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~Swatches + First Impressions~ Maybelline Vivids Lipcolors.....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I finally spotted and got my hands on some of the new Maybelline Vivids. I spotted them a couple weeks back in Spartanburg but didn't get any. I was so mad when I got back home, however my hometown Walmart finally got them. They are in the regular display wall so I almost overlooked them!! It pays to check the regular display. lol!

 I only got two colors, Vivid Rose and Brazen Berry

(left) Vivid Rose and (right) Brazen Berry

 Wearing Brazen Berry....
Wearing Vivid Rose....

~My Thoughts~

I was super excited to find these since everyone on the blogs,You Tube and Instagram are raving over them. The price is pretty reasonable, My Walmart had them at $5.84, so I'm going back for some other colors. I was underwhelmed by Brazen Berry, which reminds me of  Revlon Berry Haute. Berry Haute is a bit lighter but they in the same lavender family. I thought Brazen Berry would be brighter.

Vivid Rose is SICK. The color is just gorgeous!! Such a rare, vibrant  find in drugstore makeup. Definitely, a "Vivid" color.

Have you picked up any of the Maybelline Vivids? If so, what colors? Let me know in the comments!!

~New polish spotted at ulta!~

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hey everyone!
I meant to post this two weeks ago when I saw these new polish goodies at ulta. Check them out!


~Review + Giveaway~ Weight Watchers® by Conair™ Digital Scale (Model WW58S) **CLOSED**

Hey Everyone,

I know that alot of people out there are looking for a fresh start in their journey to weight loss. I can't tell you the countless commercials  online challenges and new products I've seen in the last eight days!! I see it like this, whatever works for you is for you.:)

One the key tools in a weight loss journey is a scale. When I lost 20 lbs almost two years ago, I bought my first scale. It was your basic scale but it worked for me because I didn't weigh everyday. I chose one day out of the week, same time, same clothing to weigh myself.

 Weight Watchers® by Conair™ Digital Scale (Model WW58S) is awesome starter or even an upgrade scale to use as one of the tools on your weight loss journey. Here are some details on the scale:

The sleek, slim silver glass scale has an easy-to-read 1.5” digital display. The scale is 12.4” X 12.4” and has a 400-lb. capacity. The scale runs on one long-life AAA lithium battery (included) and has a 10-year warranty.
The Weight Watchers® by Conair™ Digital Scale (Model WW58S) is available nationwide at stores such as Kmart and Kohls, as well as at for an average retail price of $29.99.

The scale also comes with motivational interchangeable stickers to fit your mood or inspire  you to keep going.

Here is my scale.
Directions and Stickers.
The stickers that I put on. I'm a huge fan of the classic TV show, Martin, so "You Go Girl" sticker is my favorite!!


The scale was easy to use and I felt like its the most accurate scale I've owned. The retail price is $29.99 and worth the investment. Its sleek and flat so it fit very well under my dresser, so well, I couldn't find it!


Are you on a weight loss journey? A health/lifestyle change this year? Give me one of your goals in the comments!


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The winner was be chosen by a random number generator.
USA Residents ONLY!

Giveaway ends January 16, 2013 at 12am Midnight EST.

I can't wait to hear your goals!!

Also check out Conair Scales on Twitter (@ConairScales) for other tips and advice to stay motivated, get fit and become healthier!

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

~Fresh Coat~ Revlon Girly.....

Monday, January 07, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Finally got around to wearing my highly sought after( by me:)) Revlon Girly. Thanks to Gia over at Nouveau Cheap, I found out that Girly is pretty sheer so I needed to base color if I wanted maximum opaqueness.

 I put one light and very streaky coat of Kleancolor Pastel Purple on before Girly.
Then two coats of Girly.


*deep sigh* I'm not digging it. I've been having to worst luck with Revlon's glitters and they keep pumping out really pretty colors and combinations and I keep buying them!!! LOL!

The glitter was really hard to spread. You get alot of the brush, so there's not alot of fishing for glitter. But it went on patchy and lumpy.

Welp.....On to the next color.:)

~Swatches + First Impressions~ CoverGirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Coral Twist....

Hey Everyone!!

The CoverGirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balms were not hard to find in this new year's drugstore product hunt. I've seen them at Rite Aid, Walgreens, Ulta and both of my CVS'. I only got ONE, Coral Twist, the same color Janelle Monae is wearing on the display ad.

 Coral Twist ( the name is only written on the protective plastic wrapper and NO WHERE on the product)
Swatch on the back of the hand.
Coral Twist on the lips.


I love this color. If it suited Janelle Monae, I figured it would suit me and it did! Great color payoff, smooth formula, much like the Revlon Gloss Stain sticks.

The price is BANANAS. Every where I saw them ( in my area), they were 8.99. O_O Nine dollars for a drugstore lip product? CoverGirl is feeling herself! I want some other colors, so I found a coupon in a magazine, then I have another coupon from this Sunday's past P&G brandsaver coupon book and I'll buy them at either Ulta with another $3.50 off $10 coupon or CVS for BeautyBucks.

Have you seen these? Picked any up? Any favorite colors or thoughts? Let me know!

~Swatches + First Impressions~ Maybelline Color Whispers Lipstick in Made-It Mauve and Mocha Muse.....

Hey Everyone!!

I found the new Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks at my local Wal Mart for $5.94. I picked up Made-It Mauve and Mocha Muse

Mocha Muse on top and Made-It Mauve on bottom.

 Mocha Muse
 Made It Mauve

Made-It Mauve on the left, Mocha Muse on the right.

Thoughts: I've worn these for the last couple of days and they are just ok. I don't think I'll buy anymore. The color was way more pigmented than I expected but they do remind me of the Revlon Lip Butters, like a year late. lol! The Revlon Lip Butters are in MY OPINION more pigmented. Even the lightest colors in the Revlon Lip Butters pack more color. On the lip swatches in the pictures, that's about three layers of color I put on.

The Whispers were also a bit greasy. I'm not a fan of lip balm any way but the texture after awhile was crazy greasy. 

Have you seen these or picked any up? Let me know your favorite colors!

~Swatches + First Impressions~ L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer in W 6-7-8....

Friday, January 04, 2013

Hey Everyone!

I picked up L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer at Walgreens on last Saturday. As you can see from the picture below, the display was massive but there was only two of each color of the concealer. Don't fret, this is not a limited edition item( Thank God) and will  probably be in your L'Oreal regular displays soon.:)

 I got the color W 6-7-8 to use as a highlighting concealer. The shade lighter than this one seems a tad bit too light for my under eye....
 Here's a swatch on my hand. My hand and face are same shade for the most part until the summer when I get a car tan on my left arm. LOL!
So far, I'm digging this concealer!!  I can highlight as much as a want or as little as a want because of the crayon like applicator. Then I buff it out with a blending brush and set it with Ben Nye Banana Powder.

I will say, that soft strokes of the color work better with blending it on  than hard heavy ones. Too much product and the concealer requires a bit of "elbow grease" to get it blended in.

Spring 2013 drugstore beauty is going pretty well for me!!

Have you seen the True Match Concealer Crayon? Let me know!

~Swatches + First Impressions~ Fergie Wet N' Wild CenterStage Collection.....

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Hey Everyone!
I found the Fergie for Wet N' Wild CenterStage Collection on Saturday, untouched ready for my loving hands!!

I saw only one "first impressions" video on the collection, which was enough for me. I wanted to as unbiased as possible in picking though the goodies.

I skipped the polish because these polishes are in my....get this...Family Dollar. Yes, good ol' Family Dollar.

The Walgreens I went into, the collection was right at the door. No crazy chase down for them.

 I got two lip colors....
 Bebot Love and Ferguson Crest Cabernet.

I'm not a big Fergie fan, so I can't explain those names. lol!
 Bebot Love is a pinky nude and Ferguson Crest Cabernet is a raspberry shade. They are both flat with no shimmer but with a tad bit of gloss.

I LOVE Bebot Love! I've worn it  almost everyday since Saturday.

***Don't get caught up in the quads and bronzers and miss out on these lippies. They are the secret weapon in this collection!! I'm going back to get the OTHER colors really soon!***
 I only got one Photo Op Eye Shadow Quad in Desert Festival out of the four eyeshadows. If you remember the Fergie box kits Wet N' Wild did in September, two of those kits eyeshadow quads look like two of the quads in this collection. #sideeye #theytriedit

#Receipts- Check the last two quad to the right in this photo...and then the last two in the top collection photo. #yeptheytriedit If you own Glamour-Eyes and Fergie Ferg Fresh, you can probably skip two of the quads in this collection.
Here are some swatches of Desert Festival. Its a pretty combination of colors. I found the burnt orange to be my favorite shade. There are two mattes in this quad. The darker shades are really tough to blend.

Sooooo....has anyone else ran into the CenterStage Collection...What were your buys? Let me know!!

~2013 Beauty Resolutions!~

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I never make REAL resolutions. Only beauty and some fashion ones but definitely beauty!

Here are my Beauty Resolutions:

1) Depot my L'Oreal HIP and NK single shadows and put them in a palette, maybe a Z-palette.
-I watch a YouTube video where a chick had all of her HIP shadows in a magnetized pan. That lead me to dig up my HIP shadows and products. lol! Plus, I have NK Nicka K single shadows that I love but I never used because they are in a bag I forget I have. Depotting is a goal this year.

2)Take Hair Growth supplements for a year.
-I am in year FOUR of being natural and my hair grows but its really delicate and weak. I'm wondering if its an internal situation since I've done everything to retain more length. I will be taking them for a year just to see if my hair is a internal situation.

3)Learn color correction for my face.
-I have shadowy areas around my face and I want to learn the correct way to...correct them!

4)Try brands I've never tried or do not own.
-I realized this year, that I'm really brand loyal. I find something that works, and I stick to it. This year, I will be trying brands I haven't tried( and everyone else has. lol). Even if its owning one product, I trying it!!

5) Color my hair back to dark brown this summer.
- My hair will be most likely in braids and twists this summer so I want to have one color and not the half and half color I have now. I'll probably do a rinse.

6)Support and buy more from Sista Owned beauty businesses.
-ToniDaley on YouTube has a series where she buys from African American owned Etsy and e-tailers and spotlights them on her site. I want to do something similar but do beauty products made by sistas. This should be alot of fun!!

7)Learn how to wing liner.
-I can't wing liner yet, but I'm going to learn!! Anything is possible. I went from not even knowing how to apply a strip lash, to applying single lash extensions that last over two weeks. That wing liner is going to get perfected!!!

Do you have any beauty resolutions? Let me know!!