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Quick Tips On Caring For Colored Treated Natural Hair!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

On every natural hair board I'm on, I see the same question alot: How do I take care of my colored natural hair? I've seen some great responses and some tips I personally used. I've colored my hair twice in two years without any breakage or problems. So, here are some quick tips on caring for your colored treated natural hair!!

Tip #1- Don't "coat" the problem!!

If you are having breakage problems, dryness problems, scalp issues, I suggest that you wait until you get these issues together before coloring. Coloring is a chemical process that can acerbate these problems even worse. I had dryness issues and it was until I figured out an awesome set of products that helped eliminate them, it was only then I colored my hair.

Tip #2 Deep Condition for your life!

I "DC" every week, with out fail. This helps with keeping the moisture locked into my porous hair. Its especially important to DC when you color your hair. Figure out how your hair likes a deep condition: on dry hair, overnight, steamed and implement this step seriously into your regimen.

Tip #2 Layer your moisture.

My thirsty hair loves co-washing followed by a creamy leave in, then my moisturizer and sealed with a natural pomade. Make sure that your regimen has moisturizing foundation to it, keeping your colored treated hair moisturizde is essential to its longevity and retention.

Tip #3 Don't over do it!

Over processing the life out of your color is one the main roads to breakage and damage. Unless you have a professional color treating your hair, don't color on top of color on top of highlights on top on color. Then, when your hair is at its "breaking point, you are on the hair boards begging for advice! MOST professionals know not to over process color but doing different color processes too close together in time frame. But some don't( I know a handful). lol I only color my hair once a year, in the summer. Once it grows out...I WAIT until next summer, but that is my personal preference. I remember being relaxed and a hair dresser I was going to wouldn't do so much as a rinse on my hair and  wouldn't do that until three weeks after a relaxer. She cared about my hair that even then was dry and prone to damage. Do the right thing for you!!

Now, I know there are other great tips out there about taking care of colored natural hair, let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: I am not a cosmetologist or hair professional.