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Rural Glamour Emmy's Fashion Wrap Up!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Thanks Cuzin T.Hall for reminding me of the E! Red Carpet Show for the Emmy's. I ended up watching most of the Emmy's which I thought was very smooth and funny. Especially when they did the Best Comedy Writing for Late Night Show. "I do not recall..." lol! I wasn't overwhelmed any body's dress but I do have comments:)...
I loved Marcia Cross' earrings. Lorraine Schwartz is a jeweled genius. I hope to a "Beyonce" and drip Lorraine's jewels one day.

Wrong lip color and her hair looked undone. Why do these big superstar hair stylists think messy hair is such the look on the red carpet like the Emmy's? Maybe something like the Grammy's is bed head hair day look....

Vanessa will wear some shade of light blue or green. But her skin and face was flawless!She said she uses alot of "oils" and works out alot to give her that glow.

I loved this dress. The contrast of the pewter and gold is wonderful and the big bow is so girly!

At least Chandra didn't do her own hair on this go around. But that dress looked generic...

Did anyone catch the Macy's commerical with all the stars? That's was so hot! You can check it out on September 18 on

Jessica at the back door with shoes in the Macy's Star!

Has she lost weight? That dress looked like it was squeezing the life out of her. Beautiful color though...

Don't let Tamika put a cap in you arse, Martha! ( Macy's Commerical)