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~Swatches + First Impressions~ Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Mattes Lipstick.....

Thursday, February 14, 2013

 Hey Everyone!!

I spotted the Rimmel Kate Moss Mattes about month ago in one of the my hometown CVS' but it was only the light colors. I didn't even know there other colors until I saw some tweet about a red shade called Kiss of Life. The beauty angels shined down on me once again, and I was a random Walgreens and spotted the whole collection in the Rimmel permanent display. No need to fret, the Kate Mattes are permanent shades not a limited edition collection.

 I was in a hurry so I only got two colors: 110 and 111 Kiss of Life.


 111 Kiss of Life. I believe Kiss of Life is the only color with a name. The others are numbers only.

Swatched on my hand....110 and 111 Kiss of Life.

~First Impressions~

I find them to be more of satin finish than a matte. I guess they have to have some sort of moisturizing quality. They are not "one swipe" color. I did about two coats each on my lips to get the pigmentation I wanted. I really love 110. 110 will the color for the summer! 111 Kiss of Life is just ok. I wanted it to give me more but I will try it with a look soon to get my final consensus on it.

~Swatches + First Impressions~ Milani Color Statement Lipsticks....

Hey Everyone!!

I finally spotted the new Milani Color Statement Lipsticks that the blogsphere is going nuts over! I posted a picture on my Instagram of one of the displays in a CVS. Looks like some stores will get more colors than others because my CVS only had 20 shades or so.

This week CVS has Milani at Buy One Get One 1/2 off. This is a once in a blue moom sale Milani does. Real talk. I remember when makeup companies did BOGO Free sales in drugstores but I digress.:)

 I picked up Rose Hip and Naturally Chic

 Rose Hip
 Naturally Chic
Swatches of Naturally Chic and Rose Hip on my hand.

~First Impressions~

I picked  up Rose Hip, which is color from their last lipstick collection, because of the hype of it being a MAC Candy Yum Yum dupe. I don't own Candy Yum Yum but if  you google Candy Yum Yum Rose Hip, you will find  alot of people disputing the claims that its a dupe. What I did notice with Rose Hip is that it is one coat of pure pigmented pink! Its not as bright as I thought it would be though. There other drugstore bright pinks brighter than Rose Hip.

I put on Naturally Chic this morning and immediately  thought, "I need a backup of this!". It is my perfect nude. I wear no liner with it, its just that perfect. I even put Naturally Chic on twice today and never reapply lipstick after its worn off, that's just a beauty pet peeve of mine. I will be collecting backups of Naturally Chic.