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Tarte's Earth Day Special!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

In honor of Earth Day, Tarte is offering 20% off of all tarte purchases. The products are loaded with "healthy, natural ingredients and free of mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic fragrances".

Valid through May 2, 2008.

Code: EARTH08

Pick up my favorite Cheek Stain of them all... Full Blossom!!

RG PrettyGyrl Spotlight: Nikia Phoenix...

So I flipping through this May 2008 Glamour and I come across the this photo and think to myself..."I know that girl..." And I do. She is Nikia Phoenix and she and her mom are featured in May 2008 Mother's Day edition of Glamour Magazine. And she is W.U. peeps, I met her and knew her my senior year at the W.U. We were is SGA together! Geeks,eh! lol!
I pimped her to spill some of her beauty secrets. She's says...

"Beauty tips huh. It's funny because our mothers should pass beauty tips down to their daughters. The only thing my mom taught me was to roll my hair before going to sleep ( which I refuse to do). But I think I've taught Betty a few things or two."

"1). Just because we're black, doesn't mean we are immune to sun damage. So no matter what, I always wear sunscreen.

2). Use products for your skin that contain vitamin E, because we do age.

3). Invest in really good eye cream ( no one wants dark circles or puffy eyes )

4). Moisturize: I prefer cocoa butter"

"And last but not least...

5) Sometimes we need to exfoliate, but we don't want to dry out our skin. So I make this coffee scrub at home that's perfect.

Equal amounts of ground coffee and brown sugar, some olive oil, and also some peppermint oil. Sure it leaves a mess in your tub, but your skin will be clean and refreshed. ( Caffeine is really good for your skin. ) Hope that helps. Oh, and I love Carol's Daughter products"

Thanks "N"!!!


BigGyrl Fab Outfit 04/20/2008

Hey cousins!!
My Sunday Best:
Hairbands: Goody from Big Lots
Earrings: Target
Necklaces: Salvation Army and This N' That
Bracelet: I don't remember, I've had since before I had kids.
Tank: Wal-Mart

You will notice that my top is white and the skirt is cream. I did it on purpose, Grandma. As soon as a I walked in church she noticed that. lol! I felt a bit too casual and I still haven't gotten me a start of sandal season pedicure. I looking for a really good spa in the Upstate to knock it out the park for me.

It was great Sunday and good weekend. The weather was fantastic here and the boys and I hung out on the deck and the front porch. I decided I'm going to give my front porch a makeover. Just for looks because I don't sit out there but I know the boys will want to explore the front yard this summer.

Have a blessed day!