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~Haul+Review+ FOTDs~ Philosophy Makeup at Big Lots.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last week, I went into one of my local ( as in 35 miles away, haha) Big Lots stores and finally ran up on the most talked about Philosophy makeup. Well, I didn't "run" up on it. I went down every cosmetic aisle twice until I asked an associate where it was. I had read that it was on endcap but in this store, it was on "side cap"...on the SIDE of the end cap. I walked past it twice.:/

I didn't buy all the pieces. Some of the makeup is just a bit too fair for my taste. I got five pieces, one of them by mistake! lol!

I got both of The Supernatural Windows To The Soul Eye Shadow Palettes in Box of Truffles ( the neutrals) and Plum Delicious.
I got two blushes: The Supernatural You Make Me Blush in Healthy/Happy and The Supernatural Lit From With In Healthy Cream Blush in Feel Warm All Over.

AMAZING Blushes!!!!The Healthy/Happy is a beautiful duo ( very NARS Orgasm/Laguna ish). The texture is soft and they go on bright but not heavily pigmented. Just the right bit of flush and bronze in one. Plus, the mirror is a magnifying mirror. I've never had a blush with a magnifying mirror.If  you MUST get one thing from Big Lots Philosophy sale...THIS IS IT!! I'm going back this weekend to TRY to stock up.

Feel Warm all over is great for layering under Happy...they are very similar in color.

I bought Art of Blushing in Pink Dreams by mistake. I thought I was buying something else, I was in a rush, I was!!!

I swatched it with my finger. Nope, too light for my taste...
Here is a look I created with the Box of Truffles palette. Great texture, medium pigmentation and they feel very luxurious. I can see these being sold in the $20+ range. They would be worth the price. Even the small duo brush that came with it is of good quality.

I LOVE the Plum Delicious palette too...Same quality, very consistent in quality from palette to palette. Plum Delicious is a beautiful, simple palette of purples that create a gorgeous smoky purple eye. All I have to say, Philosophy sold at Big Lots IS the best buy so far this year for me!!!

Have you gotten of these or other pieces of Philosophy at your Big Lots? What if ( I die just thinking about it) if any of the Philosophy skin or body products showed up there!??!? They would get CLEANED OUT!! LOL!

~Summer 2012 Beauty~ Spoiled by Wet N' Wild On Sale For $.99!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

If you do not already know, Spoiled by Wet N'Wild Polish is on sale at CVS for $.99 a bottle!!! According to the ad in the CVS circular, there is no limit. This line has alot of really pretty, bright summer colors. The polishes also have a very precise brush that are really great for pedicures, if you are like me and have no sense of direction when painting your toes!!

 The picture above is all of the colors I own, including one new one I just picked up at the 99 cents sale, I Only Eat Salads( the bottom row, last on the right neon lime green). The sale ends on June 2. Hurry and stock up!!!


~Memorial Day Fashion & Beauty Sales!!~ UPDATED!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!!! Here are some great deals floating around the Web on Beauty and Fashion. I will be updating this list as they come bookmark this post and stay tuned!!!:))


E.L.F. Cosmetics is back on HauteLook tomorrow ( 8am Pacific), that means MAJOR DISCOUNTS!!
Click HERE to sign up and take advantage of the E.L.F. deals.

Forever 21 has an extra 15% off all clearance items until May 27. 2012. Use code EXTRA15 at the checkout.

Old Navy has all Tees and Tanks starting at $4 online ( no code necessary) and starting at $2 in store. Free Shipping over $50 online, no code necessary!

Shop Suey Boutique( Has great $25 Handbags and other designer inspired bags) has 30% off EVERYTHING. Use SUMMER30 at the checkout. Ends at Midnight EST 5/27/2012.


Carol's Daughter has FREE Shipping on any purchase and a FREE Black Vanilla Leave In Conditioner when you spend $40 or more. No code necessary!

MAC Cosmetics has FREE Shipping on all orders all weekend. Use code LASH at the checkout.

Bath and Body Works has $1 shipping on any order $25 or more. Use code MEMORIAL25 at the checkout.


~Fresh Coat~ Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Ionic Indigo....

Thanks to CVS and their current Sally Hansen sale ($3 EBS when you but $10 in Sally Hansen)I was able to get on of their new Magnetic Nail Polish colors. They were $9.99 at CVS so I picked up a $1.99 Wet N' Wild polish just to supplement the cost.:)

I've been iffy about magnetic polish trend. I wasn't really crazy about it, I like cremes finish polish the most even though I own the gamut of polishes.  Sally Hansen's collection of these polishes has some really beautiful colors. this the1st try.

I barely got any magnetic print and I followed to instructions...almost. O_O I didn't leave the magnet over the polish for EXACTLY 10 seconds or more.

So for the 2nd try, I was watching a You Tube video and I was able time each nail exactly 10 seconds a piece by watching the time on the video. This picture below shows a more clear magnetic print to the nails....

Here's photos of the next day in natural light. It took some getting used to, but I figured out how to work them better and I really like the magnetic polish!

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish or any other magnetic polish? Let me know!!


~Real Talk~ A Labor of Love.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello my dear cuzins:) Welp.... *deep sigh* *being dramatic* Let me!

 Basically, I'm tapped out when it comes to blogging. I haven't posted much simply because I'm drained creatively. The crazy thing about that is...I'm swamped in products!! I mean, I've been winning giveaways, rolling up sick discounted hauls, gifted great stuff but I'm lost somewhere. My focus is everywhere and no where. lol! I'll start a post...then I'm over it before I get it completely written. smh.

I've been at RGBL for six years...yep six years and I've gone through alot of changes. In 2008, I decided to put my focus on just beauty and fashion and leave my personal life out so that I can harvest my blog into something greater. I've prayed, cried, begged, smiled all  the emotions over this labor of love...but now I don't know what direction to go. Stop or keep running in circles?

I want to quit but then I don't...but then I'm tired of really not being where I want to be. Maybe I should figure out WHERE I WANT TO BE with Rural Glamour.

Thanks family for listen to my little spill! Here's what been up in the last two or three weeks...I've been taking alot of photos...:)

Spoiled by Wet N Wild in Designated Driver.....
Obessessed with arm candy....
Lucite inspired arm candy....
Three new costs: $6.27
Casualties of a beauty blogger....was trying out a new skincare to review and giveaway and had a skin reaction and broke out makeup for THREE WHOLE DAYS....
Revisiting Wet N Wild 902C or Bare It All....Still a bit too light for my tastes....

  When I think of a Labour of Love...I think of this song...I love Incognito. LOVE.


~Free Target Summer Beauty Bag ~ Sign Up Is OPEN( UPDATE!!!)!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The signup for the FREE Target Summer Beauty Bag is up!!! If you a "veteran" to this bag, you know that these things for fast. I'm surprised there is a summer bag, since I just got my spring bag only a couple of weeks ago. Anyway...Sign up HERE....You even get a confirmation number.:) Good Luck!!!


Some of my friends are reporting that the bags are now gone.:(  Stay tuned to RGBL blog for if and when a Fall bag comes out...I'll make sure to let you know!

~Take Three Free~ Free Zoya Polish Pinterest Giveaway....

If you are like me...and you spend LOTS and LOTS of valuable time on Pinterest:), why not get some free goodies over there while you are at? Huh?? LOL! Now I know the picture below with the rules maybe hard to read so here is the just of the giveaway:

  1. Follow Zoya on Pinterest
  2. Re-pin your must have Beach & Surf shades from the Zoya Pinterest Collection Board onto any board of choice.
  3. The top 3 most re-pinned shades will determine the trio shades!
  4. 2,000 trios of the unique combo selected by Pinterest followers will be given away *FREE!
  5. There's a catch... 20,000 re-pins TOTAL must be reached between all 12 shades for the giveaway to take place! 

Happy Pinning! The promotion ends Monday June 5, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. Pinterest Collection trio and code will be announced Monday, June 11th IF the re-pin goal is met. Don't forget to spread the word!

*Shipping & Handling fees apply.

~I Colored My Hair!~ Clairol Textures & Tones in Flaming Desire....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What had happened was... I was bored with my hair. After two and half years of being natural, I was getting bored. That's like a marathon length, 2 1/2 years, considering everyday I see naturals talk about being bored with their hair and just big chopped two, three months ago.

I decided I was going to buy either a curly half wig or color my hair....

Last weekends tempeture in the 80s nixed that wig idea. Wigs in the summer, I've did that, and its horrible. Its like a dry cleaners on the top of your head. You know how hot it is in the cleaners?

I picked up Clairol Textures & Tones in Flaming Desire at one of the local BSS'. I read lots of great things about Textures and Tones from several naturals, especially ones with hard to cover grey.


I've had rinses but never a "lift" in color. But, I did the RESEARCH before I bought it and did the color myself. I wanted color last year, but I was struggling with porosity issues and maintaining moisture. Once I learned how to maintain moisture and work around my porosity problems, I felt confident diving into color.

Before.....literally, that same day. LOL!
Before I washed the color out, shampoo'd and conditioned.
 I saw alot of naturals complaining that the color didn't take well but even as a color virgin, I know that in order for the color to "bloom", it needs heat, so I sat under the dryer with the color for 30mins as my processing time.

After the wash, before the deep conditioner.... I was surprised at the brightness!!
The day after....

I LOVE IT. Literally, I was what I needed. I feel this color so much!!!

As you can see, I only did the front section, half of my head in color because I wasn't sure what I whole head would look like. Some of hair on the edges did not take because I had Vaseline around my face so it wouldn't stain my skin and the Vaseline covered some the hair. My hairline is all in my face, its hereditary. smh.
I'll go back in about a month or two, maybe July and touch the edges up.

I love that it has a bit of a ombre effect to it as it goes to the back. I'm seriously considering doing the whole head. Can you believe my hair has been black or black brown for 34 years?!?? LOL!

Now I'm deciding if I want to lighten my brows....


~Fresh Coat~ Revlon Top Speed in Orchid

 I change my polish like twice a week, sometimes just for the weekend. Revlon Top Speed in Orchid was my weekend mani this past weekend. Even tho I love the color, the longevity sucked. Its was Next Day Chipping like...Next Day Shipping, it came quick.:(

But the color is gorgeous. Its a very pretty pink/lavender flat shimmer. This application was two coats.

I wonder if Revlon changed the formulas on the Top Speeds when they did the new packaging? I remember the ones were longer lasting and they even stained.

If you know, let me know! LOL!

~Real Spotted~ New Summer L'Oreal, Revlon, and Sally Hansen.....

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I did little drugstore crawling on last Saturday...Didn't see much, I was looking for the new JulieG polishes. But I did spot some other collections...Check it out!!

Finally spotted the Avril Lavigne Salon Effects( still looking for the Prabal Gurung Salon Effects collex). She's stuck in the year 2000 with those!
But I did like the one called Crowd Surfer...looks like an ombre glitter....
Spotted L'Oreal yearly summer collection of  Sublime Bronze. The silver glitter polish looked interesting. Like a glitter inside a cream. I might pick it up if its still there when I go back. Other than that, I don't need another bronzer!! LOL!
Looks like Revlon is doing more scented polish. Why? Is there demand for them? *shrugs* LOL!

Have you seen any of these collections?

~My Favorite Bronzers!!!~

Hi Everyone!! I thought I would do another "My Favorites..." This time its bronzers. I know that I'm of the caramel persuasion but I like bronzers for a variety of makeup uses...

Here are my six favorite bronzers ( as of May 2012:)) and how I use them when I use them!!

Tarte Hotel Heiress- I've been wearing HH for years, at least since 2008 and have had several of these bronzers. Its a great all over bronzer, giving me a hint of color and glow. I just found also that its an AMAZING crease/transition color, thank to LipSh0ck on YouTube! She blew my mind with that one!

Revlon Mineral Finishing Powder in Suntan Matte- I slept on this one for a while, only buying it because it was clearanced. It was another Youtuber( I forget the video) that used it as a setting powder to her foundation. Its perfect for setting because its matte and doesn't pick up alot of color on a regular powder brush.
Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronzer in Ebony Bronze- Great contouring color for my skin.

Tarte Blush in Exposed- I know Exposed is a blush but its great for creating glowy cheek bones and subtle highlighting.

Caboodles Sunkissed Bronzing Face Powder in Hawaii- I got this at a dollar store and it was a gem of a find! It has a perfect match to my skin with golden shimmer to it.
Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Bronzer in Bikini Contest- Bikini Contest is a perfect match to my skin. I've raved about this bronzer before, literally days after I bought it!!!

I normally use a blush brush to apply bronzer. For me, I can control how much I put on with a small brush and not overloading my face like some bigger brushes do.

Brushes: Tarte Cheek Blush Brush and BDellium 964.