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Easter Sunday Outfit 2008...You Vote!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pending I have the day off...I have managed to scrounge up two different ensembles out of closet for Easter Sunday. I didn't buy anything new...Easter is just as expensive as Christmas when it comes to the kids. Easter Baskets, new suits, suits need to be altered, haircuts, socks, new shoes...Mama ain't got no money!! It's all good. I'm a pro at pulling from my personal vault some old and making it new. That's a gift!!! :)

Now need ya'll to vote. Hopefully the poll will show up in the margin to the right or at the bottom of the post.

Outfit #1( above)

Outfit #2

Keep in mind. It's South Carolina, mid- March. Most likely it will be warm. And I have a cardigan for outfit two to cover my arms in church.

And if ya'll can't vote in the margin...leave a comment or something.

Now vote!!


Beautiful Book-age...

Driving into Spartanburg this morning, I noticed a sign announcing the Friends of the Library Sale for the Spartanburg County Library System. I remember going to this sale about two years back and scoring two Versace lookbooks from the season that had the infamous J-Lo Grammy's dress in it, in mint condition plus other great collectibles. It only lasted from 9am-2pm and I got there( after work) at 1:30. So I shopped quickly!!

Here's some pics...first Beauty/Fashion Books...

Interior Design and Art Books...
Foodie Books...I was looking for my mom some cookbooks, she likes those church cookbooks, didn't find any.
Biographies...My favorite!! What you got say about Mary Kay and John DeLorean? lol!!!
For the Kids....They are going to fight over that Eric Carle Pancakes book. I could only find one. And all the moms and children's lit fans know how much those Eric Carle books are.

Grand Total....Ready....

$2.00...the women stacked my books up, took out a yard stick, measured it, and said "$2.00 please.