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I love this place!! Divas On Main....

Friday, April 20, 2007

You know I always talk about my Tyler Candles obsession. I pick them up out of a wide selection at Divas On Main. I also by lots of jewelry and different body products from there. They have GREAT selection of hard find beauty products. Today, I scheduled a Eyebrow Shaping with skin care specialist Issy, who also happens to be from my hometown of Union and was on the marching band with in high school. She worked serious magic on my brows, that had not been good and properly attended to since I left the Rock in 2004. I had been doing my own "thang" with them. But Issy reassured my "if not perfection in brows today but in the long run". I felt like my face opened up!:) I'm definitely scheduling a facial with her soon! Plus Dini, a Bare Escentuals expert and jewelry designer sells and makes some of the most funky handmade jewelry in town. I happily drop $25 on earrings in there!!!! If you are in the area on ever in the area, check them out or check out the site@

Ring the Alarm! Rural Glamour Fashion Po-Po

So you know I'm about to get in Bey's A$$ about this. Okay, she look as if she wants bring her little look down. That's cool. But this outfit is crazy. First she got on a hoodie( look like a Juicy hoodie I sleep in ) a some ol' slouchy tee( that's ain't even fitted a bit but probably cost $100 or more) some jeans and some Christian Louboutins.
She just should have put on some Nike Ones and called it a day. Save those shoes for something else.
And that floppy hat. I love a floppy hat but but Bummy Chic aint you, boo.
It's actually my broke A$$.:)
Cousin J.

Review:The Ivory Magnolia...

I've developed a serious infatuation with Etsy. I mean handmade earrings and soaps for under $5? Paypal it!! But you know, I'm "granola" like that. I recently discovered The Ivory Magnolia, ironically located out of "Metro Ci-tay", Columbia SC. So they already had the upper hand for me.:) I got the Satin Body Cream, a satiny mixed body cream that leaves no oily residue with has great feel on your skin. I got it in Cotton Candy,Lemon and the namesake fragrance,Ivory Magnolia. I layered my Aquolina Pink Sugar with Cotton Candy and used the Lemon after a did a body scrub with Asquith and Somerset Apricot and Honey Body Scrub. I'm ordering next in Exotic Jasmine Vanilla and Blue Coconut Cream and Unscented. Check them out at or www.ivorymagnolia/