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My Sephora Holiday Wishlist!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

After pouring over the Sephora Holiday Catalog for two weeks, then losing the catalog for a week, then finding it yesterday....I have my Sephora Wishlist! If I keep on my hustle, I can get all of this for myself. But I will except all of it as a GIFT. Yep. LOL!

Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Volume 1

Kat Von D Painted Love Mini Lipstick Set

Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row Coffret

And throw in NARS Albatross Blush and that's it!!!

Rural Glamour: New Natural Nail Journey!

On Wednesday night, I took off my two month old acyrlics. As if I need another "journey" to embark on.... I will now be natural nailed and striving toward strong, long nails...

Now, I don't knock acrylic or gel nail wearers...I've been wearing them on and off since I was 16. But the rude service at nail salon, the slack service at nail salons, the rip off that is nail art at the nail salons were getting too much each time. Plus, I always have problems with my acrylics being on the verge of coming off even after a fill in. Why? My nails grow crazy fast. $$$$$$

So, I will updating every two weeks for two months on my nail journey, then every month. Hey, if I can go natural hair, I can go natural nail'd:)

Adeea of The Trendy Socialite sent me this video of this regimen that I will follow and hopefully see some results!

My left hand after I took off the nails....My left hand's nails have more deeper grooves from the drills the nail techs used.....
My right hand's nails are in better shape but the acrylics came off too easy on this hand.....
And look what I  "Stash Shopped"!!! ALL OF THIS....was in my own collection. I didn't have to go out and buy any thing. Saving money already!!!

So after I removed the nails, buffed them and trimmed them....I applied a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Shine, two coats of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Golden Cinnabar, a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Shine again, a coat of Seche Vite and some Solar Oil on the cuticles....

I'm feeling good about it!! How about you? What's your nail regimen and what is working for you?