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Rural Style: My Obsession With Leggings….

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

 Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

I once heard on the Oprah Show, the leggings should not be worn as pants. It’s even in an article on the site! Guess what I WEAR leggings as pants and I’m proud of it!

Sure, I own various pants, jeans even shorts (and they are cut offs! *gasp*) but a pair black leggings with a flowy top just puts me in a comfort zone. I've finally zoomed in on a style, “Casual Luxe”. I’m still working on the “luxe” part( buying high quality, sometimes higher priced pieces) but a pair of black leggings always works with what I’m feeling style wise.

In addition to black leggings, I own grey, denim, and patterned leggings. I find that the patterned leggings are fun and add a bit of personality to my casual style. I also shop all of over the place for leggings, Walmart, Belk, rue 21, Cato, and the list goes on.

Because I’m a plus size gal, I style my leggings in a number of ways to that keep it classy but show off my curves. Here are some of my personal tips:

1)            Make sure your top covers most or half of your bum. I like my tops to cover my bum when I’m wearing leggings.
2)            Get the right size. Buy your correct size in leggings. Too big and they will look like sagging pants and too small will look TOO SMALL!
3)            Proper undergarments. If you need to wear a full coverage panty or a shaper so that you have a smooth “finish” please do so.
4)            Don’t be afraid to wear leggings as pants! Listen, fashion should have some sort of comfort level. 

If leggings are comfortable and are a part of your style, you should wear them.

Leggings are pants are just fine with me. Fashion is personal.  It evokes who you are as a person and should be your own personal flavor. Personally, leggings rock!

So what are your thoughts on leggings as pants? Is it a no-no? Is it a yes? Are you on the fence? Or do you have leggings outnumbering jeans, your favorite maxi skirt and shorts? Let me know in the comments!