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Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Friday, June 29, 2007

This week's Soundtrack is CeCe Peniston's I'm Moving On.
How appropriate...considering that one FB is still calling( but blocks the number and hangs mature).
But this album takes me back to when I was sophomore in college and I was in to this dude named JP who simply beautiful but I could focus on a relationship because the issues I was having with my parents, my grades, my newly found popularity(lol! I had just pledged) and my grandmother's death. Every song on this CD was me and JP. Even "Last To Know" when he started to see this Delta and everybody was like" yeah, he be up in Phelps Hall on the 3rd floor ALL THE TIME" How was I the last the know? I lived on the 2nd floor of P Hall! To "I'm Over You", one of the best breakup ballads of all time in my book, that I would play over and over again. But funny thing about me and JP is that we never stop hooking up...over the next six years...til he went to the State P on possession and distribution situations. I'll pour out a sprinkle of MAC kitchmas piggie for ya....:)


Friday Five Plus One and Nouveau Nappyhead( All in One!)

Hey all...this needs to be said...

"The Devil thought he had me...but uhh...ruhhh...!!!!!"from Curtis Payne "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" and Poppy from"Tyler Perry's Why Did I get Married"

There it goes.

Okay now back to beauty. I'm starting a new segment called Friday Five Plus One. It's my top five goodies from the week. Even since organization my makeup, I've ran up on so much stuff I wasn't using and now I'm using. Here's this week's Friday Five Plus One:

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask-I just bought this last week and love what miracles it did on my face after one hot ass Carolina day.

mark.The Body Squad Bacne Spray- I get more shoulder acne than anything but this spray clears it up in a day.

PF Talc Free Mineral Wear Mascara- Miss Kim was right. This is a really great mascara with great brush which is a one sided brush with single comb on the other side. Confused? Go buy it!

NYC Eye 2 Eye Life's A Beach e/s- I like pink eyeshadow for some reason and I bought this like last year but it's still crazy funky.

Essie Nail Lacquer in Foot-loose- Kelton said" Mommy, your toes are purple" It's a great subtle fuschia that has stay on so well.

Essie Gloss-e in Fed Up- The wand's too long and it looks nothing like the color in the tube but has insane staying power, I like it...for some reason. Why can't never figure it out?:)

Nouveau Nappyhead no more? hair is still "natural"( no chems natural) but I added to some tracks of wet and wavy yaky for a new look.


BET Awards Fashion Recap!...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well...I only got to see about an hour of the BET Awards last night because I was at work. But in THAT hour, I saw ALOT!! And it ain't like it will not be on another 1000 times.My folks really know how to do "big thangs"! Including dress BIG for awards shows. There wasn't alot of holding other awards shows. With BET awards everyone came in there own personal style. I love this dress Eva's wearing. It looks like I could put on flip flops with it and go. But I like her blond instead of black....
That's my Aunt Viv...and I ain't going let nobody to about her but me!!!
Tracee looked fantastic!!! I loved that orange...
Didn't Alicia look classic? And was I the only one who when watching the After Show noticed that they didn't do close up shots as she was interviewed but they did on Lil' Kim and Kelly Rowland?She gots to get her skin got too much money to be broke out!!
Ciara's still doing her "grown-up"transition look. I like the dress....
Thumbs up for Jenn who won an awards for New Artist and has no record out yet...
What can I say...The best example of "I do me all the time" no matter what. The dress is Miss Bey to a T.
Did that dress look too tiny to me or was it just me? but the jewelry( that ring) was fierce!

Unveiling True Beauty...Mandisa Style!!! Part I

Monday, June 25, 2007

Remember Mandisa...American Idol fifth season diva with big faith and a big voice? Well, she has a new album dropping July 31 and the folks over at EMI/Sparrow dropped me a special copy of her single True Beauty that also featured the song Only The World.

Oddly enough, the song Only the World came at a good time today. I was feeling down about some things and I popped this Mandisa CD in and it was perfect timing. The song is soulful but light and inspirational. The "Aha" moment of the day!!! True Beauty is the perfect "get ready in the morning" song when you are having one of those days where nothing fits, nothing looks good on you and you can get that eyeliner right. It got me thinking about True Beauty and what I feel true beauty is. I got a list and I'm tweaking it, so I'll have it tomorrow!!!Again the CD is coming out July 31st and it's already doing big things on the charts and at Christian radio stations. Check it out at and


Ulta haul...a small one!

I told ya'll on Saturday, the "Krew" and I made a stop at Ulta...well me and D.Shannan. Everybody else were in different stores. I don't get to Ulta that often, since Greenville is a bit aways for me, especially in 1994 Corolla with raggedy A/C. No road trip is fun in that car not even the drive to work in the morning when it's cooler. Here's what's in the pic:

Covergirl Advanced Radiance Foundation in Toasted Almond- It's amazing...I've worn the same color in Covergirl Foundations for years. These were .49 a piece. I got two of my color two for my mom who wears Soft Sable.

Ulta Cheek Color in Afterglow- It looks very Nars Orgasm but darker and has a little glitter in it.

Ulta Cheek Cream in Playful- I love cheek creams and "rouge"!

Ulta e/s in Lustre and Rose Dusk


To My Krew...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Last night I had a little sleepover/housewarming/soiree' with my closest,dearest girlfriends. We ate, talked, laughed and, slept. Then we woke up this morning and went to Greenville. Lunch @ Travinia and stops at Ulta,Marshalls/HomeGoods AKA "SuperMarshalls" and Whole Foods. I had such a blast that I'm on the edge of depression because I miss then soooo much. So I want to thank:

Shannan( You'll be recieving a call about your pop culture weekend...I need for you to be in room by 9:00 pm every night...:))
Tasha( I can't wait for my t-shirt..."Spoiler Warning Ahead")
Jenn(You can always sleep in my "bed")
Erica(Make sure you shoot me a text on that cookout...:))

for coming down the "U" and making my whole week. I needed that!!! Love you!

*I will be posting my Ulta and Marshall's haul later...I'm about to dig into some Pineapple Mango Salsa and a glass of Pinot:).


To keep or not to keep...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

So...yesterday I was on the lovely Blogdorf Goodman doing the weekly poll, when the question was asked:

"You almost had it:"

So Annie tells a story about a Marc Jacobs bag she missed by a day. And I tell in the comments my LeSportsac bag story that I was broke when I saw it last week and hope that it is still there. I asked everyone for good bag karma. Well...It was still there!! Damn Spartanburg! If that had been the Marshall's in Rock Trillzle( Rock Hill) or Charlotte, it would have been gone. Here it is in the pic. Now it was only 19.99 but now I'm having second thoughts. It's one of there "tribeca totes" so it will not fit under my arm and I will be "toting" it. That's my only situation and that there's another bag out there...better. Why can't I run up on any Tokidoki bags at Marshall's? I need your help!! Let me know what you think I should do...keep it or return?


Got it together...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last week, I finally put every piece of makeup I own( except the MAC piggies, they are in the little black box in the pic) in this organization drawer. It has been a lifesaver in the mornings I tell you!! It sits right at the bathroom door entrance so all I have to do is reach out get what I want and bring it in the bathroom and then put it back. No more little bags and clear boxes of makeup everywhere for me. In the process of organizing it, I found stuff still in plastic, stuff I had been looking for...crazy!

Review: Juice Organics 3-step...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Organic skin care @ CVS? Believe it or not, its there is the form of Juice Organics. About two weeks ago I purchased the 3-step sampler kit. I needed a new cleanser for the summer because my skin has gone psycho, breakouts and craziness. here's the scoop on the kit:

Nourishing Cleanser- It doesn't foam and it goes on like a cold cream but rinseable. I left my face really fresh and clean with no residue and a slight moisturizing. I saw a change within days of a clearer face, no lie. I must get a big bottle of this. And another only use a little to get alot done. Great for conservation on my dollars!!

Vitamin Antioxidant Serum- At first, I thought I needed to skip this. I mean, I'm only 29 and I don't think I need "tightening". But you never start too early, so I used it til I used it right up! It very serum-like, of course, but I can see wearing this alone after cleansing for these seriously hot Carolina days. This is on the check list to get too.

SPF 30 Light Tinted Moisturizer- Great moisturizer, bad color of tint. It's definitely for someone lighter because it left an ashy tint on my skin. Maybe I'll try Juice Organics Daily Moisturizer.

To Daddy...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day to my dear "Daddy" Michael Jeter!!!

May he rest in heavenly peace...I miss you so very much!

Thank you for "protecting my heart":)


Blues for Demin...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I continue to lose sunglasses all the time. That's why I haven't had good expensive pair in years. I lost a pair Chanel shades in 2004 that broke my heart. I still have the case and dust cloth for them. So when I got this really pretty glasses' case filled with glosses from Tarte, I saw it as a sign...I need a new pair of shades.:)
And in true Carolina girl fashion I have the mascara that matches the case. How sweet! Tarte's new 4-1 Lights,Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara is just as good as the original L,C,L but good for my crying ass. Yes, I cry wayyyyy too much. I should have been wearing waterproof mascara.:)

Nail Polish, Joan, and Me

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last nite, I got totally caught up in Joan Rivers Beauty on QVC. I mean, I didn't buy anything because of my "Financial Obligations" but I just love to see the host, Lisa and Joan talk about really over priced goodies that she is selling. I also loved to watch her and her jewelry shows too. She is a salesperson to the T. So is that Lisa chick. Lisa said this last night...

" You know how you need you lips to have that amazing shine and glossiness, your nails MUST have that uncompromising shine, too."

She had wanting to paint my nails.

I'm a fan of shopping channels, not necessarily shop but to watch the sales technique and personalities. HSN has that guy Antthony who sells those Muumuus. He is such a sweetheart!! And Sephora Beauty and Friday Night Beauty on QVC...Okay I know don't have a life.


Wassup shawty...

Where have I been? Busy as hell and need to break down and get some DSL for my house so I can stop coming over my mom's to use my own computer. See, I'm actually cheap. THESE two people are the cause of such long bouts of no blogging( well, days are long bouts). They must have all of Mommy's attention.
But they didn't stop me from going by my spot, the Green's Salvage for more Salon Goodies.Total in this picture: 10.50.
And...I'm planning a Housewarming/Sleepover/Weekend for a FEW of my closest girlfriends at my new la casa.They are really exicited and so am I. These are the handwritten invites I did on Papyrus Stationary. I got the stationary at Marshalls. I've only been in Papyrus once and was so in love but there are none around here. I also consulted my editions of Basic Black. The white one is a updated version.
These are two 1.00 scores from the Salvation Army in Union.
I sooooo promised to update more. If any one wants to buy me a laptop and pay my BellSouth/AT&T DSL bill...let me know!

So What!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I got my Lucky Magazine the other day and was really surprised to see Vanessa Minnillo on the cover. I mean have they ran out of folks as cover models? Lucky...try using a MODEL...from a MODELING you USED to before you got all celebrity inspired. Jesus!!! I mean Vanessa is a cute girl, heard she nice and sweet( she and my LS Chinwe'( line sister) went and graduated from Bishop England HS in Charleston together) but you ain't nobody. Shoot...they should have put Nick on there with her! And the inside is just as dry this as the cover. I'm done...Peace!



Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ah... I put this in this morning and danced, cried and sung through the whole thing. I love Tamia's first CD. I remember I was "in love" with this dude named "Devyon" that was aspiring rapper. He was crazy talented and he knew it, so nothing was going to get in the way, not even a little college student named Jamie. I still think of him,what he's up to and such. Tamia makes me do that!!!


Bargain Fashion Finds and stuff...Part II

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

For some reason Blogger's ass would not let me put all my pictures up. Any-T-ways, Here are three vintage bags I found at the Salvation Army in SPBG on the same day as my Goodwill haul. I swear its too neat in there...

Before you freak out on this pic...Union has this store called Green's Salvage where you can buy discontinued groceries and stuff from out of business stores like Winn Dixie. So I roll up looking for my usual Starbucks coffee already grounded for like 4.00 and see these boxes full of polish...Essie Nail Lacquer and Essie Lip Gloss and other Salon diddies like L'anza and Alterna. I ask the owner dude and he was like,the polishes and glosses $.25 and hair stuff, $1. What!!! I loaded up like a big dog. Here's what's in the pick, not in order though...
L'anza Solutions Urban Elements Liquid Texture Styling Gel
Alto Bella Curl Solutions Serum
Essie Ridge Filler
Essie Polishes in Innocent, Steppin' Out(2), Minimalistic, Cruise Control, Sole Mate, Flower Girl,Foot Loose,Pink Lemonade,Marabou,Primavera
Essie Lip Gloss in Fed-up and Waltz(2)
Big Sexy Lips in Last Dance

Bargain Fashion Finds and stuff...Part I

I'm back...let's not talk about it. All I'll say is that the last couple days have been mentally brutal. Some one should give themselves a round of applause. For some reason I feel much better. And the mist of all the emotional turmoil I managed to hit the SPBG Hillcrest Goodwill and ran up on Target. Not really Target but tons of brand new stuff from Target at the Goodwill! This a new Mossimo grey tank. Don't mind the ironing board in the background!:)
Paul and Joe for Target Tunic.So sweet and comfy...
Mossimo Jacket,Size large...and it fits!
I remember this doggone dress. I tried it on last summer and decided against it for another dress and there is was in the Goodwill waiting for me!
Not Target and very summer 2004 but I love it anyway. Going to wear it with my Patrick Robinson tank I think.