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Field Trip Review:Beauty Edition...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thank to my SA Grismil at MAC who helped me out!!I went to the counter for something specific... concealer. I needed one and concealer is one of those makeup products you don't fool around at Wal-Mart to find as a women of color. Some have been successful@ the drugstores, but I wasn't going take any chances. We found the perfect match automatically in NC50 and I also pick up the polish in Whirlwind, the last bottle at the counter.
Over at BBW I sniffed and played. I had gotten a fall catalog book of the new finds for the season so I couldn't wait to see what they had poppin off. Haywood Mall BBW has the most nicest SAs and informative too. I was smelling the new Blackberry Amber and commenting that it smelled like Sensual Amber( One of my fall/winter favs) She said to layer the new Blackberry Amber and the Black Raspberry Vanilla to bring out the berry scent. She wasn't lying either, it smells incredible! I also picked up to minis of the new Irresistible Apple( It's okay, It loses the apple scent after awhile) and Velvet Tuberose( the original Vera Wang to a T.).
Finally got to smell this@Belk...wasn't impressed. But it was pretty and light and that ain't me. It reminds of Gucci II, which in the summer on my dresser, collects dusts.

Field Trip Review:Fashion Edition...

Hey Folk!! I have a review on the Field Trip to Greenville. It was very over due and I didn't get to some of the places I wanted to go( mainly Woodruff Rd.) because there was a MAJOR accident on I-85 that had traffic backed up for miles. Those places were Ulta and Whole Foods. But don't fear...I got to alot of the places I did a want to go. I'm splitting this review in two Fashion and then Beauty... Here we go...!

I finally got to this almightly Steve and Barry's. It was okay. I was quickly drawn to the Bitten section which was half the front of store. But before I looked through SJP's creation...I rolled up on some badly needed jeans for 7.70. I admit, I only had two pair of jeans before, its a long story why, but now I got five. lol!

As you can see...this is all of what I got from the Bitten line. I tried on several pieces, but the fits were so wrong on me. Some women would let that get to them, but I spent my 20s worrying why something didn't fit me and fit someone else better. As Fashion Boy always said "It is what it is..." Moving on to what fits me. I will say to Sarah Jessica and design team tried. I like that she included plus sizes in the mix. But you CAN NOT take a size 2 pattern and copy it to a size 16 or 18 pattern and it fits right. Most big girls are not straight up and down. We got more curves than NASCAR. A lot of her pants and tops fit like that. It was like that took that same pattern and made it a big size and sewed it up and put it on hang and said "We go up size 22, pat me on the back!!!" or "here's our size XL!". Hopefuly in the seasons to come she'll revamp the largest sizes. Til' then I'll pass.

Goodies from my favorite one dollar jewelry store, This N That in Spartanburg. I actually put some stuff back and this is what I got. I stopped in there on way back home.

Messed around and walked into damn Nine West while in Haywood Mall. When I say the design of Nine West has went up a notch, I'm not joking. They know how to emulate a designer shoe or trend with class yet keep their loyal customer in the basics. I tried this flat on and almost clunked down 49.99 for it but declined for financial reasons of course.
And this flat is super comfy and love the pewter shade. The sales girl just brought it out to me as a idea because notice I had on the leopard flats from Almost Pink I bought last week. If I had had some money she would have made a killing!
I wanted this one too. For jeans and a cute top. Hell, I'm 5 foot even. I love flats...


photos: My Personal Stash and

Field Trip!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm off on a field Greenville! How exciting. An hour maybe more of intense I-85 eighteen wheeler laden road and people driving toward Atlanta like its 15 mins away! But yesterday on my way to Woodruff. I found the "back way" to Greer that puts me on I-85. I'll have pics. Hopefully, if my poor ole camera permits...

I needs to go to:

the mall( and several places in it)

B&N across from the mall( because its smokin'.I want that new Feist album.)

Steve&Barry's( because Cuzin'T.Hall says I NEED to go there)

Bloom Supermarket(I'm upgraded Food Lion?)


and....Whole Foods!!

And try to be back by 4:00pm

Pray safe "Traveling mercies" on me!



Juicy, Juicy...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

While at work tonight, I was chillin' on my break in the "breakroom" We were talking about how cold it gets in that store and I said "I wish I could roll up in here with one of Juicy Couture terry cloth hoodies...!"The girl that was in the breakroom with me was like "Juicy wat?" "Wat's that" So I realize not everyone is slave to fashion like moi, So I explain to her that the velour tracksuit did not originate at Rainbow but with a label called Juicy Couture. She seemed amazed. I'm glad I enlightened her with some fashion history. Hopefully I was right. But, she definitely knew what a tracksuit was:) I'll admit I likes me some's fun yet played out yet comfy.
Any how, here's some of my favorite pieces of Juicy. I own hoodies,t-shirts,bag, makeup bag, perfume, two handbags and my favorite, jewelry. No pants though...they stop at size 14 and they're still too small. So what.:)
I have these earrings. I love love love heart shaped jewelry.
Got this bracelet like three years ago and it hasn't changed color. I have a Strawberry charm and charm that says"Queen of Couture" on it.I had a gumball machine charm and four leaf clover charm but I had to take them off...

I love this fragrance. But find it too heavy for the day. But it's a good Sunday- Go- Meeting scent. Think about it...when you go to church, doesn't seem like every women has on the strongest perfume they own?


photos: and

Decisions, Decisions...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So...I'm sitting here at the computer contemplating lunch, going to Wal-Hell for the new Keyshia Cole, how I'm going to get to Woodruff tomorrow, and what I'm going to do Thursday on my day off...

Too much to think about...

Well, Lunch, I'll figure that out.

Why is Wal-Mart to ONLY place in Union to buy CDs? Isn't that ridiculous? Plus this morning they played snippets of K.Cole's album on Power 98 and some women called in talking about, "Why she always talking about some dude doing her wrong" and "She need to get some new material like some dance tracks". The DJs were like..."Those are married fans right there, acting like they ain't never been single!" Listen, Mary J.Blige, who Keyshia is often compared to, first three to four albums were those heartbreak albums, and no one was bitching. I don't like when folk talk smack about Keysh man!

I know how to get to Woodruff but I don't. I going for work but I can't get lost because its a backwoods road drive.

Thursday. I've some options. Get up early and go see my homegirl Gab in Charlotte. But I know I can't do one-day trip to QC because I got too many places to go. Then I was going see what my homie/cuzin/soror T.Hall was doing to Columbia( Ooops...Cuzin's going on vacay). Hell, I don't want drive either place. Option 3, hit Greenville to go to Haywood Mall. Still don't want to drive and but don't want to stay at home.

The life of a Libra...indecisive.
To all of you fantastic people who left birthday wishes and encouragement and prayer for the blog...Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I'm going to try and hang in there, the blogsphere that is.:) Be Good!!

September 23,1977...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!! I'm now the grand age of 30! And on this day, I got up and got dressed to go church to celebrate this milestone day. On the serious tip...I should've been dead. I've suffered from depression on and off for the last three years. Yet every year I make it to my birthday I secretly celebrate that I haven't taken my life and God gave me another chance. He's God of second chances...

This year I'm happy on my birthday. I wearing a brand new $10 dress from this store called Simply Fashions. It's like Forever 21 for big girls!. My shoes are Colin Stuart( Victoria's Secret) that I got at Salvation Army brand new for 5.99.

Makeup F.O.T.D.

Tarte Clean Slate Primer
CG Advance Radiance Foundation in Toasted Almond
Milani Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Mac Pigments in Blue Brown and Tan
Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mascara in Black
Loreal HIP Bronzer
Tarte Rise and Shine l/g in Mauve

Fragrance: Vera Wang Princess

" Leon Weaver face"...waiting for cake

Spencer Baby Love...waiting for cake

My Strawberry Cake made by my mother...She bought my four seriously cute pieces( a boho-esque blouse, two dresses, and a two piece jersey knit set) I will post pics later!



Saturday, September 22, 2007

I saw these questions on Pursebuzz and I thought it would cute to post my answers here and over there... Go over there and check out some answers!!!

1) Lash extensions- Have you tried it out, how much, how long does it last, will you do it again? Or anything else you want to share.

Never tried them but thought about it. I pass this salon in the 'Burg that has a sign outside "Lash Extentions!!!". But I don't need them.

2) What is your favorite foundation and why? (This is just for everyone who has asked)

My favorite of all time in Becca Foundation Stick in Pecan( I think). But I can't afford it anymore. It's like $38. But back in my "former" life, I didn't care about price.

3) Where do you find your NYX? Particularly those in Pennsylvania…

Well, I get mine at Rite-Aid AKA Edkerd( I still call it Edkerd's) and Ms. Sherry sells it at Almost Pink here in Union.

4) What is your favorite store to buy clothes at and what is your style sense

I love Target. They make the cutest stuff in my size. And not frumpy big booty mom stuff either. I also wish to live in Anthropologie. I love that store. I missed it...just thinking about it! My style sense has changed so many times in the last four years due to so much life upheaval and emotional change. Right now, I'm comfortable, bohemian with slight bit of classic but girly overall.

5) What product(s) will you never buy again and why?

Anything Rimmel. None it works on me. Oh and Clinique skin care, especially that 3-step horror, can burn in hell...:(


Wake up...

And stop sleeping on Avon!!!

I'm always looking for cheaper alternative to beauty with good quality. Sorry, I can't run out to a counter or Sephora when needed. I don't have resources anymore or right now. We have a Avon store here in the countryside. You can go in and try stuff out for size before ordering. I got Avon Clinical Eye Lift in a gift set and I absolutely love it. If you have seen the ads, it has a top eye lid gel and bottom eye cream. I use both and have saw that my brow area is a little higher and the slight shadows underneath my eye are gone. Avon says give it four weeks for maximum results. In two weeks, its on a roll there!

Now I've seen some of the Cynthia Rowley for Avon up close. So far, I need all the nail lacquers and lip glosses but the eye shadow quads did not impress me. But I plan on ordering quite a bit of it and really giving it a whirl. Plus, I must have that cute brush set and matching bag.:)


Ah...a new book. Well, its new to me. I got the boys up and we headed to the 'Burg for a little mommy/twins time at the bookstore. The intention was to get them some books about Halloween so that they can tell me what they want to be for Halloween so I can get the costumes. And looking for books about fall for them. They were not even interested! They found some strange fake cell phone Dora the Explorer book thing to whine about. But I ended up picking up this book for 4.95 and WWD Beauty August 2007. I tell you, that Barnes and Noble in Spartanburg is whiggedy wack when it comes to getting the WWD additions of having any kind of magazine or beauty book selection. I went to eye the Nina Garcia book for the fifty-eleventh time and it was stuck under the Yoga section...Get it together!!!

Anyhow...I can't wait to start to read it. I had been searching for something to indulge in reading. All the fiction seems so sexual and urban and stuff. All because I'm a black woman doesn't mean I only read Zane or that genre of fiction. If ya'll have any suggestions on good fiction or good biography, which are my favs, let me know.



Almost Pink Sale Haul...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Remember when I told ya'll about the $10 shoes at Almost Pink I picked they are and she's got more if ya'll in the area...give me shout @ for directions.
I also got this bag and these three headbands. I wore the black quilted one with my "inspired" Chanel Cambon bag in Black and black hoop earring yesterday in support of the Jena 6 Rally. Unfortunately I couldn't wear all black because I wear a uniform to work. I also had this rocked out, very Dead Presidents smoky eye. One of co-workers said I looked like a rock star.

Have a great Friday!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today I had a bad some bad news in the mail and it just made things bad. That's what I get for coming home on my lunch break. Then I get back to work and can't shake it....ugh!!

So I indulged in some Almost Pink Sale retail therapy(pictures tomorrow!), a new Nylon and Food and Wine Magazines, and a Strawberry Shake from Hardee's. Please...if you live in South Carolina or the Upstate of South Carolina, go see Ms. Sherry's store...she got shoes marked down to $10!!!

I still don't feel better...Maybe I'll go by the Avon Store and pick up some goodies in a minute. My birthday isn't till Sunday and I've spent my little birthday savings!

Speaking of my birthday...I'll be 30. I'm actually excited to be 30 leaving those 20s behind. Plus my b'day is the first day of Fall. And it's the 1st b'day without my Daddy. Last year he gave me $40 and told me, "Don't buy no groceries, gas, or nothing for those boys...spend it on you.." I will take your advice, Grandpa.:)

I'm seriously thinking of taking a blogging break.I'm in deep prayer for answer for this. I'm just not inspired anymore and I want always give top quality posts to you 4-5 people who read it:) and I don't feel I do anymore...

Ya'll have a good day!


Rural Glamour Emmy's Fashion Wrap Up!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Thanks Cuzin T.Hall for reminding me of the E! Red Carpet Show for the Emmy's. I ended up watching most of the Emmy's which I thought was very smooth and funny. Especially when they did the Best Comedy Writing for Late Night Show. "I do not recall..." lol! I wasn't overwhelmed any body's dress but I do have comments:)...
I loved Marcia Cross' earrings. Lorraine Schwartz is a jeweled genius. I hope to a "Beyonce" and drip Lorraine's jewels one day.

Wrong lip color and her hair looked undone. Why do these big superstar hair stylists think messy hair is such the look on the red carpet like the Emmy's? Maybe something like the Grammy's is bed head hair day look....

Vanessa will wear some shade of light blue or green. But her skin and face was flawless!She said she uses alot of "oils" and works out alot to give her that glow.

I loved this dress. The contrast of the pewter and gold is wonderful and the big bow is so girly!

At least Chandra didn't do her own hair on this go around. But that dress looked generic...

Did anyone catch the Macy's commerical with all the stars? That's was so hot! You can check it out on September 18 on

Jessica at the back door with shoes in the Macy's Star!

Has she lost weight? That dress looked like it was squeezing the life out of her. Beautiful color though...

Don't let Tamika put a cap in you arse, Martha! ( Macy's Commerical)




Essence 30 Dates in 30 Days...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

While flipping through my new Essence with my homegirl Keysh Cole on the front, I saw that Essence is doing an online reality show called 30 dates in 30 days.Nicole, Harper,Michelle, Jahmeliah, and Lindsay are five bold ladies ready for the challenge. Now the fun part is that its interactive.You check out the show at 10:00 am beginning September 17, you get to vote on the dates and what she should wear and email the ladies words of encouragement.

So far...I'm a mix of Harper and Michelle...

Check it out!

Weekend Stuff...

Lajuan doing the the"Cupid Shuffle"!!! She said she would teach me how to how to do it and the "Soulja Boy"
This brother was cool as hell with that towel and shaved ice...
Can you believe I actually did something this weekend.?Well, it was actually work but I went somewhere and did something on the weekend that the kids were in Charlotte. These are pictures from my hometown's Uniquely Union Festival. My job was a title sponsor so I volunteered to go out and hang out at our table. Somehow I got caught up "face painting" ( not blending and shading eye shadows people...), putting little hearts and letters on little faces. The kids would ask for butterflies and other pictures and I would say,"I only do letters and hearts" Seriously, I'm not artistic!! But I had fun. Here's a pic of some $1 earrings I bought from a vendor.

This band was killing it! They are called Cadillac High.
Me. In the hot sun...sweating...ew!
This chick danced the whole time. She was just in her own space. Do you girl! I just couldn't get over how much black she had that hot sun.
I wanted one of those wind chimes but I thought it might be to noisy for me. How weird.
I got a blooming onion from this vendor. They said they were from Ashe County NC. It was divine!

A Day...A Good Day...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I actually had a good day. Mainly because I was off work. Normally I would have cleaned my house spotless, ran errands, went to the 'burg and spent money i needed not to be today...I rested. I dropped those Bam-Bam kids of mine off at daycare, came home and fixed breakfast. Instead getting the ball rolling of washing clothes and other mundane things to keep my anxiety levels to a even keel, I went right back to sleep. I haven't done that IN YEARS. Wake up and then go back to sleep all in two hours then sleep til 12:30? That's what I call "beauty sleep" I love it!!!

Then I flipped around, continued to read my September Vogue( that I haven't finished, Lawd...), fixed a lunch/ dinner of Chicken Marsala and Angel Hair pasta, and watched Sex and The City On Demand. I must say, Season Five is one of my favorites! I'm so excited for Ms. Jennifer Hudson, she will be in the SATC movie as Carrie's assistant. They start filming next week in New York City. Will Patricia Field costume design the movie? What fabulousness will she pick for Jenn? I'm just waiting around to pick up Weaver and Weaver.

Let's Us not forget...9/11/01...Here's where I was...




Super Rave: Phisoderm Skin Care...Updated!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm super excited to review my newest find in the drugstore: Phisoderm. Now Phisoderm is not a new product but the packaging is new and that's what drew me to it. It looks sleeker and modern. But the some formulas have changed too. I'm currently using the Foaming Facial Wash and Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. I do this routine in the morning. I started last Wednesday and difference is insane. My skin was going to through this rough patch of not enough sleep and sample packets due to my overwhelming broke-ness.Lol! But I got this because it was "buy the cleanser get the moisturizer free" at CVS last week. But back to the product and what it has done:) skin cleared up in days. And the glow is back! The foaming cleanser is real time saver and non-drying and moisturizer is an light as feather and lightly scented. Both are really refreshing for my skin. Next, I plan on hunting down the Nurturing Facial Polish!


Laborious Day...

Monday, September 03, 2007

I must say Soror Star is looking divine at P.Diddy's White Party this Laborious Day Weekend. Why Laborious Day? I worked this morning and I'm busted. I picked up the new InStyle and a six of Stella Artois( Thanks "Headz of the Familyz"!) and I'm going put the bams to bed and relax. Have a great day everyone!!


pic: Getty Images