Upstate Steelo...

Monday, March 26, 2007

I love reading the Upstate Link. I reminds me alot of creative Loafing or "The Loaf" in Charlotte. creative, informative, fun. Especially, the annual spring edition that boast the Upstate's most "fashionable". It's little funny but some of the folks actually got a little steelo. My favs are Jennifer Greasham of Greenville with those funky yellow pumps and Link readers Liz Taylor with sweet Chanel frames and necklace-esque tattoo and Laurie Weaver with fun camo espadrilles, and Chris Slatton with that great heart necklace. Check out more pics @

Have a point...

Don't' you wish that when someone is trying to have a legitimate argument with you about politics or government or current events knowing that the person HE is arguing with was a stellar if not genius student of Political Science in her undergraduate days and can at any given time go on the Daily Show and perform with wit and stance?

Have a point.Execute it. TRY to win the argument. or GO HOME.

So you can see how my day started off. Not too pretty, even though I was glistening in my Milani Terra Glimmer Shimmer Stripes and L'Oreal Colour Juice in Strength. Hell, I even pulled out my beloved Fresh Index in Pear Cassis for the warm day ahead.But, no, someone had to pull my joy on some ole' country clackle about "They shouldn't allow people's credit stuff to be posted on the inta'net". I must stop collecting pretty boys.

On my lunch break...I gather myself and my new $15 YSL Muse- inspired bag to Old Navy and Target. I bought this dress at Old Navy along with two others that were TOO big!!and they were XLs! But I don't feel any smaller. Anyway, I went to Target like people go to yoga, you know to release some tension. Target, sweeties, is my most "favoritist" place in the world. I instantly felt better when I saw the Sonia Kashuk brushes were on sale, Black Radiance had some new and pretty sweet products, and Spbg Target finally has Boots and Iman. I picked up:

Girlfriends Season One DVD

Food Everyday March 2007

Domino April 2007( Wasn't last month's Green issue da bomb?!)

Iman e/s in Pewter and Safari

CG Queen Collection e/s single in Fire It Up( the collection has some beautiful shades in the singles)

Sonia Kashuk Signature Large e/s brush

I felt so much better. :) On the way home from work, I stopped by Divas On Main for some Tyler Candles and ran by these beauty of pair of earrings( above). "Ole Boy" had the nerve to ask me, "You bought some big earrings today or did you buy a BIG handbag" I wanted ask him,"Did you buy some $100 Ralph Lauren button up or run up some more minutes on that SunCom Razor?" Get tha' hell out of my pockets... Okay back to my story, I got these and some new candles. I'm going soak in a bath and chill tonight. Case closed.:)