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Best Spot Remover Ever!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hey Everyone!!!

I just wanted to do a quick drive by "product review" on a product that has been saving mine and my kids' clothes!

I don't know how I do it, maybe because I cook alot, but I always get oil stains in my favorite tops. I've ruined countless tops, including my beloved grey v-neck t shirts from Target with oil splashes and spots. You would think I fry chicken and french fries everyday!

I found this tip somewhere online about Dawn removing grease from oil spots on clothes. I tried it one day and IT WORKED!! Dawn literally brought back to life a cream colored tank that I was about to trash. Best spot remover ever!

Another example....

My sugar lump of son Bubba got grass stains in a pair of brand new khaki shorts the FIRST time he wore them. Unbelievable. As a parent, you are just in awe on how kids will destroy clothes. I believe I might be turning into my mother by saying that. lol! Anyway, I pre-treated the stain with Dawn and added a bit of peroxide on top and let it set for a couple of hours. Then, I threw them in the wash with his other clothes. Stain came right out! And my nerves were restored for another day. #parenthood

I buy the small $.99 bottles of Dawn at my local Dollar General. I also wash my makeup brushes in Dawn. This uncomplicated brush wash does the job and more.

If you try Dawn as a stain remover or even to wash your makeup brushes, come back and let me know the results!!!

How To Earn Free Gift Cards! #freegiftcard

Hey Everyone!!

I want to hook ya'll up with the ultimate hookup. Within the last couple of weeks I have received a $25 Sephora Gift Card and a $5 Walmart using an app on my phone called Shopkick for free gift cards. 
You might have already heard about it but it is an app that you use you card to scan items in stores, then you receive points and you can cash those points in for REAL gift cards!!

 It's not a scam, I promise you.:)

Here's how I PERSONALLY use Shopkick :

#1 Before I go shopping, I check to see if the stores that I'm going to has any scans or kicks to earn. For example: My local Walmart on the app always has scans and "kicks". I can easily get 200 points from walking around the store and scanning!

#2 The kicks for just walking through the doors of a store are easiest to get! I pull the app up, make sure I click on the store's kicks, I get from 25-50 points. On Saturday I got 150 points from going into a CVS,Walgreens and Publix. These points add up really fast! Next thing you know, you have earned a gift card.:))

I hope these tips will help you to gift card heaven!!

I'll will updating ya'll with my Sephora haul soon!!!