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Things That Happen After Payday...

Friday, August 31, 2007

Hey folk,

On Wednesday I went to pick up my Avon order at Linda's.I had forgot what I ordered so when open the bag it had a 4-piece Imari Set, the Avon SpaFinder Color Orbs, and to makeup set, The Brights Collection and The Neutral Collection. I didn't have to even open the makeup to realize I didn't want it. It was very summer and working on winter stuff now since September is around the bend. So, I went and exchanged the makeup for this, The Jillian Dempsey Mother's Day Collection. I'm alot happier with it...

In other buys...I picked up these really fun and fall/winter like Maybelline nail colors from their new fall color story @ Rite-Aid/Edkerd. All the Maybelline was 40% and I had three coupons for a $1 each on nail lacquers.

On that same Wednesday, I spent $30 at Starbucks. You ask how? I got my Ethopia Sidamo and Sulawasi coffees custom blended for my $10 coffee maker (lol!), a grande soy chai latte iced with extra ice, and this CD, Heart, Body and Soul, which is so sexy and sweet, you must get it. The barista told me said its been flying out there since they stocked it on Monday.

Of course I still have the "plague" and suddenly the plague has now changed into sore throat and sticky mouth. I pulled my Glenn Barr Hint Mints case out of my pocket yesterday at work and my boss almost knocked it out of my hands, checking out the cool artwork on the front. Plus, they are not sizzling hot in my mouth and comforting to throat. They will definitely travel with me to church, so I wont be rattling peppermint candy paper while reading the Responsive Reading!

Have a great holiday weekend for Laborious Day, that's what I call it. I'll probably be working anyway...:(