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~E.L.F. Cosmetics Product Swatches on Pinterest! New and Current Products!!~

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm a Pinterest junkie as you all know, so finding a great "pinner" with style and creativity is just golden!

I stumbled upon the E.L.F. Cosmetics Pinterest Board and was just overwhelmed at the swatches that were on it. They even post swatches of new products before they hit the website. I might be late boots on this.  Did ya'll know about this Pin Board and didn't tell me?!?! LOL!

Contouring Blush and Powder Duo swatches...
New HD Blushes and swatches that I still haven't ordered. smh

E.L.F.'s new shadow pencils......

E.L.F. gloss pencils.....

Check out the E.L.F. Pin Board HERE!!!!

Do ya'll know of any other companies who have swatch boards on Pinterest ? Let me know in the comments!!

~Review + FOTD~ NYX Bohemian Chic 24 Perfect Nude Matte Shadows & 2 Gorgeous Blushes....

Hey Everyone!!

I picked up NYX Bohemian Chic Palette at Ulta a couple of weeks ago with a $5 off $10 coupon.
You all know I love neutrals and I was sucked into this 24 shadows and two blushes deal. lol!

Get a gorgeous free-spirited look using the Bohemian Chic palette! Take on any journey with this portable kit in hand that includes 24 soft matte eye shadows that vary in subtle earth tones, 2 hearty blushes, and 2 duo ended eye shadow applicators to create any look everywhere you go. 
 After I bought this palette, I got in my car and opened it....and almost went back in to return it. Why?

The neutrals are better suited for cooler toned skins. However, I said I would give it try.:)
*** Excuse the bright highlighting around the brows, I was still learning the sculpted brow technique with the right colors.:)

I played a couple of the dark matte neutrals and some of the lighter neutrals for a couple of days before I came up with something I liked. The formula of the neutrals are very light textured. I don't think it would show up well on lighter skins to be honest. However I get the creative formula behind it. Very subtle neutrals with pops of blue and pink are fashionably descriptive as "bohemian chic"

Check out this "bohemian chic" style collage or....

Soft neutrals, demin blues, natural flushy cheeks. I get it NYX!
 The darker nudes are nice but not buildable in color. The blue and plum shades on the 2nd tier are GORGEOUS. They could have made a palette out of the second tier color by themselves!!
 Both blushes are gorgeous as well and WOC( Women Of Color) friendly......

I'm still wearing the blushes and playing in the palette. Its one of those "you never know unless you try" products. If I saw a review or saw this twitter 1st I would have probably never bought it. Its. 18.00 but I used a $5 off coupon at Ulta so I spent $13 and some tax which wasn't huge lose since I'm still intrigued by it!