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TJMaxx Mischeif

Monday, August 21, 2006

TJ Maxx to me is one the great beauty product and makeup chests on the planet. The brands that they have like Korres,Barrelle, Bliss,Bourjois, Molton Brown and list goes on are way below retail . But I have learned that you must be on up on the brands and the prices or you are not getting a good deal. Thank God I get about 15 magazine subscriptions a month! My lastest haul had me skipping to my car with a glossy smile:

Aroma Fresh Face Mask Soothing Cooling Mask-$3.00 clearance.It had a great refreshing smell and you never have enough beauty treatments!

Bliss ink pink blushing balm- I kind of compare it to a tart cheek stain. but it's in a lip gloss tube. Maybe that's what is was, the packaging was wrong.

Dessert Deliciously Kissable Plumping lip fragrance gloss in Slide( rich caramel creaminess) and Sunny(Peach and Vanilla sweet delight)(this is what the box says!)-I was really impressed by these glosses. They look really good on me,smell good and taste good. But the plumping stinging action can be dismissed. I've purchased some of this Dessert stuff in Marshalls in recent in months and like it. I wonder why I didn't like it before.

Bourjois Mojito Mischief( above,still at Bourjois for 28.00)- I love when I run into Bourjois kits in TJMaxx and Marshalls because I heart Bourjois! This one has loose powder eyeshadow in Rayon Vert( a lime green) and Uplifting Volumizing Mascara Noir,and 3D lip gloss in Beige Elastic all for 9.99.


Black'd Out

Chanel Nail Lacquer in Black Satin

Sold Out...and out of my reach...except for on Ebay.

Even though I have Rimmel's Nail Polish in Black Satin, the overwhelming insanity of everyone having the hot and now product took over me. I scoured Ebay til I found a reputable seller who had it.In three days, my obsessive bidding went from 10.50 to 29.90...and won that damn polish. So maybe the drugstore queen really did splurge for real this time, but it was worth the text messages via Ebay and constant clocking of the auction.I simply blacked out and went for not gold but satin.:)

( not my winning auction but this one was at 30.51 at posting time)