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My MAC Haul!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yes...I,Jamie, went to the MAC counter. I met my LS Shannan in Greenville today. I just didn't feel spending another Saturday alone( another story):( Any way, I had a ball!!! Now back to my MAC haulage. From the left:

MAC Chromeglass in Metalberry- The SA actually made me try this one. She said my coloring was great for it. And it is!!I love it and I've been reapplying it all day.

MAC eyeshadow in Jete'- I got the LAST one. It was actually on hold for someone who never came and got it.

MAC Amazon Eyes quad from the Icon 4 collection- Grismil, my SA, convinced me to get this. When first same the collection,I wasn't that impressed but I had to have something from it. Grismil sat me down and layered the colors on my eye and it looked fabulous. This is a fantastic buy.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Glissade- After reading Toya's review/advise(thanks) on it, I decided to check it out. Also sent a prayer up to the good Lawd above that if I like it that there would be some in stock.Yes, Jesus love me!! I can't wait to really put it on. They also had Lightscapade. I might go back and get that one.


Picture:My personal collection!