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Review:Nikki Makes Scents Goodies...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I received my Sista Sampler Box from In The Company Of Sistas on yesterday( I ordered it on Friday!) was super excited about all the goodies inside. I going to review ALL of it...little by little, of course!

I got a chunk votive candle in Jelly Bean from Nikki Makes Scents that smells insanely gorgeous. I lit it in my living room while a read my September Vanity Fair and scent just made the room wonderful...

This morning after I showered , I used the Nikki Makes Scents lotion in Asian Bloom. I've never smells anything so sweet and warm that I've place this on my full size wish list from this site! I wish I knew the scent blend to Asian Bloom.:(
*Update!* The Asian Bloom mix is “ Orange blossoms immersed in aquatic florals gently warmed in amber and vanilla.” Thanks Nikki!!
Go by and check out In The Company Of Sistas or Nikki Makes Scents to cop you some of this great goodies!

Review: Chanel Exceptionnel De Chanel Mascara Intense Volume and Curl Mascara...

Sometimes Free stuff is good. Especially when you live in South Carolina, home of freaked-out-gas-pumping citizens who drove the gas prices up from 3.50 to this lovely price of 4.89( It was actually 5.01 at the pump when I pulled up) because they think the gas was going run out in Texas.
So when Allure told me they were sending me a Chanel mascara, I was ecstatic. Alas, the "Erykah Badu-bohemian-Pics taken on my digital camera-not enough beauty for one beauty blog engine in particular"aesthetic of Rural Glamour blog is sometimes a bit too much for those companies who send boxes left on the front pouch full of makeup swag. But I digress...

*looking around, first*

I like it actually. The brush(that actually is the same brush as Rimmel Glam'Eyes) pulled and tugged enormous length into my curly lashes. I applied two coats and loved how it made my eyes look doe-ish. But $28? The consistency is a bit weak and I would prefer a blacker black. I can't remember last time a bought a expensive mascara, any who. You know what $28 is to this South Carolinian?:

5.6 gallons in gas.

Thanks Allure!