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~Rural Style~ Rose Gold Watches...Michael Kors vs. Geneva.....

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Lately, I've been seeing alot of fashion bloggers and vloggers showing off Michael Kors oversized watches in all hues but especially in Rose Gold. But, it wasn't til' I was flipping through my April 2012 People Style Watch that I realize how expensive they are! I felt too foolish for some reason! lol!

No shade to the dolls who can shell out $250+ for watch, which isn't that bad. That's actually low end for a "good" watch but I'm not the position for that kind of purchase YET ( Thanks Shanel:)).

Here's Michael Kors' Rose Gold Watch.....

Here's the Oversized Gold Watch from Mr. Kors as well....

About three weeks ago, I stepped in my hometown boutique called Almost Pink and bought this Geneva Rose Goldtone Oversized inspired watch for $20. Perfect for me, I'm the person who forget to wear a watch and often checks my cell phone for the time. lol!

Here's me wearing my "inspired" watch!!! I do love it, makes layering with other bracelets sort of difficult, but when I'm wearing it, the rosey tone is perfect for my skin tone.

Quick story about my watch: There was the "out of towner" in the store when purchased it talking about how Michael Kors and Coach are making these same watches but $200, $300 more. So I put this watch on and went to pay for it and some other items. She was asking where did that rose gold watch go. lol! Truth be told, I only bought it because there was only one and she wanted! I haven't done that in YEARS!