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Super Rave:Flirt! and Grassroots @Kohls

Thursday, October 12, 2006

On last Saturday,The "Beetlebats" and I ventured to Kohl's in Spartanburg.I have NEVA been I Kohl's fan.I used to live and work about 15 minutes from one in Pineville NC.I can't tell you the last time I went in one.But I had been hearing about this Flirt! line that they carry so I decided to make quick run in.My boys are not interested in makeup so my makeup/product trips are short and sweet with them. I pick up Flirt! Gold Star Limited Edition Lipgloss key ring in Nectar Fizz and Zippy Ginger. I've been wearing the Ginger as the base color and Nectar as the highlight. They are so pretty and fun.I did'nt put them on my keys though!I also got the Grassroots Moisterizer Duo in While You Were Sleeping(night)and Happily Ever After(day).Both .5 oz trial sizes,I'm in heaven with the While You Were Sleeping at night. The scent of Madgascan Vanilla and Siamese Bergamot is truly calming and soothing and texture soaks right in. After five days of use,I'm definetly getting a big tube of it! Happily Ever After is just as great, with a light texture and SPF 15 protection.Guess I'll see some more of Kohl's!!

Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead Part VI

In Haywood Mall today,I also discovered a freestanding Aveda store.I squealed so loudly that the SA's in the store were staring at me when I walked in.I went in under my blogging muse,Julia, suggestion to pick up the Sap Moss Shampoo and Conditioner for my new natural.I so forgot how I love Aveda since I first stepped in the one in Pentagon City Mall in 1998. I got the Shampoo and Conditioner and a beautiful sister that smell like sandlewood with a big piece-y afro approved my choices and promptly sat me in a chair to massage my hair with Aveda Brillant Humectant Pomade and Light Elements Reviving Mist.My scalp tingled with delight and I promised her I'll be back for both products.I was amaze at the shine that both products produced and I still smell it at this 10:00 pm hour.The only thing that I'm mad at Aveda about is that they don't do the trial/travel sizes of the products anymore.That's how I got to know them! Oh well, just another adventure on the trail of nappyheadness!!


I've Found A Home...

I know I'm always complaining about not having high end beauty accesible to me. I have a 1994 Corolla that in the last year has had three engine repairs and needs new tires bad. So I really don't like to drive. Well today I took my oldest twin "Bubba Lee" or "Phat Bubba"(which ever you prefer:)) to his pediatric dentist which is located in Greer SC. Now,Greer is in the middle of Greenville and Spartanburg Counties and the home the only North American BMW plant. Enough nerdy history folks! It's also two exits down from Haywood Mall,a mall that has Belk's and Macy's and I host of pretty good stores(i.e. Williams Sonoma,Aveda Freestanding Store(I'll get to that later...)).I decided to brave that I-85 north and go check out the MAC counter in Belk.And girls...I've found home!I dove right into the scenery purchasing the MAC Viva Glam VI lipglass and Tempting e/s.I sauntered with my "beetlebats" in the doublestroller over the Kiehls counter where a got Washable Cleansing Milk.I don't have time for's slow arse to send me some Purity Made Simple. So I've switched cleansers.The Kiehls SA loaded me up with samples of Musk and a new Wet Hair Gel. THEN,I rolled over to the Bobbi Brown counter where there was some the nicest SA's I've ever met.I didn't get her name,but she answered all of my questions put me on the list for the Shimmer Brick and Lip Kit.Because I've never had one,she said this would be the perfect starter one.I didn't tell her the that I owned the Milani Shimmer Stripes knockoff(two of them, adn Makeup Alley is feenign over them), which I LOVE.She also set me up with a Holiday Event that are having featuring one of Bobbi's personal makeup artists.I'm the FIRST appointment of the event on December 13. I'm taking the day off and socking twenty away each week til the event. What fun I had. I also browsed the Laura Mercier and Benefit counters who were holding ground in the good ole' Haywood Mall. What fun I had!!!