. My body was definitely ready for my adored black cashmere sweater after that!!! I felt so beautiful.

Soul- Soul reminds me of that sexy dress that you put on for a summer's night out. Its papaya, pineapple, coconut with special hint of musk had me wanting to sit on the porch with margaritas at hand!!

Luv- After I received that email from my special"friend" from the past the other day, I put this on. The past felt so good to remember with this great scent filling the air!Once again with the sensual base of soft musk with gardenia,Hawaiian white flowers, and vanilla, Ms. Bolton has created genius! For Real!!

Please...add one of these, maybe all three to your scent collection!! I'm speechless!


Picture: Sharon Bolton Scents

Tales of a Rural Love Affair...III

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I got an email from an old "friend" in from college. This person was like one of my best friends and knew things that no else knew. I loved this person very much and was happy to hear from them. Now,"friend" has some one but is starting feel something for "moi".Grrr...I hate to feel like I'm waiting for something to happen. I know this all sounds vague but I don't wear "sideline" well either.

PS- "D" has not call me since the "library " incident.Guess "he's just not in to me".

Greg Behrendt, you are saving hearts one beat at a time. I'm working on this situation right now. Thanks!


How yummy!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cute for work.Wait I can't wear jeans to work. Grrrrrr...
Church for me.As my mom would say,"please "dress" up sometime". I am dressed up!!
Delicious or Deelishes!! I looooovvveee winter white for winter


Something like a phenomenon...

This thing call Whole Foods? A phenomenon among the masses! There only TWO in SC,Charleston and Greenville. Finally I will see what the hype's about.

Any suggestions on what to pick up?



Monday, October 23, 2006

I found this great piece in Jolie Magazine which is so great. I read it one day when I was feel "fab".I thought I would share it with my beautiful blogging friends!

Why not..
...Surrender your desires.
...Toot your own horn.You should be your biggest admirer!
...Wear you sexist lingerie to bed,even if you are alone.
...Buy the shoes,life's too short.
...Indulge in day of pampering at the spa.
...Visit a exotic location.
...Order appetizer and dessert.
...Set a sexy mood with music and candles,undres, then caress and explore every nerve and curve.Make sure to whisper your own damn name!!

Is hot in here?Lol!

Have a great day!



Beauty Week...

I going to finally break down and buy Kiehl's Musk because I can't take it any more!!!I love the way that I can layer it with my other warm smelling scents,ones with musk, sandlewood, amber,fig and get a yummy air around me. I wore it today with Stila Creme Bouquet.And it smells fabulous alone. Now I have samples and even a MUA friend of mine sent me a decant of it, but I need more! Maybe I'll finally get it on Wednesday on my excursion to the Haywood Mall to the MAC Counter.I want to scope out Nocturnelle. I've been lemming Magnetique l/g forever and raves about Endless Love and Beauty Sleep e/s have good over on the MUA.
Plus I know I'm definetly getting the Viva Glam Holiday l/s Palette.

CVS is also have one of the best sales of the year:
BOGO Free Revlon Super Lustrous l/gs
Milani BOGO1/2 off
Essence of Beauty Brushes BOGO1/2
Loreal HIP BOGO free(except the foundation). I will be posting a my haul from that by Thursday.

Have a great day!!

Oh Honey!!!

Today was rough one. So I came home for lunch to finally meet my Oyin package! When I got off work and got the kids bathed and asleep, it was time for a little indulging. I've have Oyin products in the past and love them. So here's what I tried tonight:

Oyin After Bath -I put some,just little in the bath water and on my skin after I got out.The consistency is almost like a gel, not runny like oil can be , which is beautiful. The warm water made the warm but subtle scent of Black Cedar Fig fill the bathroom. Great for cold night and dry fall/winter skin.

Oyin Honey Wash-I like this very much because its texture reminds me of Olay Ribbons Wash,Thick,sudsy but leaves a clean finish to the skin. I can't wait to use it again in the morning!!

Oyin Whipped Shea Butter in Black Cedar Fig-I topped it all off with this great butter. It's like butter too, you just take a little and it goes a long way. I put a little extra on my feet and slipped on some fluffy socks.

My next Oyin haul will be:

Fizzy Milk Bath
Greg Juice
Burnt Sugar Pomade

Good Night!!

Mini Raves!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Scent of the Day!!

Sharon Bolton Scents in Truth-absolutely fantastic!I can't stop smelling myself!!!

I would to say thanks to Carla at Product Girl who sent me the most amazing thank you gift!

I have some mini raves for the week:

KLS by Kimora Lee Simmons Highlighter in Juicy Java- I love it. It's a beautiful brownie color that actually matches my skin with a little shimmer.It's like a pressed powder highlighter and not like some highlighter i have that sent on top of skin and look ashy. A pleasant surprise from the Queen of Opulence!!

Cover Girl Queen Collection Powder Foundation in Soft Copper-Last week I bought the liquid in this same color and yesterday I went and get the powder foundation. Same color match and all!!
Plus it went on smooth and gave coverage like I haven't seen in a while.Good job Queen!!

Milani Easybrow in Dark Brown-I literally had to hunt this down because every where I went there were only black pencils left in this. I love the strong, thick brow and I fought mine for so many years. But now that they are back, I still have places that I need to feel in. I like the small point on this and stiff brush on the other end. Plus the dark brown is a true dark brown not a blackish dark brown. I going to grab some more of these up!!

Yesterday I also picked up both Rococo Rouge and Baroque Blue by Stacked Style from Marshall's for $9.99 each.


The Devil Is Liar!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How can someone who talk the most shyt about eveybody win Project Runway?I don't care if he's"innovative"or "has a point of view"and all the other B.I. the judges spewed, if Michael didn't win then Uli should have(even her stuff had hint of Versace to it...) The Devil is a Liar!!!!

J's Fall Reading List

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I already have too much reading to do for work. People really don't think because you work at a library you don't read for enjoyment. That's what most of the people I work with do. I just finished reading The Last King of Scotland, preparing myself for the movie that's coming out soon. I'm reading my 2nd Greg Beherendt book and I'm going to donate,He's Just Not That Into You, to work because some woman's going to need to read it. I have a new list of personal things I want to read:

The Beautiful Fall:Lagerfeld,Saint Laurent, and The Glorious Excess of 1970s Paris by Alicia Drake -I saw this reviewed on Blogdorf Goodman and it been on my list read for awhile. I read A.L.T by Andre Leon Talley and his seventies adventures and I love it.

Chore Whore by Heather Howard -I was watching the Style Network last night and saw this author talking about her book and what inspired her to write it.

Confessions of A Beauty Editor by Linda Wells -I flipped through this on Saturday in B&N and was going to get it at 24.95 but decided that Amazon would probably be cheaper plus I love Allure mag!

Express Lane Meals by Rachael Ray -We got this at work and I've already checked it out.:)

Free With Purchase by Jean Godfrey-June -I know,I'm late on this one, but I going to get around to reading it.

Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood by Jane Buckingham-I always need some help with dealing with being a mom and being a fabulous,chic mom.

What's on your list to read?


Our Very Own Email Address to da Country!!!

If you have any questions about anything,I have a new email address dedicated to City-itis!!!


Weekend Fab!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I actually had Saturday off this weekend. I don't know how it happened, but I decided that Me time was in order. I needed it. Things that I did:

I wore Revlon Super Lustrous l/g in Glossy Rose by the advice of our Fair Glam Mama,Tia. Phenomenal. I layered it with my WnW 666 l/l. Worth every penny!!

I also pick up a new foundation. CoverGirl's Queen Collection in Soft Copper is a dead on match to my skin with great coverage...

Went to Tar-jay and got NYC LE Nail Glossies in Cognac Sparkle. Fall is in the Carolinas real major ladies...

Bought @ B&N, It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken by Greg Behrendt. Same dude that wrote He's Just Not That In To You. He's a white boy dating genious!!

The shocking moment of trip to SPBG was finding Chloe Collection 2005 Eau de Toilette (above photo)at Marshall's for 19.99. When I say I chased this perfume DOWN last year only to never get it because it sold out everywhere and had to settle for a Ebay seller decant, I mean excitment was in the air in that store. I could not believe my eyes!!! I almost bought two bottles. PLUS I saw Stacked Style's Rococo Rouge and Baroque Blue for 9.99 a piece@ that same Marshalls!!!

Also got my first of my Robbing Ebay haul. KLS by Kimora Lee Simmons Highlighter Powder in Juicy Java. Rave, I mean Review later this week....:)

Have a great day!!


Super Rave:Flirt! and Grassroots @Kohls

Thursday, October 12, 2006

On last Saturday,The "Beetlebats" and I ventured to Kohl's in Spartanburg.I have NEVA been I Kohl's fan.I used to live and work about 15 minutes from one in Pineville NC.I can't tell you the last time I went in one.But I had been hearing about this Flirt! line that they carry so I decided to make quick run in.My boys are not interested in makeup so my makeup/product trips are short and sweet with them. I pick up Flirt! Gold Star Limited Edition Lipgloss key ring in Nectar Fizz and Zippy Ginger. I've been wearing the Ginger as the base color and Nectar as the highlight. They are so pretty and fun.I did'nt put them on my keys though!I also got the Grassroots Moisterizer Duo in While You Were Sleeping(night)and Happily Ever After(day).Both .5 oz trial sizes,I'm in heaven with the While You Were Sleeping at night. The scent of Madgascan Vanilla and Siamese Bergamot is truly calming and soothing and texture soaks right in. After five days of use,I'm definetly getting a big tube of it! Happily Ever After is just as great, with a light texture and SPF 15 protection.Guess I'll see some more of Kohl's!!

Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead Part VI

In Haywood Mall today,I also discovered a freestanding Aveda store.I squealed so loudly that the SA's in the store were staring at me when I walked in.I went in under my blogging muse,Julia, suggestion to pick up the Sap Moss Shampoo and Conditioner for my new natural.I so forgot how I love Aveda since I first stepped in the one in Pentagon City Mall in 1998. I got the Shampoo and Conditioner and a beautiful sister that smell like sandlewood with a big piece-y afro approved my choices and promptly sat me in a chair to massage my hair with Aveda Brillant Humectant Pomade and Light Elements Reviving Mist.My scalp tingled with delight and I promised her I'll be back for both products.I was amaze at the shine that both products produced and I still smell it at this 10:00 pm hour.The only thing that I'm mad at Aveda about is that they don't do the trial/travel sizes of the products anymore.That's how I got to know them! Oh well, just another adventure on the trail of nappyheadness!!


I've Found A Home...

I know I'm always complaining about not having high end beauty accesible to me. I have a 1994 Corolla that in the last year has had three engine repairs and needs new tires bad. So I really don't like to drive. Well today I took my oldest twin "Bubba Lee" or "Phat Bubba"(which ever you prefer:)) to his pediatric dentist which is located in Greer SC. Now,Greer is in the middle of Greenville and Spartanburg Counties and the home the only North American BMW plant. Enough nerdy history folks! It's also two exits down from Haywood Mall,a mall that has Belk's and Macy's and I host of pretty good stores(i.e. Williams Sonoma,Aveda Freestanding Store(I'll get to that later...)).I decided to brave that I-85 north and go check out the MAC counter in Belk.And girls...I've found home!I dove right into the scenery purchasing the MAC Viva Glam VI lipglass and Tempting e/s.I sauntered with my "beetlebats" in the doublestroller over the Kiehls counter where a got Washable Cleansing Milk.I don't have time for's slow arse to send me some Purity Made Simple. So I've switched cleansers.The Kiehls SA loaded me up with samples of Musk and a new Wet Hair Gel. THEN,I rolled over to the Bobbi Brown counter where there was some the nicest SA's I've ever met.I didn't get her name,but she answered all of my questions put me on the list for the Shimmer Brick and Lip Kit.Because I've never had one,she said this would be the perfect starter one.I didn't tell her the that I owned the Milani Shimmer Stripes knockoff(two of them, adn Makeup Alley is feenign over them), which I LOVE.She also set me up with a Holiday Event that are having featuring one of Bobbi's personal makeup artists.I'm the FIRST appointment of the event on December 13. I'm taking the day off and socking twenty away each week til the event. What fun I had. I also browsed the Laura Mercier and Benefit counters who were holding ground in the good ole' Haywood Mall. What fun I had!!!


Robbing Ebay...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Ebay haulage:

Two Lancome Juicy Tubes minis: Toffee Pop and Sun Bronze

KLS for Kimora Lee Simmons eyeshadow in Baguette Bronze

a coupon for a Free Loreal HIP foundation(this coupon was in select magazines)

KLS for Kimora Lee Simmons Highlighter in Juicy Java

Total w/ shipping:


I know...complete insanity!


Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead III

Monday, October 09, 2006

Did any one see the special presentation of the new reality show called Hair Trauma. It's about Celebrity Hairstylist Ellin LaVar and her Upper West Side Salon. It was a total hoot! The regular season starts Wednesday on WE @ 10:00pm. Ain't nothing Black folks cutting up on reality TV!


Super Rave cont'-mark.Bohista

Lippie of the Day:
WnW l/l in 666
Loreal HIP l/g in Sweet
Loreal Colour Juice l/g in Strength

I miss Annie's Rock The Gloss!

I have very short super rave on my other half of my mark.Bohista haul that I received on Friday. Kohl Play Eye Smudger Stick is amazing.I got it both colors,Cinder(black) and Henna( light brown).They both come in a lipstick tube like packaging They are very soft in texture so they glide on like butter. I'm not the biggest eyeliner fan, but these must be bought by all beauty addicts! I like also how the black is really black not ashy black and brown is a brown-red brown. Beautiful!

I also got the Bohista Worldly Glow All Over Face Color.I thought at first when I saw the picture of it that it would probably be to light.But it is not.It's like a burnt bronze with not shimmer that looks divine.It's very loose so you have to very careful not the spill it all over your ultrasuede goosedown comforter(like it did)!


Meme for everyone!

Friday, October 06, 2006

1. Where were you 3 hours ago?
At home with the Bams and my dad

2. Who are you in love with?
Da Lawd!!! and Bubba and Brownie

3. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
I don’t think I have…

4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
yep,a shopping bag from Almost Pink

5. When is the last time you went to the mall?
Last Saturday

7. Do you have a car worth over 2,000?

8. When was the last time you drove out of town?
Sunday,when I went to see my baby in the hospital in Char-Hell NC

9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?

10. Are you hot?

11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
Bottle Water w/ a Crystal Light Packet

12. What are you wearing right now?
Black Velour pants,a white tank and a beige tank.Still in my work clothes

13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it?
neither, my car looks horrible.

14. Last food that you ate?

15. Where were you last week at this time?
Sitting in front of the computer
16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?

17. When is the last time you ran?
Today, From my car to my job.I'm always late

18. What’s the last sporting event you watched?
Highlights from Union's game last week

19. What is your favorite animal?

20. Your dream vacation?

21. Last person’s house you were in?
My cousin aunt Pat.She had me rolling in laughter!

22. How old are your parents?
My dad is 55 and my mom is 54.

23. Have you been in love?

24. Do you miss anyone right now?
Not really. Maybe my Aunt Bonnie and SOME of "The Crew"

25. Last play you saw?
Madea Goes To Jail on DVD

27.What are your plans for tonight?
Exfoliate my lips and face,take a bath,have a cup of tea,read some magazines, hopefully go to sleep.I have anxiety problems that keep me up all night:(
28. Who is the last person you sent a myspace message or comment to.

29. Next trip you are going to take?
To Columbia to get my Goldie sample bag from BBW Flagship

30. Ever go camping
yes,many times with the Girl Scouts.We used think the Klan was going to get us.

31. Were you an honor roll student in school?
Yeah. It was on and off.i was really there to socialize:)LOL

32. What do you want to know about the future?
Nothing.I'm guided by faith!

33. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?
I was this morning.

34. Are you due sometime this year for a doctor’s visit?
no.I've been to the OB/GYN but need to go to the eye doctor.Bad

35. Where are your friend(s)?
some in Charlotte,some in Columbia,some in Easley,some in the ATL

36. Who is your best friend?
Well after the last three years,I've assessed my relationships and unfortunately I have no "best" friends.It's okay...I have alot of great sorors and friends!

37. Do you have a tan?
i can make one!!!

38. What are you listening to right now?
My mother gabbing on the phone. She's a phone ho,ugh.It reminds me of living with my #4.

39. Do you collect anything?
Oh I. Magazines,Cosmetic bags, fahsion and beauty books,music,lip gloss,bronzers,facial masks,
teas,coupons,journals,stationary,pens from pharmecutical companies,free samples,chocolate,recipes,DVDs,handbags,LE makeup,MAC postcards,the list goes on!

40. Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
My homie Shea.She'll tell her momma's bizness.

41. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?
At Winthrop on my 20th birthday,after a SGA meeting with Trevor Beauford(the SGA VP) and Trev-Dog(the former SGA Chief Justice and my #3) in the car.He(the WU Po Po) said I ran the blinking light in front of Sims.Who doesn't run the light in front of Sims?

42. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
Uh, I’m sure I have at some point.

43. What does your last text message say?
"You are so sweet!I luv wu!"Sent by my Auntie Bonnie

44. Do you like hot sauce?
yes,Texas Pete on the real

45. Last time you took a shower?
I don't know.I like baths.

46. Do you need to do laundry?
Just finishing four loads from yesterday.

47. What is your heritage?
African-American,Eastern Band Cherokee(with enough to register with Bureau of Indian Affairs,for real) and Southern White Folk.LOL

48. Are you someone’s best friend?
I don't think so.

49. Are you rich?
Financially, no. But I’m rich in other things!

50. What do you think of the person who took this survey before you?
She has a great blog!!

Happy Birthday Granny!!

Today I celebrate my grandmother, Mrs. Ida Jane Jeter's birthday. She would have been 71 today. She passed away October 4 ten years ago, a hour and day shy of her 61st birthday. I think her everyday of my life. I wish had been able to say good bye. The last day that I saw her was the day before my 19th birthday(September 22).As I was going out the door, she said "No speeding going back over to that school,I'll be watching you." I laughed and turned around and gave her a kiss.She knew all along that I would never see her again. She affected alot of the things I do now especially my love for fashion and beauty. She would buy me Sassy magazine and Revlon nail polish, let smear on her precious Chanel No.5 body cream,and sit at her vanity and put on her "good" jewelry. She bought me my first perfume, Liz Claiborne, in the red triangle and let me wear her Mikimoto pearls when I graduated from high school. She told me that I should always have a good suit and a nice pajama sets,something she kept because she was always in the hospital.On Sundays I would wait for her to come down the aisle in church in her church robe trying catch a whiff her White Linen perfume and ask for a peppermint. She had to have the largest collection of Aigner I had ever seen, I mean cigarette cases, trench coats, leather coats(long and short),purses,navy Aigner, even luggage!She only wore Fashion Fair makeup even had Fashion Fair Shampoo and Setting Lotion for her roller sets.And never missed her standing once a week wash and set.When I turned 18, she drove me up Union County Voter Registration to get me registered.She said,"Vote for that Clinton boy,now." LOL!When she passed I gave the funeral home a vintage scarf to put on her, so that she will know we will always be together,two textbook Libras who love purple, Caress Soap and good restaurants.

I love you Granny,Angel of Mine.


Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead Part II

Here's my Oyin order:

Grand Poo Bar(a shampoo bar without all the nasty chemicals)

Honey Hemp Conditioner(I've used this.It is so divine)

Whipped Pudding(Love this too)

3-piece Bath Set includes:
Honey Wash
After Bath Oil
Whipped Shea

Funk Butter(a natural deodorant,I've being allergic to deodorant for years,still use it though)

The only thing that I don't really care for with Oyin is that it take two weeks to receive it because they make everything fresh.

You know I'll have a review!!


Fashion/Beauty Slump and Dump...

Yesterday I was having Fashion and Beauty Slump and dump. I was down because I'm sorta tired buying on a budget. For once I want to blow some money. It all started in Target when I was contemplating putting back a $10 shirt so that I won't be broke next week. $10 shirt, cousins. Ugh, I just put it back.Too much pressure. But the point is as budgeting diva, I sometimes to get sick of buying drugstore makeup because $14 lipglosses sometimes make no sense or shopping in Target and WalMart for clothes hoping they won't shrink and I'll get my money's worth. I need a(some) new coat(s) and being extra curvy, I need something that looks good and fits. I can't get this coat from WalMart! I need my Purity Made Simple, knowing nothing else works for me, but I can't splurge because I got the other half of my car insurance coming up. And having children who are sick on and off, you can't be caught with empty pockets. Hopefully I'll get a fashion and beauty windfall and magically a couple thousand will fall from no where and give me some new quality things.


Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead Part I

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In the last three weeks since I've cut my hair and went natural.I've bought about four products. When I went to get a trim, the barber( who was a woman) told me to let it grow a little and consider locking it.I've considered locking but the jury is still out on that. I'll just grow it out some more for now. She also told me to not put gel on my hair. Unfortunately , gel is the only way that my curls have definition and stay that way. I'm really trying,ya'll to be healthy and understanding to my hair. I figure this,if I'm nice to it, it will love me back. Seems to work with all of my relaxer, swooped haired girlfriends who have standing appointments with their yaky-yaky hairdressas! Here's what I've found recently:

Dark and Lovely Naturally Honey Wave Glaze-I wet my hair in the morning with warm water and apply this first.Yeah,its a gel. It says it has sunscreen but I don't see what SPF is.

Dark and Lovely Naturally Honey Kissed Hair Dress- Smells delicious and isn't overly greasy. But I just noticed that the first three ingredients are Water, Mineral Oil, and Petroleum which I once read are not good for hair period.

Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo-I used to use this back in 1997 when cut it natural. The only ingredients I could even pronounce was WATER.

Elasta QP Intense Fortifying Hair Conditioner- I just like it because it smells like bananas. But smells can be deceiving. Cetyl Alcohol is the 2nd ingredient.

So I'm back to the drawing board. I'm going to hit the internet tomorrow to order some Carol's Daughter and Oyin. Natural Products for my crop!

South Carolina on my mind, beauty in my heart!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hi all!
I want to say that yesterday I have never been so happy to see the state of South Carolina in my life. It was so good to be back in the familiarities of the country after 24 loooonnnng hours in good ole' Charlotte North Carolina. My "Bubba Boo" got really sick while in the "care" of his father for the weekend and I had to hottail it to Levine Children's Hospital to be with him. People, don't get sick in Charlotte, that's all I'm going to say. God prevailed his blessing on my little fat boy and he's doing alot better AT home in South Carolina.

Before I had the worse 24 hours of my life, that included sleeping on a hard fold out chair in the same room with the "other" biological parent, I had scored a deal that you all will not believe. Saturday night, I went to Spartanburg to the Victoria's Secret to check out the new Very Sexy makeup and redeem a $10 coupon that they sent me for my birthday.

I got:
Fearless lip gloss , above,($12 minus $10 off coupon)- an intense purple that goes on smooth and not sticky and surprisely come off easily. The only I would change is that applicator end is a brush which over time is not going last. Maybe a sponge tip would have been better.

Velvet Rope lipstick,above 1st pic,(free,I had a free Very Sexy Lipstick coupon, reg $12)- It looked familiar in color and when I got home, I compared it with MAC's O and it is the EXACT color. I'm keeping it though. I goes on smooth too with no annoying smell and great packaging.

Victoria's Secret Cotton Panty(free with a coupon, reg $7.50)-I haven't been able to wear VS in a long time so I got a XL, thinking I can probably wear them to bed if they are too small. They fit great so I must have lost some weight.:)

$2.10 for $31.50 worth of items!