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Weekend Rural Glamour....

Monday, June 01, 2009

Ah...the weekend.It's over and I'm just going recap all the beauty haps that occurred!

Friday.See these two Jessica Simpson Fancy samples? I put them in this old atomizer...

And Voila!! I had better use of them.Fancy has very sweet candy base like Pink Sugar but it smells like something I've worn before...I can't put my finger on it.... Anyway, I like it and must have it!! I saw a gift set for it at Ulta....

Saturday.The last day of my wild frizzy roller set.It looks good for about two days then its time for a wash. I don't care how many silk caps I wear...It gets old fast. Played with some old KLS eyeshadows. The whole face is Shopping My Stash collage!

Sunday. Church face. Played with some MAC pigments. The yellow is called Gold. It was my first piggie I ever bought via ebay *sniff-sniff* And my favorite earrings.:) Experimented with a brown liquid liner. Fail.Fail Fail!!! It sucked so I threw it in the trash can.
What else?
-Old Navy flip flops are a cheap mess.I got a pair of black ones that hurt like hell. Me want Havaianas.
-Saw that I have a 'greasy' looking neck. So I used Cover Girl Queen Collection Mineral Foundation on my neck and it looks 110% better!!!