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Weekend's Ahead....

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm such a freaking procrastinator, it ain't even cute. I had "important" stuff to do today but I didn't do it.I've done nada but pay a bill or two, order in Mexican food,watch my Momma's digital cable, surf the net, and wonder what to do this weekend with the boys...
Maybe we'll go to the bookstore in the morning or something. Anything to get out the house. Anywho...Have a blessed, I really mean that! lol! We all don't have these super busy, exciting, and electric lives but some of us do:)...So have a great weekend.:)
My Birthday is over horizon ya'll. My My Space page already got me as "31"(?). I'm starting to get b'day cards in mail, too. My mother said she was going take me out to eat but then said I didn't need to go because I needed save money. What? Was I going to have to pay for my OWN birthday meal? She crazy, I tell ya. And I've been broke...I'm just not going to stay broke!!! Hallelujah! The blessings are coming each and every day. I haven't gone through financial hardship for nothing...It's a test. Think about it.:)
Just collecting my b'day cash because I'm spending on myself...and Verizon Wireless will get part of it too.
And...check out this new Chanel nail "lacquer" in Haut Chocolate. I saw this twice over at The Makeup Girl and must have it!
photo swagger jacked from The Makeup Girl