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Do it... Foodie Eats

Friday, April 18, 2008

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend! I'm going to take the weekend off from blogging to do nothing in particular but I did want to spread the news about this wonderful Pizza Hut Pasta called Tuscani Pasta.

The boys' and I have had this twice this week. It's soooooo goood! Add a glass of your favorite white vino and the let the party begin. Plus, unless your are feeding more than four people you'll have crazy leftovers.


Dove Go Fresh

I'm so excited introduce my Rural Glamour readers to Dove Fresh Takes starting my Soror Alicia Keys!!! The "minisodes" are super fun and relatable to our everyday lives as women in our twenties. Now, I'm not in my twenties anymore:) but loved each episode and Ms. Keys is definitely holding her own.

“I am so excited to be starring in ‘Fresh Takes’ created by Dove go fresh because it puts the pressures that I deal with every day in a new light and opens my eyes to the reality that I can be successful in many different ways and have every reason to feel beautiful right now,” says Keys. “I hope the series inspires other 20-somethings to get a fresh take on the pressures in their lives and start enjoying the ride.”

My favorite minisode: Who's Your!