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"Who are you dressing for?"...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hey ya'll...

Check out a blog I wrote on My MySpace entitled 'Who are you dressing for?"

You know a diva think she's writer and stuff....:) lol!!


RG's Black History Month Tribute...

My co-workers( my African -American co-workers) have been joking that it is essential to keep the peace with management this month, since it's Black History Month. Thank God tomorrow is the 29th! Being a history major, I should have been on it, posting on the blog about our amazing life journey in time. But I was the History major, dressed to the nines for 8 am class and between classes driving to Carolina Place Mall to work at New York & Company AKA " Da Lerners".

But last Sunday I watched a program on the History of the Ebony Fashion Fair and was very impressed. So here you have it... a glimpse into OUR fashion roots...The Ebony Fashion Fair


There's not much you can count on when it comes to fashion. Trends come and they go. But one thing in the world of fashion people can count on is that the Ebony Fashion Fair continues to lead the way in showing Black America the latest in high fashion.

The Ebony Fashion Fair has not only premiered creations by the world's biggest designers, but also made big stars out of some of its models.
It's been more than 50 years since the show was created, and to this day it has remained in a class of its own every step of the way.

One dares not utter Ebony Fashion Fair without immediately having Mrs. Eunice W. Johnson, producer-director of Ebony Fashion Fair, come to mind. A true fashion pioneer, Mrs. Johnson has been traveling abroad to purchase creations from the world's best-known fashion houses for more than four decades. During this time, she has earned a place in fashion history as the first Black ever to purchase from across the Atlantic for a traveling fashion show.

The fashion extravaganza continues to make history and has established itself as the world's largest traveling fashion show-the only one of its kind, Black or White.

It all started in 1956 when the idea for the Ebony Fashion Fair was conceived. In an effort to support a worthy cause, Mrs. Jessie Covington Dent, wife of Dr. Albert W. Dent, former president emeritus of Dillard University in New Orleans, approached Mr. John H. Johnson, publisher, chairman and CEO of Johnson Publishing Co., to sponsor a mini-fashion show fund-raiser for the Women's Auxiliary of Flint-Goodrich Hospital in New Orleans.

The first show was such a success that Mr. Johnson, in consultation with Mrs. Johnson and Freda C. DeKnight, home service director, then decided to take it on a cross-country tour to benefit other worthy charities. Ten cities were selected in 1958 by Mr. and Mrs. Johnson to host the first Ebony Fashion Fair. With the theme "Ebony Fashion Fair Around The Clock," the show featured four female models with DeKnight serving as commentator. Ticket prices ranged from $3.50 to $12. The prices remained that way from 1958 through 1966, with more than 50 percent of the earnings allocated for scholarships.

A variety of non-profit groups has sponsored the show in each city, helping many organizations to raise money for charitable causes. Most often leading social and civic groups and sororities and fraternities have benefited from the show's efforts. The show is sponsored by nearly 180 non-profit organizations with some cities alternating because of the travel time frame. The audience grew each year from hundreds to thousands. Today, hundreds of thousands of people attend the show each year.

Over 4,000 shows have been performed to date in the United States, the Caribbean, London, England, and Kingston, Jamaica. To date, Ebony Fashion Fair has raised more than $54 million for various scholarship groups, allowing hundreds of young people the opportunity to further their education.
Sadly, Dent, the woman who inspired the creation of the show, died in 2001 at the age of 96.

Attending Ebony Fashion Fair is always quite an experience. Noted for its eye-catching, jaw-dropping designs, the show has been credited with helping Black women to keep up with what's vogue across the Atlantic. For instance, in 1975 audiences thought it was the "living end" when model-former Ebony Fashion Fair commentator Shayla Simpson modeled a thong, two-piece swimsuit by late designer Rudi Gernreich. Twelve years earlier the same designer rendered people speechless after they saw his topless bathing suit!

The show has been noted for its bold outfits that celebrate the human body. It's nothing to see sheer camisoles and blouses that reveal breasts, pants that expose the buttocks or evening gowns with splits so high they become the talk of the fashion show. And while many of the creations appeared "wild" back then and even now, it seems that the show is well ahead of its time. Today thongs have become a necessary fashion statement for women who don't want panty lines to show.

Keeping up with fashion trends isn't the only thing for which the show has been recognized. Throughout the years, patrons are introduced to creations by world-renowned Italian, French, British and Japanese designers. And, throughout the years, Black designers also have been showcased from Stephen Burrows to James Daugherty to L'Amour to B. Michael to Quinton de Alexander. While fashion is the staple of Ebony Fashion Fair, the show has also launched careers. Some of the Ebony Fashion Fair models have become stars in their own right thanks, to their great start with the show.

Famed actor Richard Roundtree and former "First Lady of the Pentagon" Janet Langhart Cohen are just a few who got their start as models with the show. Roundtree was a salesman in a haberdashery in 1967 when Mrs. Johnson discovered him in New York. Tall, dark and handsome, the dimple-faced Roundtree was a hit on the runway. He later went on to score big as the smooth detective John Shaft in the Shaft action movies. His cool leather look ended up starting a fashion trend for men in the 1970s. Today, men continue to emulate that style.

Janet Langhart Cohen, a former co-host of the syndicated "Good Day" show, also strutted the runway as an Ebony Fashion Fair model. After college she worked as a model for the show and credits the grace and poise she learned under the tutelage of Mrs. Johnson for her success in television. Langhart Cohen was among the first Black women to break into television. She worked for ABC, NBC and CBS, in addition to BET. The award-winning veteran of journalism and television currently is president and CEO of Langhart Communications. She is the wife of former Defense Secretary William S. Cohen.

Pat Cleveland, the youngest ever to tour with Ebony Fashion Fair at age 15, used her experience with the show as a springboard for what would become a successful modeling career. Cleveland, during the '70s, became one of fashion's biggest Black runway models. Before the term supermodel was formally coined, the pioneering beauty was considered among one of fashion's first Black "supermodels." Terri Springer was the undisputed "star" of Ebony Fashion Fair from 1959-1964. Today many people still recall the grace and beauty of the regal, mocha-colored model. The daring and beautiful Springer hit the runway like she owned it with explosive drama and elegance. And during a day and age when women with dark skin weren't eager to wear bright colors, Springer wore bright colors as if they were made exclusively for her.

Actress Judy Pace, along with the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, was the first to model in ads for Fashion Fair Cosmetics. After touring with the show, the lovely Pace went on to appear in such films as The Slams, Cool Breeze, Brian's Song and Cotton Comes To Harlem. She also appeared on the '60s TV series "Peyton Place." She is the widow of baseball legend Curt Flood. Like Langhart Cohen, Sue Simmons found a career in television following her stint as a model. A veteran of more than 25 years in television journalism, today Simmons is a WNBC co-anchor of "News Channel 4/Live At Five," and "News Channel 4 at 11 p.m.," New York's No. 1-rated late newscast.

Roundtree wasn't the only male model to go on to do great things. Eddie E. Hatch landed a role on the soap opera "All My Children" and later on "Another World." He also did stunt work for Billy Dee Williams and appeared in movies such as Hot Shot, Street Smart, The Warriors and High Stakes. Ebony Fashion Fair model Hal DeWindt, a noted teacher and acting coach in New York for more than 20 years, was involved with classic films such as Cotton Comes To Harlem, They Call Me Mr. Tibbs, and Sounder.

Current Ebony Fashion Fair commentator, Jada Collins, joined the show in 1999 as a model/assistant commentator. The following year she was tapped as its commentator/model supervisor. In addition to her other duties, she is featured in print work for both Ebony Fashion Fair and Fashion Fair Cosmetics. This year the world's largest traveling fashion show celebrates its 50th anniversary with "Glam Odyssey".

---Margena A. Christian is the Features Editor of JET magazine


And here's a great Youtube on the Ebony Fashion Fair!!

WU Homecoming Fashion Show!!!! lol!

Friday Traveling Outfit
It's almost here...that Winthrop University Homecoming 2008. Yes, I'm going. Even though I got to work Friday 1-7( I leaving at 5, MP!) I'll be on the road toward the Rock Hill/Fort Mill/Charlotte area. It's also CIAA weekend in Charlotte so we got alot to get into. I can't wait to see everyone and I'll make sure to take PLENTY of pictures! Now what I have done was laid out all the potential outfits for the weekend. I have to...because fabulous doesn't come that easy, its a plan of attack. Plus, of course, Cousin's on a budget. I go to have money to drink when I get there!!

The pic above in Optional Outfit for Sunday morning/afternoon.( we usually go to breakfast or brunch before everyone goes back home...)

Saturday Night (optional)

Saturday( early morning shopping with T.Hall, lunch, the game.)

Friday Night. I wanted to wear a dress but could'nt find what I was looking for and I still need some new black party shoes...

Sunday morning/afternoon(optional)

Kitchen Gadget Obsessed...again!!!

I know Nemesis is going to mad at me about this one...I tried mami to stay with from Marshall's!!!

First of all , I went in there to find some black shoes from an ensemble I'm wearing for Homecoming this weekend. I walked right in to the Rachael Ray pots and pans collection( you that's in the orange and green she uses on the show). So you know that just set me on my way to the homewares department. And I go straight to the clearance ends.

Just look at that Mario Batali Bowl Set for $8.00, cousins!!!

And that Bamboo cutting board! I needed a bigger bamboo cutting board. You know to go with my wonderful knife set/block I love.:)


The MakeupBag Girl....

Monday, February 25, 2008

I pick this cute Sonia Kashuk makeup bag at Target for $4.95 other day. I needed finally get a my makeup bag in my handbag to together. Matter of fact, get a makeup bag in the my handbag period. I just have stuff swimming around in there!
I packed it up with these essentials:

Tarte Little Blot Book
Maybelline Nail Polish in Acoustic Azure( What I'm wearing right now)
Essence of Beauty Hand Cream
Hand Sanitizer
mark. Hook Up Mints/Pro Gloss in Swank
Neutrogena Honey rescue Balm
BBW lip and face balm
mark. Self Sanctuary Spa Water
Sephora Lash Plumper
EOB Brushes
Tarte brush
VS Bare Bronzer in Heat Mirage
BalmVoyage Box
Spare Earrings
Perfume Samples in Pink Sugar, Child, Fresh Pink Jasmine, Kiehls Musk

Any thing else I need to add? Let me know!

Also, I spotted this bottle of Perrier for Paul & Joe at the Le Lion. What a cool collecter's item for fashion lovers. There's also some cans, but we don't have them. My co-worker is obsessed with those collector's editon Mountain Dew Bottles. I'll be on the look out for the cans...


I Made Gravy!!!

My mother starting teaching me how to cook when I was about 13. She said to me, "Ain't no man going to marry you if you can't cook." I'm still not married but I can cook thanks to my momma. She taught me the puriest of Southern cooking, biscuits from scratch, boiling rice, cleaning collards, frying chicken and making gravy. I didn't know gravy even came in a packet til I was in! Saturday, I made me and the kids chicken, rice and gravy and cabbage. And made that gravy, smooth and creamy, from the chicken pan right for the first time. I've messed a couple of times in the past. So getting right finally was so fabulous!!
Now... don't ask for a recipe because I kinda don't remember the measurements of everything with the gravy...:)


A Decorative Effort by Jamie...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So...yesterday at Le Lion, they were FINALLY getting rid of those damn V-Day flowers from a WEEK ago. They were all looking crazy so I grab some from one of the produce associates.
I'm not a decortive person...but I'm trying!
I rather have things for the kitchen.:)

And look at the final result as I picked away at the dead flowers and tacky baby's breath.

Ain't I 1-800-Flowers...1-800-Bougie Flowers!! lol!!

Review: Be Fine Food Care Evening Sampler...

I bet ya'll think the CVS' in Union are flea markets...but they are not!! I got the Be Fine Food Care Evening Sampler at a Union CVS for 8.99 on clearance about three weeks ago. I'm always trying to find the perfect night ritual, one can rememebr to do. Yes, I go to sleep with makeup on...sometimes.

I also had been eyeing that Be Fine stuff seems like forever till' went on sale. Hello! In this sampler there is a Exfoiliating Cleanser, Firming Toner and Night Cream. I expecting to smell like a Cinnabon after I used it.

Suprisenly, for a "food " based line, its fragrance free. The exfoiliating cleanser went on rough at first but because its has brown sugar in it, it disolved into a creamy wash. The only thing about the toner that I didn't like was that it sprayed out. So I ended up spraying it in my hand and patting it into my skin. The night cream wasn't a cream at all, more like a light moisterizer, unscented and felt good to the touch. In the last three weeks( the whole kit has lasted that long) I see my skin very soft and smooth in the morning. I like it and plan on getting the Cleanser and Night Cream in full size to keep in my nightly regimen.

PS-I would like to apologize for the spelling errors...Blogger's ass won't let me use the spell check!


Warning: Kitchen Gadget Obesessed...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Excuse my Dining Room Table....

This a $20 haul of kitchen gadgets and things that I got at Marshall's in the Clearance section of the Household Dept, including two pieces of Le Crueset for $5 a piece. And a salad spinner, something I've been wanting forever!! lol!!


Review: Milani Eyeshadow "Runway Eyes"...

Hey Hey!!
Well, here's a review for you!!! First I will say...I BOUGHT it, It wasn't FREE. Just playing, yall!! Just had be crazy.:) I copped these two colors of Milani's New Runway Eyes Eyeshadows. I wore them for church on Sunday. They are beautiful to look at and the swatch on the back of my hand was pretty but the glitter got in my eye so bad...I didn't do nothing but pick at my eye most of the church service. How horrid! Maybe they work better wet. But I seriously doubt I'll wear them again. I sure did want the other colors though....:(

Me and

Becca Glamourise Set Cake Beauty This World Is Mine Set
BalmVoyage Holiday Lip Kit
On Monday, I FINALLY recieved this haulage from The website has some great products but their shipping is so SLOW. It took 8 business days for me the recieve my package. Anyway, my Cake Beauty This World Is Mine Gift Set came in the package with one of the gels busted all inside. You know I was mad on that one. So, I call them and I was instructed to email and they will send me a new one. I let you all know the update.... But they sent me this lovely sample of Sampar Nocturnal Lifting Mask. I managed to strect it out for three days and it heaven and it regularly priced....$89! Jesus be a Economic Stimulus Check!! That's like my Cable bill.
Oh well, sweet dreams to me.:)

F.O.T.D. Too Faced Quickie Chronicles in Future Lovers

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I did this F.O.T.D with the Future Lovers Quickie Chronicle like a month ago but I couldn't figure out how to download on my new camera "wink-wink!!". Never mind my technique on applying. I don't have any !lol! Plenty of brushes, no technique.

Love's In Ya Face!


Drankin' Energy...

Ya'll know I've been sick with bronchitis most of the week. So, since I felt alot better yesterday, last night I decided to give myself a mini-facial and try a new product that I scooped up at my CVS' Clearance cart. Now, normally I'll give a skin product two weeks before I review, unless its trash from the jump but I'm overwhelmed with niceness, since I got off at noon today. Plus this stuff is the straight up seriousness

Lumene Vitamin+ Energy Cocktail. After I washed and scrubbed my face I applied just two drops and my skin felt like honey. The oil soaked in quickly so I wasn't greasy. Then I put my night cream on and it still look sexy and glossy and stuff. Okay, I said. Let see what it does under makeup tomorrow. It looks glossy and healthy and ooooohhhhh!!! I'm ready to wash my face and put it on again! I copped for $9 and that is deal of the week. Buy it cousins!!!


Pop Valentine...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

Well, I must say, I don't the day because I've had some seriously bad V-Days happen to me and because I'm forever single but I'm super cool. I had fun Monday with the boys making their Valentine's treats for preschool( you gotta start early...or you'll be up to midnight the night before). Plus, I've almost spent most of my income tax on things for the house( I got a Calphalon knife's beautiful and Le Creuset Dutch Oven Pot) so I feel spoiled.:)

Did ya'll get you Sephora catalog this week? I want this Pop Beauty Lid Neon palette but I don't know how "big" the color is going to be. I need "big" techno color for the spring. I'm loving that trend right now. Maybe I'll check it out at Sephora when I go to the WU Homecoming.

Yes... peeps, its that time of year, that Winthrop University Homecoming. It' s the last weekend of the month. It's also the CIAA Tournament Weekend in Charlotte that same weekend. Shoot, I kinda don't want to go, as usual. I get so frantic about seeing everyone and everybody, squeezing in some time to do everything from shopping, to the step show( which I ain't going to... to old to sit through four hours of stepping and kids be crazy at that thing!), eating, conversing,!

But I do miss my peeps and I need a little break.

Love ya'll much!!!


Missing Earrings: RG Grammy Fashion Wrap Up Part Two!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Aunt BJ might jump me for this one. But her baby's mama was not fab in that dress.
Did anybody hear Jigga-mang say he had a two floor closet? Wearing that brooch...
It was good to see Ye' in that piece...RIP Mama Soror Donda.
My LS Shannan texted me and said,"Did Bey step on Tina in that performance?" lol! Check out for the real deal.:)
She looked BORING. Sorry, Fashion kids. And her hair fell just as flat.
That performance with The Time. I think the song, Please Don't Stop the Music is very Cece Peniston-esque, love it!! I like her hair here.

photos: and

Missing Earrings:Rural Glamour Grammys '08 Fashion Recap...

Ok. I still feel like death warmed over from this bronchitis but I managed to stay up and watch the Grammy's and the red carpet. The boys and I had Grammy night Nachos( Hint of Lime Tositos, freshly made salsa and guacamole, sharp chedder, sour cream, sauted chicken in taco seasoning and tomatoes) and then I put them to bed!

Akon knew he was hot as hell in that heavy coat. He made my fever go up.

Ne-Yo could get the digits in this emsemble. He looked like he smelled good. lol!

Tasia and Dro looked like they were going to the Rock Hill HS prom. lol! Go Bearcats!( you know I love da Rock.) I can't get over that head of hers and the ashy lipstick she had on. Get a stylist, honey.

Bai Ling will come with the weirdness.
Cousins, this is a lesson for us all. A new Yaki Weave will do it for you everytime!!I likes her hair alot and surprisenly the dress, too. Listen, the Grammy's Fashion is all about fun and art and expression of self. Leave those black and navy dresses at home. That's what cousin Bey did. Thumbs up!
I adored the jewerly and the hair on Nelly. Not a fan of the dress on her though. you ever wear earrings? She needs some jewelry. And why does she always wear a closed top shoe?
Ah...everyone's favorite Black It Girl, Rihanna. I must say, her head looked better in the back here and during that Morris Day and The Time performance( that was off the hook!!!). Cute Zac Posen dress, she needed some earrings too. You can tell this is first time at the short hair ball game.

Yep...Ludacris could get it. lol! Looking like full on sexiness.

Keyshia...Not a very flattering dress at the top on her and little bland for her flava. Even Mary J. bought fabulous back in the day. but I like her new hair color.

Look out for Part two!!!

What the Dr. ordered....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'll admit Physicians Formula makeup line is very imtimidating to me. So much to choose from in such odd colors and odd packaging put me off. But this summer, I got addicted to the Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mascara they make, thanks to Miss Kim and decided to give them another try. My CVS has most of their line at 50-75% so I grabbed F.L.A.T. Mascara and the Baked Bronzer in Baked.

The Mascara is pretty great. It has a gel like formula and the brush is flat so no angling or no contortion of the hand, and was great. I did three coats and the my lashes look "Sexy succelent" as Mo' Nique would say.

The Baked Bronzer...I got to give it some time. I love the color but the sparkles were to sparkly, kind of like thick pieces of confetti sparkle. They need to be more finer. But Bronze color was perfect.

If your CVS has this sale...It's a perfect time to gave PF a whirl.

Any body have any favorite PF products? Let me know in the comments!


Sick Sundays...

Guess What?

I got bronchitis. And would like to dedicate this post to my two sick ass kids who gave it me. Mommy loves you!!! Now when they get sick I go into "take care of them" mode, but when I get sick, I curl up in the bed under 4 blankets wondering what to take. Interesting, sometimes you forget how to take care of yourself when you get sick.

I stumbled on this photo of Rihanna and Kelis at some pre-Grammy thingy one of my fav blogs, Crunk and Disorderly. I almost coughed up a lung while reading it! Love that polish Rih- Rih but get that nape shaped up, boo. Take some notes from my fellow fashionista, Lauren AKA Fashion Kitty.

Now, I wonder what polish that is? Any suggestions?



You got some money?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Becca Fans: has Becca's Holiday 2007 Gift Sets on sale now. The pic above is the Romanticise Holiday Gift Set for $39.00. That's a steal considering Becca Lipglosses are $22.00( I think...) I'm waiting for UPS to deliver it as we speak. Plus the Glamourise Holiday Set is $29.00, ok? Get it while the getting is good...I missed out on the Sephora sale on Becca last year so I'm making up for lost lipgloss.:)


Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Please, Please don't ask where I've been on this one...

But this week's beauty/fashion soundtrack is Chrisette Michelle. First of all, I messed around and bought it, forgetting that a friend of mine was sending me a copy then I got hooked like crack. This broad is the "truth" I tell you. I know why I didn't intially get it back in the summer of 2007 because I don't like her first two singles. But that "Be Ok" song..."I'm goin' drive my Lexus to da mall...." Love it Love it!!

My favorite song is the last track, "This Is Way Love Is" AND "Mr. Radio" AND "Golden"!!!


Sephora Haul!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All this yummy-ness will arrive in 3-5 biz'ness days!!! Yeah me!! Yeah Income Tax Refund!!! Yeah new washing machine and paid car insurance!!!